How do consistency and persistence breeds success?

How do consistency and persistence breeds success? I would like to start this topic with a story of two students Mohan and Shyam. Mohan was a straight A student in the class. Shyam was an average student in the class. Shyam always wanted to become a straight A student in the class.


How do consistency and persistence breed success?


So he copied the Mohan activity or process of study. He uses the same notes, tuition with the same teachers, and studies more time than Mohan. But he could never get ahead of Mohan. What was the reason why he was not ahead of Mohan? After a lot of hard work, why did he not become a straight A student?


The answer is simple as well as difficult. Because we all are trapped in the maze of success. Like Shyam, we all think that successful people are aliens. They perform well because they are god gifted, they are lucky, or they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.


But in reality, this is not right, consistency and persistence are the two values. Which creates a difference between success and failure. The successful person is always consistent and persistent toward their goal. 


The same mistake was made by Shyam. When he got less Mark, he was upset and left his hard work. He was always confused about that. What does he do? The way he prepares is right or wrong. And the confusion shook his persistence. Which always kept him away from his goal.


Same conditions we also face in our life. A little failure in our path. Make us frustrated and we divert our path or leave our path. 


But those who are consistent and never give up, do not get frustrated and do not start questioning their preparation or the method they apply to get success. One day success kisses our feet. So consistency and persistence breeds success.


Why consistency and persistence are so vital for success?


We do all the effort. Like, doing hard work, focusing on our work, and doing every step properly. Even though we are persistent about our goal. But if we are not consistent. So, all our effort is useless. We never found success.


Because consistency creates repetition and regular repetition makes you perfect. For example, Shyam was not consistent. The preparation which he did in the early phase of class was not repeated by him. So he had to start his preparation again during the exam time.


But Mohan was consistent with his preparation. So what he used to read earlier, he used to repeat later. So by giving less effort his syllabus was prepared before the exam. And he secured more Mark. So consistency and persistence breeds success?


Here I am reminded of a famous verse.


Karat Karat Abhyas ke admit hot Sujan,

Ratti at Jaat Ke sir per padat Nishan.


This means that only by practising, again and again, can we get accomplishment in something. Just like soft rope friction also leaves a mark on a hard stone.


How do consistency and persistence breeds success?


1. Trust your interests.


The question is, what is the right way to achieve your goal?  For this, the most important thing is that first of all believe in yourself. Believe in your interests and abilities. 


Neither comes under the influence of people or relatives. They could not decide what you have to do in your life. But it is your call, what do you want to do in your life?


Just see in which field you are interested. And whether you have all the abilities required for that. If you have the ability, develop them and if there is some deficiency then improve them. 


But do what interests you. Keep in mind that if you attain complete command in any field. Then neither success nor prosperity will be difficult to achieve.


2. Avoid distraction.


Once a goal is set, persistence towards it is equally important. This is the element that deters distractions and maintains your consistency. Then even when you are on leave from your work or study. You are not far from it. Your goal is always in your mind.


The benefit of that. Wherever you are, you get opportunities related to it. Maybe your action may not be right. But the direction remains the same. The level of thinking for the goal is the same. You neither miss practice nor forget anything. Persistence always reminds you about your goal.


3. Clear goal.


The lack of consistency in practice is seen at almost every level today. Even though we feel uncomfortable going to our office after returning from a long vacation. If the sequence of the fitness routine is broken for a couple of days. Then it becomes difficult to adopt it. 


All these situations come due to the breakdown of the sequence. For which we are habituated. The reason behind this is that we indeed get bored with the same routine continuously. That’s why a little change is necessary from time to time. To change our mood and rest of mind. 


But the problem is created. When the change derails us from our goal. The change does not mean that we forget our goal. So make our change constructive, not destructive. So in this persistence plays a vital role. 


Because the biggest problem today is the lack of persistence and clarity toward one’s goal. Their own goal is not clear in front of most of the youth. The basic reason for this is some self and some social prejudice. 


As I mentioned above, they are dominated by society. So they are socially prejudiced and decide their life. According to their family and relatives advice. The reason is that they waste their time, money, and energy. And do not find success. So the clear goal is important to be consistent.


4. Believe in yourself. 


Trust your interest, clear your goal, and avoid distraction if possible. When you believe in yourself. Because in your journey you fall at different times. And your planning will crumble down. Nothing will happen according to your wish or desire. 


At that time your trust, clarity, and avoiding distraction doesn’t work. You get frustrated and hopeless. What have I done? At that time if your willpower or your belief in yourself is intact. You are never distracted from your path. Your mind will be clear about what you have to do. And your trust will be stronger.


Because of belief in yourself. You know your strengths and weaknesses. So, do you know what you have to avoid? and what to accept? You know whether you are going in the right direction or going in the wrong direction. You have to check and balance yourself. So it fuels consistency and persistence.


5. Positive attitude.


It is natural and common. If the challenges are difficult. And it is back to back. We will be demolished and give up. We step back from our goal and search for another goal. But the dilemma is that. There is no path for success left on which thorns are not laid. So we have to face difficulty to achieve all the goals.


Because once we leave our goal and run away. Then we will get used to it. And we will start running away from our goal again and again. Whenever we have to face some difficulty. And this is a sign of negativity.  Which stops us from being consistent and persistent.


A positive attitude helps us to persist in our goals. Because maybe our method or way to achieve the goal is wrong. But our goal will not be wrong. So why do we change our goal? Rectify the method and restart our journey. This is a positive attitude. Which helps us to be consistent on the path to our goal.




Yes, consistency and persistence breeds success. Because consistency and persistence are not only useful for success. But it is essential to maintain success for a long time. So it is vital for success


So to develop consistency and persistence. We have to trust our interests, clear our goals, avoid distractions, believe in ourselves, and maintain a positive attitude.


So, consistency and persistence are like water. Like water is vital for life, consistency and persistence are vital for success.

Best of luck.

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