7 tips for success.

Success is not only to achieve, success is to make an effort at your full capacity. Without thinking about the result.


Do you want to know the 7 tips for success. We all want or desire to be successful person. But unfortunately, many of us have not found success. Sometimes we are so helpless or restless. That we assume that success is not in my destiny. Maybe god forgot to write a script of success in my life. We think that we put in a lot of effort, but I have not found success in that proportion. So these types of questions are remunerated in our mind.  But there is one thing which I want to tell you. In the name of success, we cradle many types of myths and misconceptions.


7 tips for success.


So in this article first we will eliminate different types of myths one by one. And then after knowing about 7 tips for success.


The first myth is I can not find success. Because  I failed many times. You know, Thomas Alwa Edison once said that I failed thousand times before one successful invention or attempt. So your failure does not decide whether you found success or not. Your willpower to fight. Decide whether you want to succeed or not. 


The Second myth is, I do hard work but do not find success. You see that Labour also does hard work but does not earn more. Else a man working in an airconditioned room earns more. Because this world gives respect to mental ability. Not to your sweat. So instead of doing hard work, do smart work. 


The Third one is not exactly myths. But it is a misconception about the concept of success. Success does not only mean achieving all things. But success is to live life to your full capacity. Means doing every work to your full capacity. Without thinking about success or failure. Now we discuss about the 7 tips for success.


7 tips for success.


1. Be consistence- 


If you kept an iron rod. It will be rusted. So always be consistent. Like the Alwa edition. Because if you halt yourself. You will be distracted, rusted means your value will be depreciated, and your skill will be blunt. So please be consistent.


2. Acquire good habits-


Always try to acquire good habits, because your habits are the wheel of the car of success. Without habits, your car will not move an inch. I use the wheel for the habits. Because you observe that when you drive a car. If there is less air in the tire, or the tire gets old and does not have full grips on the road, and your tire gets punctured. You can not drive your car. Like if your habits are wrong. You sleep late, you eat junk food, or you do not do exercise. You become a fat man, with a lot of diseases, and a bad performer. So acquire good habits.


3. Give respect to your time-


Give respect to your time. The world will respect you. Have you ever tried this thing? When you ask a person who will be successful in your sight that he will spend an hour with you. They will not give you time. And if you demand money, they will easily provide you. Why does this happen? Because for them time is more precious than money. So always respect your time. Because time will never come back.


4. Always seek to learn new-


Never hesitate to learn new things. Whether it be from child or old, literate or illiterate. Once Woodrow Wilson president of America said that. We have to learn the skill of sharpening the knife from a robber, instead of learning their skill of robbery. Because he is the best at it. You will sharpen your skill till you are not dead. Because it is only in your hand. Rather than your destiny or luck. So never stop yourself from trying anything new. If you find success then ok. And if you fail. At least there will be an experience.


5. Always respect yourself-


When we fail, the first thing that happens in our life. We lower ourselves first in our own eyes. Others make fun of us later. They will make fun of you only when you allow them to make fun of you. And a person who is defeated in mind can never win. So love yourself and respect yourself. You will find that others also respect you.


6. Never do comparisons-


In most cases. We are not enthusiastic to achieve success. But we want to defeat others, want to take revenge on others, or want to be like others. But all three above concept is wrong.  Because if you want to achieve success by defeating others or take revenge on others.


After some time you start blocking yourself. You spend your full energy only on that work. Which only fulfills your want to revenge not grow you fully. Like your girlfriend left you. Because you are a fatty guy. So you want to lose your fat.


And for this, you do hard work and apply a diet plan. After some time, you achieve your target. And you take the revenge. But after the revenge. There is more probability that. You can leave the diet plan and exercise. Because your target is only taking revenge. Not your fitness.

Because if your target will be fitness. You will think about long-term planning. Your diet plan will like that which you will always follow. So your comparison only makes you a copycat or mob mentality person.


7. Appreciate others-


Always appreciate or give respect to others. Because successful people always admire the person. Who do good and achieve something. Whether he is his opponent or not. Lord Ram never took Ravana for granted. He always admired his ability. So accept the truth. And give respect to anyone you find respect form the others.


These are the 7 tips for success. So if you want to be a successful man. Do your work smartly with your full capacity. Be consistent, because consistency breeds success. Acquire good habits and always seek to learn new things. And respect yourself and your time. Because if time goes, it will never come.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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