How to inculcate the habit of learning new?

How to inculcate the habit of learning new? whether at home or outside, our desire to learn new, the ability is no less than any blessing.  

This is such a quality, for which the more we try, the more we go on opening the way for our progress. It is better to try to learn than to claim to know everything.


How to inculcate the habit of learning new?



Talk about work, give preference to progress, where we spend most of our time and energy, there are the most opportunities for our learning. 

 But the problem is that we are not happy with the work we are doing. We spend our time grieving, annoying, indifferent and complaining.  


Our focus is not on learning new things.  Helen Tapper, the author of her book ‘The Squiggly Career’, says, “Not giving priority to your progress is not a good career strategy.  This method makes learning new and changes happening around with the right thinking.  Weakening our ability to adapt”


7 attitudinal changes help you in inculcate the habits to learn new.


 Let go of the old, learn new.


 New technology and new situations rapidly change the way we do things. In such a situation, we have to be ready to leave what we already know, learn new things and keep learning continuously. 

 But, due to attachment to old ways or fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, we see every new change as a challenge.

  It is also important to understand here that change has to happen, in such a situation, showing laxity in learning new methods, and inattention, slows down our pace of moving forward.  

A Zen is saying that to fill a new container, the already filled one has to be empty. To join a new skill, we have to leave the old ways.  


Sometimes we have to change our habits according to the changing work. For example, if you keep speaking when you meet others, then there is a need to listen to others in many works and positions.

  If you say yes to everything to please others, then it is also important to learn to say no. This allows you to give time to your work.  Able to invest in himself.


Understand yourself.


In the path of learning and teaching new things, we also understand ourselves better. It can also be said that constantly knowing ourselves helps us to understand our needs better. 


 We should sometimes ask ourselves some questions, for example, if we were, how would we do it? Where will we be in the future or where are we working?  How can there be changes? How can you improve your work?  Or in which other areas can our strengths also be useful?


  Many questions open us to new possibilities.  Keeping assessing our abilities motivates us to learn new ways of working.

 We work towards doing everyday tasks in a better way. Give importance to every question that arises in your mind. Do not crush it, explore it. 


Make your brain lite as a boat in the river of thought. And leave it with the flow of the river. I am sure your boat will take you to a non-explore sore.


 Learning from others.


There is much to be learned from the people we live with. There are many different types of people around us, different from our work and thinking, who can give us new information. 


 By learning from them, we can improve our work. From time to time, meeting and interacting with people working in a different field, department or different environment expands our perspective. 

 We can see and understand things in a new way. HR experts emphasize creating an environment in the workplace where everyone is a learner. This helps in solving problems faster. 

For example, in many different governments and private sector institutions. Cross-country, cross-state training is organised for sharing different official experiences in different situations and countries.

 To give a broader knowledge to learn new things and experience. To make the task easy and establish coordination.


 According to Leadership Coach Robin Sharma, “It is only when we look at our problems and opportunities with a new lens that we learn something new.”  

We should spend time with people who challenge our way of thinking and have different experiences from us.


Be a sponge.


Absorb what you get. Every moment of life will teach you something. Life’s ups and downs are the best teachers in any person’s life.

Do not be excluded. If you have resistance to absorbing new things, no doubt you will lose many gems taught from your life.


Understand your pain and the pain of others, and evaluate every aspect of life. If it makes your life blossom, inculcate it in your life. And exclude it if it is wrong. Without any further delay. 

Never leave new things or thinking. It always gives you something. 


Do not be egoistic.


 Egoistic nature is the main obstacle in the path to learning new things or adapting to life changes.

Our ego makes us think we are elite, we know everything, and it restricts us from taking advice from others, misconception also arises in our mind for others due to our egoistic nature. We think knowledge starts with us and ends with us.


So, avoid egoistic nature and be humble and polite towards others. It makes your task easy to understand for others. It helps you to listen to others.

Because of that trust of people increases in you. Humbleness and politeness make you softer. Open your mind and heart to others’ advice and grievances.


Be a Reader.


One of the secrets behind being a successful person is that they are the best readers. Warren Buffett in an interview revealed the secret behind his success. Of all of his secrets, one secret was his reading habits. He said that he read 500 pages daily.


In an interview, Bill Gates was asked whether he thinks reading is essential to his success and whether it is for others.


  To which Bill Gates replied, of course, you are not old until you stop learning, adding that every book teaches them something new and helps them see things differently.  


  He also said that reading instils a sense of curiosity about the world, which has helped him advance in his career and in the work he now does with his foundation.  




This is an important habit, which is essential for inculcating any other habits or adopting new things.

Because adopting new things is a very frustrating job. No one wants to leave his old habits, because it makes him feel comfortable. 


So when anyone wants to lose his old habits and adopt new habits. Many times they feel helpless, frustrated, exhausted and depressed and that’s why they want to quit.


At that time your passion helps to maintain focus and keep you energetic and motivated. So your passion plays a key role in your success path. And maintain your enthusiasm to learn new things. It helps to keep you in the race.



So inculcate the habit of learning new things is a good habit. It will make your journey of life challenging, enthusiastic and adventurous. Will protect from boredom. Will open a new perspective in your life.

It will take you to a new height, it will make you a great person in your personal as well as in your professional life.

On the question of how we inculcate the habits of learning new? The answer is we have to make 7 attitudinal changes in our life.

 The changes are like understanding yourself, letting go of the old, learning new, being a sponge, do not be egoistic, being a reader, and being passionate to learn new things and adopt changes.

Best of luck.

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