• 7 tips for success.

    7 tips for success.

    Success is not only to achieve, success is to make an effort at your full capacity. Without thinking about the result.   Do you want to know the 7 tips for success. We all want or desire to be successful person. But unfortunately, many of us have not found success. Sometimes we are so helpless or restless. That we assume that success is not in my destiny. Maybe god forgot to write a script of success in my life. We think that we put in a lot of effort, but I have not found success in that proportion. So these types of questions are remunerated in our mind.  But there…

  • 7 worst habits for your brain.

    7 worst habits for your brain.

    Do you know about the 7 worst habits for your brain? Do your want to do something but your your mind does not collaborate with your body? Are you always feel exhausted mentally? Do you not concentrate on your work? Do you feel like your brain is burning? Ever you think that why this happen?     Yes, no doubt there are many factors responsible for the above condition. It may be your mindset, attitude, and thinking. But the one factor which affects all the above three is your habits. The habits are small but their impact is big. For example, late-night dinner habits. This day this habit is common…

  • Ba pass, love fails.

    Ba pass, love fails.

    BA pass,  love fails. Excuse me, please lift your hand, I want to go to class. A sweet voice struck my eardrum. When I turned back. A dusky girl with medium stature and big eyes was standing behind me. In one hand she took a bundle of books. And on another shoulder, was hung a bag.   But sometimes the book was missing from her hand. Sometimes the bag was falling from her shoulder. And she was troubled in handling them. I offered her help. I said that to her. I can help you.   But she refused. I stepped back and she went to the classroom. This was the…

  • Mental-healing

    How to build mental toughness in your life?

    How to build mental toughness in your life? Are you frustrated with back-to-back challenges in your life? Are you frustrated about your upcoming exam? Hopeless about the challenges? You think like everything, that only I am in difficulty and all the miseries are gifted by god in my life.     But your thought is wrong. You are like a frog which only does torture in his well. And think that the well is the whole world. This is an indication of a weak mentality.   The weak mentality when observing that. He is in danger or his beliefs are in danger. It created an illusion that he is a…

  • Favourite-book

    Deep work by Cal Newport: summary.

    Disclaimer: In this article there is an affiliated link. If you buy I get some commission but it does not add on you some cost. So if you want to buy this product the link is given below.   Deep Work by Cal Newport: summary. Working in a distraction-free and high concentration work environment. Not only improves your skills. But it also allows you to achieve more valuable tasks in less time.      Along with being the same Shallow Work Time, it also creates a distraction.  By reading this book, you can learn to achieve quality work in less time, which is called deep work.    Author of this…