How be you the best version of yourself?

How be you the best version of yourself? In this world, everyone wants a name and fame. But all can’t earn a name and fame. It is a fact. But on the other hand, this is easy for some. And hard for others. The main reason for not attaining name and fame is you, yourself.


How be you the best version of yourself?

To see a dream is different, and changing your dream into reality is different. Because they need the best version of themselves. This means you have to draw an extraordinary man from inside yourself. And make your life prosperous.


I have not told you to make your duplicate. I have only told you to introspect yourself and draw your extraordinary quality from inside yourself. And make your Best-self. Like your positivity, skills, tackling power, and good habits. Here a question arises in your mind.


Why do you have to be the best version of yourself?


The whole world is busy finding the solution to ‘why’? When you question anyone about any things and if you request or order anyone to do something.


The first question they raise is starting from the why? So, I think I will answer ‘why’ first? The answer is that this question is not so complicated.


You want to be the best version of yourself for a successful life. To become a great person. To attain your specific goal. For the name and fame in the society.


To be your Best-self. You have to work on internal and external versions of yourself. To be a Best-self is not an overnight process. 


To make the best, you have to improve in your external version, which is easier than improving in your internal version.


But the internal version is more crucial for making the best version of yourself. Without internal improvement, there is no sustainability in your whole improvement.


Like that, you can increase your work time, make a good relationship with colleagues, and also give time to your family, waking up early in the morning. These are some examples of external versions.


We all do these to improve our basic life and work performance. First, We get started energetically. But after some time all our resolutions are thrown by us into the dustbin. 


And we start following previous schedules. Because we only work to improve ourselves, not internally but externally.


If you have to increase your working time, you have to include a rest period, mindfully practice, and deep sleep. 


If you want to make friendly relationships with colleagues, then you have to be compassionate and empathise. If you want to wake up early in the morning. You have to take a deep sleep of 6 hours.


So to make your Best-self. You have to work on both external and internal factors.  And now I will answer why. 


You have to be your best person. Because your Best-self is to fill in the blanks between failure and success. If you fill the blanks with your Best-self you find success and if you are not you do not find success.


How be you the best version of yourself?


I will explain some points. Which helps you to become the best version of yourself.


1. Show the red signal to your fear.


Our fear is the biggest barrier on the way to success. Sometimes we fear that. We found success or not. And after success, we are in fear of that. How do we sustain our success?


So we all are in fear. And that fear protects us to give our best. If we defeat many times. Then our fear. Always create resistance. To do that work and if we keep doing it will shake our confidence. And we defeat in frustration.


In successful people the fear of sustaining their success. Forcing them to do various immoral acts. And restricted them to use innovative ideas. Because of the fear, he keeps doing the same thing.  Have been doing it for years. And because of that someone else surpasses them.


So come out from the fear. Take innovative ideas, welcome new opportunities, and never think that last time I lost, then this time also I will lose. Confidently move towards your goal, your victory will be necessary.


2. Love yourself and love others.


Love is the special gift given by God to humans. The evolution of love was with the evolution of human beings. Love is the main reason behind reproduction. So love is very powerful. 


So first start to love yourself. It helps you to understand your value, your self-esteem, your responsibility, and your Best-self. It helps you to come out from the thought of being inefficient, useless, and a sheet of dumb.


Self-love helps you to understand the love of your partner. If you do not know what love is, start loving yourself. Love is a sense of affection. Which helps to draw your best version of yourself from your inside.


3. Try to add some value to others’ lives.


It is the second step of love. If you have compassion, empathy, and affection. You are always eager to help others. You want to add some value to people’s lives.


This world works on the principle of reciprocity. Means that much you add value to the world, the world adds as much value to your life, sometimes more than it.


So why restrict yourself from adding value to another life. If It is guaranteed that you find more. Like, if you simply help anyone, some other people help you. It is the law of nature.


4. Never be engulfed in a maze of past and future. 


I believe in never being engulfed in a maze of past and future, always trying to live in the present. Because you have no power to change the past and future. 


You can never go into the past and rectify it. What you had to do in the past. So if you have no power, then what is the meaning of ruminating on this thought. It only gives you pain and mental weakness. 


The future is also like your past, some people only think about the future. Which is not in their hands. Only think about the future and not start the work in the present. It may be due to fear, over-confident, and illusion. 


We think like this if we start any work, in future, I will fail. Because in the past I did this work and failed. So the future and past fear fill us with resistance.


That we do not start that work. So leave to live in the future and past, and enjoy your present. This will help you to be the best version of yourself.


5. Positive approach.


Maybe you want to be your best version or not. It does not matter. Positivity not only helps you to become your best version of yourself. 


Positivity is more than this for our life. It is a vital part of our life. If there is no positivity in our life. Our life is like a dark room. Where there is no hope.


And if there is no hope. Our life has become the house of all miseries. Like sadness, greed, anxiety, apathy, and mental disorder. And all this together pushes our life to the dark side.


So positivity is essential for feeling good, doing good, and becoming good. This is the real meaning of success. If success does not give happiness. Then what is the meaning of that success for us? And for that happiness, life needs positivity.


6. Learn to say NO.


In our life, we are always trying to please our relatives, colleagues, and family members. To think that, in respect of our work. They will give value to us. Or they will give respect to us. Sometimes we will do it to increase our social height.


But the result is different from our thought. They think that we have no self-esteem, we are only made to follow their order. They do not give respect for the work we have done for him.


If there is the same situation in your life. Then stop pleasing them. Simply say NO. If you are not able to do that work, if you have no time, or sometimes intentionally. Because when you give respect to yourself. They will also give respect to you. Here self-love helps you.


7. Do not be prejudiced.


In the age of social media, we all are prejudiced. We are eager to give a verdict on anything. If on WhatsApp a wrong message is circulating, without searching for the right facts. 


We also start circulating it and give our verdict. That he or she is accused or should be punished by the public, not by the government. This is not good for civil society.


If someone put the allegation on our partner, or brother and sister. We break the relationship without resolving the matter by talking to them. 


So I think our prejudiced nature creates problems for us. So please try to leave it, and take any decision after brainstorming.


8. Vanish.


From the word vanish, I do not mean that. You leave the world or die. I mean to take a break from your professional and personal life. If your boss, relatives, and family do not value you.


Go for a vacation, do what you want to do. Or what have you not done to date? Do that work. Enjoy your life. 


So if you do not go to your office for some day. Your Boss will start searching for you. Because your office depends on you. Then they notice your role. 


The same condition you feel in your family. They also give you respect, because they understand your role in the family development.


When you come back. You feel better from inside and outside. And people’s attitude towards you also has to change.


9. Be an owner.


The owner and the victim are two types of people. The owner takes responsibility, the victim wants to escape from responsibility. The owner accepts his mistake, but the victim refuses it, and always blames others.


The owner takes initiative, but the victim hides behind someone. Owners are moral, honest, and strong, but the victim is immoral, dishonest, and weak. 


These are some differences between victim and owner. You have to choose. What you are and what you will want to be.




From the use of these attitudinal changes, you can become the best version of yourself. A person makes a mistake. Whenever something is asked to bring change in him. He first looks outside. While every change tool and tactic is present inside him.


He can bring this change by himself and no one else can change it. So if you want to become your best version of yourself. You have to introspect yourself. 


What is your uniqueness? Which habits are best for you and which ones are the worst? Which approach is right or which is wrong? After evaluation, you have to act on the bad and enhance your best one.

Best of luck.

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