Does living life matter or does age matter?

 Does living life matter or does age matter? The pleasant journey will come to an end, the human desire to become immortal is increasing rapidly in the country and the world.

Does living life matter or does age matter?


Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of a long life is? Life should be short, But meaningful.

Recently technology has been a major development in the field of reversing age. But nature is nature. What nature makes no scientist makes. We only do cloning, but not the same as god made.

Even today, I remember that moment. When we visited the doctor for counselling after my father’s open-heart surgery. He says ” we are docter, not gods. We only repair or graft new veins for better circulation of your heart. It makes your life easy but you have to take some precautions for your whole life. For a better sustainable life. Because the spare part is spare, not inbuilt”.

So first we know about the helping technology and how big players are involved in it and it is possible to reverse age.

Then we discuss whether life matters or age matters.

  A new study on DNA methylation has given flight to this belief. It is believed that if we can control this biological process, we may be able to stop ageing. Scientists from all over the world are engaged in carrying out this work.  


People are resorting to surgery and medicine to hide their real age.  Every day some celebrity remains in the discussion about this technique. 

 But recently ‘Nature Communication’ magazine reported that humans can live at most 120 to 150 years.  After this, the body cannot support itself.

  If there is an urge to live beyond this age, then there will be a need to prevent the ageing of cells and protect the body from diseases.


  And this special initiative has happened after some research of scientists. The big players who have come to this field are not the only attempts to quest for immortality. 

 According to the American newspaper ‘The Sun’, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, Russian President Vladimir Putin, actor Steven Seagal, industrialist Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are investing heavily in projects like reversing the age. 

 North Korea is reportedly working on a ‘longevity centre’ to revitalize Bezos cells and slow the ageing process. 

 Whereas, Musk believes that humans can hand over their brains to computers or robots.  


The Mathematics of Immortality 


Research on Preventing Age and Biological Rehabilitation. A company named Altos Lab is working day and night on programming. 


It aims to develop a technology that can biologically reprogram cells to make the necessary changes to prolong human life.  


That is, how does the cell age and how can it be reversed. Similarly, in 2013, Google co-founder Larry Page also announced a company called Calico Labs, which is working on a similar project to prolong life.


  The human desire to conquer death is as old as man’s ability to think. There are also a few examples around us like hydra, jellyfish, which live long.  

They are made up of stem cells, which are constantly dividing to make new cells. It is only through the constant influx of new cells that Hydra can keep itself young for life. 

 Some studies have discovered rare genes within cells, which are believed by some to be responsible for the long life of humans.  


Although such studies have shown positive results on animals, any conclusive progress towards making humans immortal is still awaited. 


 Is immortality possible?


A study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about four years ago said that ageing in multicellular organisms cannot be stopped.

  These humans also include. Therefore, immortality is not possible at all. The study, titled ‘Intercellular Competition and Inevitability of Multicellular Aging’, suggests that with ageing the human body witnesses two major changes at the cell level, the cells stop functioning and, second, the cells become increasingly cancerous.  


  In this, stopping one process will increase the other.  A Chief Scientist from CSIR, says, ‘We have benefited a lot from the revolution in technology.  We have done a lot of study on DNA, now it is the turn of RNA. 


 From this, we came to know how nature keeps us alive and how it kills us. Apart from this, stem cells will also need to be controlled, which keeps the rest of the cells alive. If human life is long, then its advantage is that humanity will be able to work much better.  


Our productivity will increase greatly.  But the disadvantage is that if life did not end and the population continued to grow, then only humans would be seen on earth. The earth could hardly bear this burden of overpopulation.  


Does living life matter or does age matter?


I start this topic, where I end the above topic. The disadvantage of reverse age. No doubt extra life gives us the extra opportunity. But it also comes with extra miseries.

Like disease, violence, overpopulation, unemployment, and scarcity of food. I explain in brief, covid-19 is the recent example of the gift of research and development, overpopulation, and keeping himself young.


Some parts of the world think that it is a biological weapon made in a laboratory and spread in the world accidentally or intensely.


The other part of the world (especially environmentalists) says the reason for the spread is our population. Our greed and wants make us conquer. The jungle has been cut down for making lofty buildings of concrete gardens.


So human and wild animal contact is increasing. So the virus present in animals comes to humans. Like SARS, SWINE FLU, and EBOLA.

The other part of the world says that in some countries various types of wild animals have been eaten for increased sexual power, and to always be young.

So to improve the age of life, To what extent is this justified? That we put all humanity on red alert. Because of our greed and wanting to live more.


If time of life matters, why not god representative being immortal.


From god representative, I mean to prophet Mohammed, Gautam Buddha, Mahaveer and Jesus. Why don’t they always live in the world?


They have the power to live as immortals. Because God makes the same law for all the living things in the world. One who comes into this world has to leave this world.


The world is run through the law of replacement. One goes and the second comes. But if one does not go (death) due to technological upgradation.

 But the second will come (born) because we do not put a cap on reproduction. The world has been imbalanced. And many types of catastrophe come from nature to balance it.


 So why are we involved in the maze to improve our life unnaturally? Leave it in the hands of nature or god. His decision is always better for us.



These are the two aspects of age reversal. On one hand, new technology waits for our welcome in new life. On another hand, if we do not handle it without care. It makes the world catastrophic.

So in my opinion, we should first give more emphasis to improving the condition of our environment. Because if we breathe air, drink water, and eat food, without contamination. 


Our 10 year age will be automatically increased and our research and development on medicine will improve our life expectancy. So if we do not disturb the natural cycle, it makes us prosperous and another living being on the planet.

On the answer of does living life matter or does age matter? My answer is that living life is more important than age. Live your life live your dream.

Best of luck.

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