How to return to work with a healthy mind after facing a terrible phase of life?

How to return to work with a healthy mind after facing a terrible phase of life? Not all wounds of the mind are visible. External injuries heal, but internal injuries take time to heal. 

How to return to work with a healthy mind after facing a terrible phase of life?


 At the slightest hurt, our sadness starts deepening again. The mind is tired and starts thinking of itself as a loser.  After restlessness and prolonged sadness, it is possible to return to work once again, it just takes a little preparation.


To return to work with a healthy mind after facing a terrible phase of life. You should do the following preparation.


1. Take a break.


The matter of work is as simple as the world of the mind, as complex as it is, amid feelings of despair, the roots of the health of the mind are often shaken more. 

 To handle the deteriorating balance of emotions, whether at home or outside, it becomes necessary to keep distance from everyday activities for some time.


  But, sometimes the mind takes a long time to recover. Especially, as the distance from work increases, so does their fear of withdrawal.  


They feel cut off from work and their confidence in themselves starts to waver. Then the restlessness of losing hands from work also does not subside.  


For anyone struggling with restlessness and despair, returning to everyday activities helps them recover more quickly.  

But, it is not only about fixing our thinking, the thinking of the people around us also affects our work.  

Studies have shown that those returning after depression or anxiety disorder are often avoided giving important work at the workplace.  


Psychiatrist Melissa Kirk continues to work on workplace and mental health.  “There are many social fears associated with mental health,” she says.  Because of this, employees in the office hide their mental problems.  Even after recovery, the person is afraid of what others will think of him.


We all face mental stress. For someone, it is lighter and for some, it impacts their heart and mind, their feeling, it is fixed in their mind and turns into anxiety, hopelessness, and fear.


So every person has their technique to deal with the same situation. So if you feel overhauling and exhausted. Stop all the activity and take a rest. 

Evaluate your plan, examine your faults, know your weakness and strength, reschedule your plan and move forward.


 Before completing the plan many times. You have to stand on two ways or dead end. But do not be frustrated. Rest awhile, take a deep breath, hear the words produced by your intuition & insight and then move forward.


In some cases, the rest period is more because every person is unique. So their tackling of problems will be different.

If you are someone who takes more time. You take it. Because it is better to move in the right direction like a  turtle instead of running in the wrong direction like a rabbit. Because in some paths there is no u-turn.

2. Take time, return slowly.


Returning slowly may take a little more time, but it is true that after a long holiday taken for mental health, people successfully return to work.  


After a long sadness, the return is gradual.  Do not jump to conclusions immediately after seeing one or two incidents or even survivors.  


Don’t keep cursing your flexibility, ability to work and temperament helps to keep pace with the biggest changes. 

 Instead of getting stuck on small things, focus your attention only on important things.  Be gentle with yourself and others.  


There is also another side. which you can not underestimate. After a long break. Your skill, endurance, and productivity will be rusting. So by giving yourself time. Gradually and slowly increase your endurance and sharpen your skill.

You secure your 100% success rate. Because if you suddenly start your work in fullflage motion. There is much possibility of failure and in some cases, you lose your career.


For example, you notice when any player wants to return to the game. He has to pass several tests to check his skill, endurance and productivity match the levels required for the game. For that player has to do hard practice and prepare themselves to be fit for the game. And this process takes several months.


So your return will be slow but continue without any break. According to your body’s mental and physical capacity. Do not overload yourself.


To return to work with healthy mind. You have to do following information


3. Preparing oneself for change.


The whole world’s existence is based on changes. This is a natural law that no anybody in this world is mortal.

What is today will not be there tomorrow and what will be tomorrow will not be the day after tomorrow. The replacement will be an ongoing process.

But we fear changes. Because changes destroy the house of comfort, which we prepare for in present life. 


We are always surrounded with suspicion about the change. If the changes are made, how will they affect our life? If a new boss comes into the office, how will he behave with me? If I tell colleagues about my mental condition, how will my colleagues react? After a long interval when I start my job, should I be able to do it or not?.


Many more questions arise in your mind. But your suspicion is not a guarantee of a solution. Suspicion is only your illusion that arises due to fear of change.


So leave the suspicion and accept the changes. Come out of your comfort zone. Accept new opportunities come in your life. The success will be on your doorsteps.


Preparing oneself for change, working on one’s vision, and the support of others make this comeback easier. 

 In particular, keep talking to your doctor or someone close to you about this. Prevents negative thinking from growing.  


While staying at home, continuously work on good thoughts and attitude. University of California professors Stephen Hoffman Dr According to Alice Sawyer, ‘Make a place for yourself in the world after work. Taking part in the work of conversation or cooperation with loved ones for some time helps in maintaining balanced thinking.  

Before returning, one should focus on the following things.


 • Practice your routine and schedule at home before returning to work. Consider what changes may come next.


 • Plan the tasks to be done throughout the day.  Do the necessary things first. It protects you from exhaustion.


 • From your colleagues at work. Be aware of new changes and prepare yourself accordingly.


 • Give some time between work. To do things you like, a game or improve your network. You also do mindfulness practice.


 • Stay in touch with your co-workers and manager. If you are hesitant to talk directly, then talk one-WhatsApp.


 • Express your feelings openly among certain platforms or people. Do not be hesitant.


 • Set your limits. Do not let work and people’s stress dominate you unnecessarily.  Don’t hesitate to seek help.  



So, for to return to work with a healthy mind after facing a terrible phase of life. We need to do some preparation. 

Like, take a break, when your mind and body call for it. Take your time if your body needs more time, give it. When you prepare to start then return slowly, do not be in a hurry. Always ready to accept the changes.

Before returning one should focus on the following things. Schedule your plan, practice it, always be in touch with colleagues for regular updates.

Set your limit, never hesitate to ask for help, express your feelings, and include a rest period during work.

Never let yourself go down, always think to go up.

I concluded my part with the hope that this article adds some value to your life. Please it,s my humble request that pleases answer the above questions.

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Best of luck.

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