Make your every day a thrill & Are you ready for the thrill?

 Make your every day a thrill & Are you ready for the thrill? After exploring our past, we find out how many of our dreams and adventures remain unfulfilled.  

Make your every day a thrill & Are you ready for the thrill?


Amid the daily hustle and bustle, we put them aside and got busy with other things.  But, then one day it seems that most of our dreams will now remain unfulfilled.  


“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there early. Don’t make the mistake of treating the activity as an achievement” Socrates 


There was a time in ripe life when your name was recognized by adventure. Your life was for discoveries. You tried to learn from everything you learned from experiences.

  Then there was a desire to collect more and more knowledge in the mind. But, it seems that now they have stopped somewhere.

  Our goals and aspirations have been left behind. A hero always awaits in every adventure.

  Maybe you just forgot that hero could be you. You can be the one who embarks on adventures throughout life. 

 But, would you do this?  Before you set out on your adventure you should answer three questions:

• What is the quality of a hero? 

• What obstructs the way of the goal?

• What will be the effect on the life of the hero if the goal is not achieved? 


Samantha was a nurse. Her job was to comfort those who were awaiting their death. As a nurse, she supported him for the last three to twelve weeks. 

 His experience allowed us to know the thoughts that arose in the minds of thousands of people before they died.  

Samantha found the feeling of remorse in these people so deep that she even wrote a book.

  Samantha found that the number of regrets in the minds of those who died was only five, not thousands. 

 One common thing that came up, again and again, was the thrill that awaited him at his door.  

At times, this regret proved to be the biggest villain of his life, standing in the way of what he wanted, and now he has to turn a blind eye knowing that more than half of his dreams will never come true because he was struck by his choice.

  Life will certainly be difficult if we choose the easy path. Life will be easy if you choose difficult. 

 Choosing the easy option here means assuming what is happening in your fate.  At the same time, a difficult choice means that you step in trying to fulfil your unfulfilled dreams. 


 It is not an easy task to think about the thrill. After knowing that in four or five weeks the patient will die. But their thought “if I had time, I can fulfil that or this dream” gives them the power to live their life till death does not knock on their door. 


According to my, the two things that help them first are to be disillusioned with the world and second to live in the present.

Because after a lot of thinking about the past and future, the patient got frustrated. Because they have no power to change it. So they decided to think about the present.

I heard about many of the bravest people. Terry Fox died at age of 22 is one of them. After being diagnosed with cancer and knowing death was waiting for him. 

He started a marathon HOPE cross country run. To raise funds for cancer patients. The second person is Paul Klanithi the writer of the book WHEN BREATH BECAME AIR.

This book was published after his death. In this book, he shares his mental and physical status during his treatment of cancer.

Like, what was his reaction when he heard about his disease? How did his family and his life partner stand firmly behind him? How does he continue his work during the pain full treatment? How did they decide to conceive a baby?  What was his reaction when he saw the report that his tumour had regained?

The overall summary is that ever lived is going do not make your life dull make your everyday thrill.


 Are you ready for the thrill? 5 ways to thrill your life.


For many people, taking a risk is too far-fetched. Due to reasons like stability, security, his steps stay away from the journey of adventure. 

 Expecting change is an integral part of life.  But, as the weather cannot be told precisely, it is difficult to say what will happen next in life.  


But, we have to prepare for it.  Of course, adventure has some risk involved, but there’s also another fear involved.  

That is, if we do not succeed, what will others think?  By being afraid of them, you are afraid to take big steps.


1. Live up to your expectations.


Increase your value in your own eyes along with society. Adventure allows you to do whatever you want to do in your life. 


Philosopher Henry David Thoreau said it is not what you get from achieving your goal. What matters is what has changed in you after achieving the goal?


  You don’t have to be another Elon Musk to change the world. Your work will be done in such a way that you have made yourself better than yesterday.  

In this there is no comparison with anyone, nor is there any judgment to be passed on anyone.  Just reminding yourself is enough.  

Waking up without reason, the ability to give more to others, to make yourself more ‘valuable’ and to live with joy, are these steps you have to take effortlessly.


2. Set a purpose.


 Small changes in your life can give you a lot of strength. You will start believing in yourself.  When the storm comes, you will not panic, you will face it firmly. 

It is expected that you try to improve your environment. We are not talking here only about the difference between the number of deposits in the bank account.


3. You decide your preference. 


Think who can make your life meaningful?  Build your path Small decisions pave your way. 

 Your brain needs a plan for adventure. By this, you can understand what you have to avoid and for whom you have to move forward.  This is where all the havoc happens. 


This decision-making is not taught in school.  You motivate yourself many times, set goals, but in no time go back to your shell, tired and disappointed, your goal is the result of your desire. Your system is made by your routine. So pay attention to your habit.


 4. Planning will bring success.


 Just like there is a benefit by taking the help of Google Maps while driving, planning in life can also reach the same destination.  

Make a plan, where you can get stuck, who will support you, build your team to complete your adventure. 

Which way!  There will be fewer problems and what skills will be required for the journey, set a mission that you have to complete.

 Guidance to accomplish the goal will be found only from this plan. It will be a combination of both excitement and nervousness. Planning will give you the courage to accomplish the goal. 


5. Do not run away from problems.


 There are numerous ups and downs in life.  You may get upset at times. There may be some problems or disappointment about the future.

  Many times a relationship has ended its life, but you remain buried under its burden.  Can’t take any decision.

  As a result, everyday pain starts hurting. The thrill doesn’t have to make any compromises or life doesn’t fall apart. 

 Sorrow and pain happen in everyone’s life, you just have to live according to your expectations, not only of others. Life is an exploration or nothing at all.  




Live your life, live your dream. Always passionate about your dream, passion is the mother of thrills and makes your everyday life full of thrill.


So by using 5 ways you can thrill your life. First, live up to your expectations, second, set a purpose, third, decide your preference, fourth, plan to make you succeed, fifth, do not run away from problems.

Best of luck.

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