5 ideas Keep motivating yourself.

5 ideas that Keep motivating yourself, often happen when we start a new work with great enthusiasm.  But, with time we lose our momentum and enthusiasm.  As a result, the work remains incomplete. If this is happening to you too, try these ways to rebuild your enthusiasm and speed up your pace.


5 ideas Keep motivating yourself.


5 ideas that keep motivating yourself.


To motivate yourself, you have to rethink the way you do things and get back to your goals. Then see how your enthusiasm builds up, like.


1. Focus on the “Why”.


 If you’ve lost passion and momentum with your goals, the first thing you need to consider is your commitment to your goal. Think about why you want to achieve this goal?  How will this change your life? 


Many of our goals are ‘want’ rather than ‘want’. They indicate the energy of compulsion rather than desire or obsession. If you are not clear about your goal, your motivation will drop very quickly and your subconscious mind will focus its attention on other things where your emotions are strong.  


So make a list of your goals. Then ask, ‘Why do I want to achieve this goal? Write down all the answers that come to your mind one by one. Read the reasons written daily. By identifying you’re ‘why’ you will be able to motivate yourself to achieve your goals faster. 


 2. Create an action plan.


 Once you know the right reasons for achieving your goals, your next step should be to create an action plan. Be clear about what is needed to achieve each goal. 


 Estimate how many hours each week or day it will take to achieve the goal. Then start scheduling all the activities that are necessary to achieve your various goals. The rest of the steps will pop up automatically after you initiate the action.

 But by making only a schedule your task will not be completed. You have to be passionate about it and with determination take a promise to yourself that without completing the task. I will not sit in peace.


 3. Announce.


Every morning, you can use the statement, ‘I am committed to achieving such a goal and my subconscious mind is helping to accomplish it the right way’. 

Through this dialogue, when you wake up daily with a positive focus on your goals, this powerful dialogue will keep you upbeat and motivated. 


 With constant repetition, these words will start to drive your behaviour and prove to be strong motivators to complete your tasks on time. You will be able to put yourself back on that path to turn your dreams into reality.


You can also use the method used by Jack Canfield. Author of famous chicken soup for the soul, book series. Before writing this book he did various jobs. But it did not satisfy him. With every difficulty, he only earned $8000 yearly.


 So he wanted some change in his life. He started to work on a therapy in which he made a notice board, wrote down his goal on it and fixed it on his ceiling.


 Because of this, when he used to wake up every morning, his first sight would fall directly on the notice board. Which always reminds him about his goal. His target was to earn $100000 in a year. Which is a huge amount for him to achieve. But he did it. 


Because when your wants and mind connect on the same frequency. Positive vibes go out of you and connect to other positive vibes of the world. And the whole universe gives you push to achieve your target. This is called the law of attraction.

Meaning how passionate you are to achieve your wants. Your wants attract that much to you.


4. Fill your life with cheer and laughter.


Here you think about what is the role of cheer and laughter in motivation. There is a direct connection between cheer and laughter with motivation.

To start any work our mind must be at peace. Because disturbed mind never does anything, it’s only wandering. We all are aware that laughter is the only medicine of a hundred wishes. 


It is necessary to have touch and patience as well as cheerfulness.  Apart from this, there are many benefits of laughing and joking with your family and friends. Which makes the relationship strong and beautiful. It makes us feel happy and does our work with more focus.


Research from around the world confirms that by enjoying light moments with your partner, happy hormones called serotonin and endorphins are made in the body in more quantity, which not only reduces stress but also increases mutual understanding.


In all, joy and laughter make your life light. It opens your mind to explore new things, it helps you to understand yourself and others, and it helps you to retain more focus on your work.


5. Love yourself.


I find that most people underestimate themselves. They think that they are useless. Their whole life is surrounded by question marks, ‘How’ ‘what’ & ‘why’. How can I do it? How will this problem be solved? Why do I do this work? What is the purpose of life? Why do I fail at any work? 

But they have no solution for these questions or they do not try to find it. They have no belief in their opinion, understanding and decision making. They always depend on others.


The question arises here: what is the reason behind this?  The answer is very simple. Because they do not love themselves. Kaval Ravikant a writer and motivational speaker says that I LOVE MYSELF are the three magical words behind his success, in his book ‘love yourself as your life depends on It’.


He says that the magic is not in these words but it is in the repetition of this word every time. He always repeats this word many times, even when he is out of his house.


By the repetition of these words slowly- slowly our mind adopts it. In starting our mind starts resistance but by keeping practice regularly we pass this obstruction. 

These repetitions start to nourish our neurons of mind to feel energetic and increase the level of confidence in our opinions, understanding and decision. It takes out the fear from the mind and heart and helps to explore new opportunities, take risks and determine our goal.




So keeping motivated is not a big task. For which you need someone’s help. You only need to change yourself to love yourself. Which makes your task easy and increases your confidence.

Laughter and cheer up feel your life with joy and help to retain focus and peace of mind.

By daily repetition or showing a target daily in the morning. You attract your wants towards you and the whole universe tries to accomplish it.

Make a schedule of your target or prepare a blueprint of your target. Which helps you to remember your plan and help in exclusion.

Focus on the “Why”. If you’ve lost passion and momentum with your goals, the first thing you need to contemplate is your obligation to your goal. Think about why you want to achieve this goal?  How will this change your life? 

So these are 5 ideas that keep yourself motivated.

Best of luck.

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