Endurance will come from right-thinking.

 Endurance will come from right-thinking. Often we think that money gives a protective cover and anything can be achieved on the strength of wealth, but this is only an illusion. 

Endurance will come from right-thinking.


There are many such people around us who, despite being prosperous in all respects, live in the shadow of an untold fear. Rich have fear of becoming poor, the poor have fear from unexpected expenses, life has to fear death.


So not a single person lives their life without fear. The main reason for the fear is our thinking. Especially our negative thinking and our approaches towards how we deal with the situation of life.


Sometimes situations get such that everything seems out of control and you find yourself scared and helpless. There is that fear of losing everything, what will we do if we are taken away? Just this thing does not allow us to live peacefully and we are not able to enjoy life.  


But there are some valuable sutras of life, by following which one can free oneself from the fear of lack of goods and facilities. And endurance will come into your life. 


 Know your abilities 


 Never If anything goes wrong all of a sudden. That is to say, just as it takes time for a seed to become a tree, in the same way, life also takes time to take good or bad shape. 


 Nothing happens overnight.  If you feel that you are losing control of your life or that nothing is happening according to you, then pay attention to how long this has been happening?

  Usually, people realize this only after seeing the crisis in front. However, if the crisis is detected early, to a great extent any unpleasant or surprising situation can be avoided.

The situation is just like, if cancer is detected in the early stages saves your life or if you know about it in the last stage. You have no choice but to wait for your death.

Simultaneously like our thinking about life. If we have seeded a seed of misconception in mind. Slowly-slowly becoming a tree and spoiling our whole life.

If we detect it early in life then we protect our life. But if we leave it, it becomes remorse for a lifetime.


 Similarly, when you always start denying yourself to please others, trouble starts to arise. Gradually you lose the ability to form your own opinion and you get used to following others.

So know your strengths and weaknesses. Accept it, do not rely on other decisions. Follow these four words “your life, your decision “. 


No anybody’s takes your decision, your happiness, your success and your failure. 

You are the only one in this world. Who can make his life blossom or turmoil?


Do not be an object of pity


You decide how someone treats you without becoming an object of pity.  For example, when you start thinking of yourself as helpless and weak, then the world also starts looking at you in the same way. 


 On the contrary, people who stand firm in the hour of their every problem and trouble become an example in front of the world.  


So it is better to set yourself as a strong example than to get the sympathy of the people. 

 But, some people have a habit of always being immersed in worry, because doing so makes them an object of the pity of others and they start denying the reality of their lives and find their comfort in the sympathy of others, which is perfectly fine.


  But it is not the right approach. This kind of feeling takes you far in the struggle of life.  Therefore, never let the courage to say right to be right and wrong to be wrong. Because it makes you die inside you.


Moving’s name as the vehicle.


  It is necessary to move continuously, our life is such a never-ending cycle, which brings equal opportunities to all.  

In this cycle, hardworking people move ahead and aimless people lag. That’s why you must consider what is the goal of your life and what will be your strategy to fulfil it?  

It is natural for different people to have different goals and strategies. Feather, One thing that shows in common is how committed you are to achieving that goal.

  When you think in the direction of improving the good, the paths of possibilities automatically start opening.

  On the contrary, people who leave everything to fate do not reach anywhere in life. While achieving the goals, it is also important to keep in mind which path you are walking.  

That is to say, it is best to walk on the right path to achieve your goals because true happiness can be achieved only by walking on the right path.


Mature thinking 


  When a child is born, he is completely dependent on others. Gradually he learns to walk and speak and with time he grows up.  


Growth in height with age is a different thing and mental development or mental maturity is quite another. 

 There are some people, they cannot grow up with their age and always behave like people younger than them. 

 This is not right, because seriousness and seriousness towards life are very necessary.  So always learn from your experiences, so that your thinking and decision-making ability can mature. If you do this, then you will never feel helpless in your life. 


The solution will surely come out


 It is a good thing to have faith in God, but it is not right to leave the decision of everything on God. Along with our actions, our thoughts also have a complete effect on our life.  

That is why optimists find some ray of light even in every adversity, whereas people with wrong thinking either blame their troubles on the above or start cursing their fate. 

 God has blessed all of us with one of the other qualities, only you should come to wear that ability of yours.  If every person can do this, then every problem will be solved automatically.




For endurance in life right-thinking is necessary. And for right-thinking, you should follow five sutras.

These sutras are to know about your ability, mature thinking, do not be an object of pity, moving’s name as a vehicle, means always move in your life, the hope, the solution will surely come out.

The five sutras change your negative thinking into positive. 

One thing you will always take into mind is that. The situation of life is not determined by how you take the situation in your life. But your thinking, and approaches to deal with the situation is your discretionary power. It determines how you take the situation.

Best of luck.

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