What is hope? And its role in our life.

What is hope? And its role in our life. Do you sometimes feel sad? Because after a lot of trying and doing. You do not come out of your problem. You lost all your hope and broke down internally and externally. 


What is hope? And its role in our life.


So, in simple hope is the anchor of your life. When you have hope you keep trying again and again. But when you lose hope, you lose your life. Hope is light in the darkness of life. It is like the oxygen for life.


We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope. By Martin Luther King, Jr


What is hope? And its role in our life.


To explain the importance of hope and its role in our life. I divided my explanation into four parts.


1. What is hope?

2. What is the true meaning of hope?

3. Power of hope?

4. Significance of four letters of Hope?

What is Hope?


There is no specific definition of hope. Hope is beyond it. Hope is the light which shows us the way in the dark. It is the fuel for our mental energy. 


Hope is the polar star. Which guides the sailor, when their ship is wandering. I think this is the best answer to What is hope?


Without hope, humans are like a corpus. Which spiritually died but physically alive like a puppet who has no feeling. Hope makes people strong with belief. That today is nasty but tomorrow will be well.


Yet, we know that the opposite of happiness is anger or sadness. But it is not fully correct, because if anyone anger or sad. Means you still give a fuck about something. That means something still matters to you. And this means you still have hope.


But when hopelessness has come in people. There is no anger, no sadness and no happiness. Because the present and future all look dark.

Our heart is beating but our brain does not respond. So I think the real opposite of happiness is hopelessness.


Hopelessness is the root of anxiety, mental illness, depression and silence. The avoidance of hopelessness is the construction of hope in our minds primarily.


Everything we understand about ourselves and the world is constructed to maintain hope. So without hope people are noting


The true meaning of hope. 


The true meaning of hope is the powerful source of Soul and spirituality. Which gives us direction and empowers our willpower to fight the worst condition of life. 


Hope can be power full force maybe there’s no real sorcery in It, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make thing happens, almost like sorcery by Laini Taylor


Hope boosts self-control-


Self-control is a vital part of our personality or behaviour. Because it is controlled by the emotional brain.


The brain psychologically works in two-part. One is the reasoning brain and the second is the emotional brain. Let’s assume that the reasoning brain is like a car’s driver, and makes decisions rationally.


But the emotional brain is like the passenger in the car. Who instructed the driver according to his need. The passenger doesn’t care what the driver thinks? 


Because he is just in a hurry to reach his destination in his comfort and as soon as possible. Whereas it is the responsibility of the driver to take his customer safely to his destination.


So drivers always make decisions reasonably. They work according to their driving manuals and customer comfort and security.


But passengers don’t care about it. He wants to reach their destination quickly. And build pressure on the driver to drive the car fast. 


Sometimes a few passengers stop the car according to their needs. Which does not in the contract between driver and passenger.


Like how our emotional and reasoning brain works. Most of the time our emotions are so influential. That they do not listen to the signal of the reasoning brain. And we make decisions emotionally


You know that emotion is highly influential. And for many years people have done research on how to control emotion.


Because emotion assumes great barriers to the development of people. Here self-control has come into the picture.


Self-control and discipline are the values. Which control emotion to an extent. This means self-control is a device like Google Maps. On which both drivers of cars and passengers rely to navigate the best path.


And self-control is the best-negotiated tool. Which helps to negotiate between the two and produce optimal results.


2. It can make the present moment less difficult to bear. 


The miseries do not come after giving the invitation in life. Therefore it’s Means it comes unexpectedly and without any chirps.  So, at that moment, your life crumbled down.


Assume you go to the office and your boss gives you a fire letter. Or the principal gives you a letter that. This year you did not give the exam. Or You failed the board exam after doing well in the exam.


Like above there are various moments in life that will impact your life. When you heard the result of unexpected news. Because of that, gloominess has come into your life.


At that time the light of hope works like the light of God. The light shows you direction. How to overcome the worst situation, and enlighten your Soul that today is the worst. But tomorrow will be mine


3. Hope is best attained after setbacks and gains. 


We believed that hope is only for the defeated or the loser. But hope has no criteria. Hope is a divine plant. Which god seeded in every one Soul.


We are unfortunate that we do not understand. How does hope work? Hope gives wing to our conscience to think big and big. And achieve the success ladder one by one


Like today I earned $100. The next day I expected to earn $200. Why do we think about earning $200? The answer is hope.

Hope for a better future and life.


Hope to earn more. Change into our expectations. Which change in want or need. Which makes us improve our doings to the level to earn $200. 

4. Hope changes the crush of rejection and disappointment into perseverance and optimism.


No doubt, rejection and disappointment are a crush on our society. Because of this many lives were gone or spoiled.


Do you know Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and Alipay? The richest person in China also faces the demon of rejection and disappointment.


He was rejected 30 times. In which his application for a police officer. He wants to become a police officer. His application for a police officer was rejected. But he never loses his hope.


His perseverance and optimistic view help him to win his fight in life. These are the true meaning of hope


Power of hope.


As I mentioned above, hope is the plant that god seeded in every person’s Soul. Perseverance, patience, silence, self-control and our spirituality or belief in god worked as manure and water for the growth of the plant.


How much these values strengthen the people. As much as our plants of hope are developed. That’s why I want to explain to you the power of hope through two stories.


According to Greek mythology. Men were the first who came on the earth. The first woman whose name was Pandora was given by god Zeus to the Epimetheu brother of Prometheus (accused of stealing fire from heaven) to take vengeance on all of humanity.


Pandora was like an iPhone. In which all the gods inbuilt all their best features. Like Aphrodite gave her beauty, Hera gave her the ability to create a family, and Hand Hermes gave her charismatic speech.


Zeus gives a box to Pandora and warns her not to open it. The box is beautiful, embossed in gold and covered in attractive designs. This box is called Pandora’s box ( Bhanumati ka para


How the box was open there is controversial. Which gave birth to many stories. In one Pandora was the culprit. In the second, her Epimetheus opens it. By coming in the influence of his wife’s words. In the third, a spoiler opens it because he wants to be immortal.


The box was open and all the evil flew out into the world: death, disease, haltered, envy and social media. But at the bottom, there remains something shiny and beautiful. This was hope.


Hope was the antidote against all the evil relished on the earth. The power of hope helps us to overcome world miseries.


Choose the hope anything is possible. Hope is the key and light which gives us the power to overcome all the problems of life. And make all the impossible possible.


The second is great stories of World War II ‘Great Escape’. A mass escape of POWs from staLuf III prisoner camp in Germany.


Their hopes gave power to RAF squadron leader Roger Bushell. To inspire 600 people to make three tunnels, inch one is a success. The name of the three tunnels was TOM, DICK and HARRY




In three tunnels two were unsuccessful and the last harry was successful.


But hope as a companion of power gives him the strength to never give up. Before this great plan. Bushell subsequently made two unsuccessful attempts to escape. In one of them, he was shot down.


Hope is a matter of success that he conveys 600 prisoners to help in their mission. He managed the spy by threatening to court-martial anyone. Who uttered the word tunnel.


Overcome the problem which he faces at the time of escape. And success in his plan. As a result Total of  76 prisoners escaped that night. But the 76th wash was spotted by a guard.


Hope makes you patient and calm. At the time of escape, the series of unfortunate events was ready to come. First, because of winter, the exit point of the tunnel was frozen. Which takes one hour to remove


Second, the length of the tunnel was short. The tunnel was open in the field and a few yards from a sentry tower. That’s distracting and creates confusion in all of them. As leader manage to manage this and continue the mission


Third, the tunnel collapses. A blackout caused by a nearby air raid slow their escape plan


A person can do an incredible thing if he or she has enough hope, Dr Cristopher J. Hall.


Bushell had hope that motivates him and makes an incredible plan to escape. Aaccording to the German investigation team report on the great escape. A blueprint is prepared and how the plan was executed


According to the blueprint, the tunnel was 336ft long and include a chamber housing an air pump, a workshop and two junctions, known as Piccadilly Circus and Leicester square


According to the missing inventory record. The 4000-bed tables, 52 twenty men tables, 34 chairs, and 76 benches were all missing, used by prisoners for the tunnel wall and building ladders.


635 mattresses, 192-bed covers, and 161 pillow covers were placed against the wall of the tunnel to muffle the sound. 


1219 knives, 478 spoons, 582 forks and 1400 milk cans are used as digging tools. 1000 ft electrical camp to nabbed and hooked up to the camp main power supply


The tunnel was dug at a depth of 30ft to avoid the range of the microphone. About 100 tonnes of soil is assumed to be excavated.

In short, the Power of hope is the light of God. Who shows the path. When we are surrounded by the darkness of defeat, despair and u success. And that’s why the entire path looks close. Therefore never left the foothill of hope. It always works.


Significance of four-letters HOPE


The significance of the four letters itself is a very powerful letter in itself. If we inculcate the values. Which starts from this four-letter H, O, P and E. I guarantee you that no one stops you to make a great person.


“Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.” Napoleon Bonaparte


I take only five values that start from these letters to understand the power of each letter




The importance of the first letter H of hope. These are the some words which start from the letter are following. Honesty, you are treated as a satisfying society. Heroism satisfies your insight. Hope, give the surroundings of God.

Happiness makes you satisfied and your belongings. Harmony, in society, in the surrounding, in the nation and the family makes you and your country prosperous.




The importance of the second letter O of hope. These are the some words which start from the letter are following. An optimistic approach defeats rejection in your life.

In the opportunistic, a pro approaches you best to understand which job is an opportunity and which is sit. ‘Hammer when the steel is warm’.


Outstanding, your work and effort are outstanding. Which makes you successful. Openness, always open your mind to acquire more knowledge from the world. Original, always be original in every moment of life




The importance of the third letter P of hope. These are the some words which start from the letter are following. Passion, you have to be passionate about your work or do. Pressure, you have to handle the pressure situation.

Because the worst times never come after alarming. Perfection, your work would be perfect because the world is devoted to perfection.


Patience keeps calm and patience is the essence of life. Perseverance helps to stay strong in your position in opposite waves.




The importance of the fourth letter E of hope. These are the some words which start from the letter are following. Empathy is to understand someone’s emotion and give the best solution. Energetic, always be energetic.

Empower to give someone authority to do something to give power or energy to deprive section,


Effective, your work should be effective according to your mission in life. Economically, always being economical means spending that much which is needed. Therefore Be smart, and make an effort. which is essential for the work, not more nor less.


However as Significance of four-letter HOPE. I explain only five values that start from these words but it is more powerful than we not expected.


That‘s why the myth of Pandora‘s box of hope prevails. That hope is the antidote given by God for all the evil in our societies.


“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality” Jonas Salk




In the article, What is hope? And its role in our life. First, we know about the true meaning of hope. Hope boosts self-control, best attained after wins and losses, helps to tackle rejection of life, and present moments less difficult to bear.

Second, we know about the power of hope. How the hope gives the POW of allied forces the power to escape from jail. Finally, we know about the significance of the four letters of hope.


Hope gives you the power to live your life and live your dream. 

Best of luck.

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