It is meaningless to regret the past and spoil the future and present.

It is meaningless to regret the past and spoil the future and present. The present cannot be improved by repeating it over and over again.  So instead of getting bogged down in ‘I wish it was like this or wish it was like that, try to handle and improve what is in the present.  

It is meaningless to regret the past and spoil the future and present.


 Mahatma Gandhi said- ‘Our future depends on what we are doing in our present life.”


 This statement contains a lot in itself. The life of the one who understands it has become easy. We all at some point at the moment think. Why such a person like that and why are we like this! This difference is social, economic and social. 


 It may be of any kind in ideological form. The simplest answer is that the decisions and choices we have made in the past create our present.  Similarly, our past actions and decisions affect our present. 

Interestingly, these decisions can be about anything. For example, if you do not feel like going to the office today, you will decide that today you can relax. Or after neglecting your health for years, you decide one day that you will start focusing on yourself.


 Your decision in both these things is equally affecting you. But sometimes some decisions have far-reaching effects on our lives, so it is very important that before taking any step in life, one should try to understand What effect is it going to have on your future?  


Hopefully! It Happens.


This is common thinking, which occurs in our minds. When any past trauma and uncompleted wishes stand in front of us.

 Past regrets will start in our minds. Hopefully, If I take precautions at that time. I did not go through that trauma.


Or often in times of adversity, we start assessing our life and start thinking that if I had not done this, then life might have been better, or if I had not taken that decision at that time, I would have been happier today. 

These are common, all go through this. But problems arise when the thought will repeat in the mind. It starts affecting our present.


 But the truth is that the past cannot be improved by repeating it again and again. So instead of getting bogged down in ‘I wish it was like this or wish it was so, try to handle and improve what is present. 


Yes, it is very easy to say that you do not think about your past. But it is hard to do. So I never ask you to obstruct these thoughts. Its impact will be dangerous on your mind. So, I only say to not repeat these thoughts in our minds. Do not try to strike down the flow of thought. Flow with its speed.


Which you can do by meditation, diversion of thought, distracting your mind from the thought, which hurt you, taking the help of your wife, friend or beloved, and evaluating the root cause of your pain. By doing regular practice, you will see improvement in your life.


Any person can show you a path or can explain the location of your destination, but you have to walk on that path yourself or identify that the address you reach is right or wrong. Means everything is in your hands.


Prepare Yourself for all conditions.


Sometimes something happens in life, which you do not want to accept even after seeing and understanding. This pain can be of any kind.  


A person is sad in the present because of some bad karma in his past, while someone is sad to see a loved one in trouble. But, in both cases, the basic feeling of suffering remains the same. 

 In such a situation, it is not easy to take any practical decision, but the truth is that it is also necessary to reach some conclusion to save the situation from getting worse. 


 Therefore, when facing such a difficult situation, ask yourself honestly that in the present you are living.  Are you happy with that?  And, the challenges you are fighting.  How long can you fight them?  Or it is not that you blame yourself for every critical situation.  


And if everything continues like this, what are the chances of the situation improving in future?  When you start asking yourself all these questions, you will be able to prepare yourself to take the right and practical decision.


We all know that life is uncertain, sometimes hard and unfair. But by doing pre-preparation, we could be ready for unfortunate situations. 


Her question arises, how you will prepare yourself for the worst. This is very simple. The process I use in my life.

 First, like every person, I also fear the unfortunate thing, but I never thumb down in front of any worst situation.

Second, never override the situation upon you. Third, take out the impossible words from your dictionary.

Fourth, give your 100% in every task.

Fifth, do not be rigid, be flexible

Sixth, be humble and open.


Do not regret it, take a lesson


Everything in life is not always according to our wishes. Sometimes we make some decisions that are very optimistic about the future. 

 And sometimes decisions are taken by being selfish because we think that harm will be done to someone else by this decision of mine. At that time we are seeing only our happiness.


  But, life always gives us new experiences. Some people leave together, some people join together and sometimes it happens that because of some selfish decision of our past, the people associated with us also have to suffer in the present.


In an interview, a reporter asked a question from Thomas Alva Edison to tell about his success. He answered that everyone sees my success but no one knows that for one success in my experiment, I failed 1000 times. 


And after every failure, starting the whole experiment from the start was not an easy task. At that time my passion and optimistic nature helped me to move forward. And destroyed the maze of past regret of failure.


 I take every mistake as a lesson for me, it is like A garland of pearls in which pearls are threaded separately and together they form a garland. This means by combining all the failures, one becomes successful.


  In such a situation, remorse and guilt make life more difficult.  But, even if you take care and rectify your old mistakes, then by taking lessons from them, the present can be made better.  

There is nothing to be lucky about here. 

 But, the truth cannot be denied that our past actions and decisions make or break our present. Therefore, it is better to learn from a mistake made than to repeat it or regret it.  


Choose the right path.  


Life is such a journey, in which there are many ups and downs.  Sometimes such situations also come, which bring us to stand at a crossroads.


  In such a situation, the heart advises to do something else and the mind tells it to do something else. Of course, this situation is very challenging for anyone, but if you can act with patience and understanding in such a situation, then you can easily overcome that challenge.


  And sometimes it also seems that I wish we could correct the mistakes of our past so that the suffering in the present does not cause guilt in our hearts!  

Then again, it also feels like I wish we could have a peek into the future to see what would happen next!  But, no one has the answer to this.  In such a situation, listening to your inner voice is the only option to move forward.




No doubt regrets about the past and spoiling your future and present is meaningless. How much we try to stop the thoughts. Thoughts come back with more forces.


So do not stop it, flow with its speed. It will not affect you. By some changes in our behaviour, we can somehow avoid our past thoughts.


Hopefully! It happens, this thought is the major cause for the regret. So instead of getting bogged down in ‘I wish it was like this or wish it was so, try to handle and improve what is present. 


Ready for all the conditions. No doubt life is hard and sometimes unfair. But how to tackle the problem in our life is our discretion.


Do not regret it, learn lessons. Every moment of life teaches us a lesson. Which we never forgot. The lesson may be good or bad. Learning is always good.


Choose the right path, listening to your inner voice is the only option to move forward.

Best of luck.

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