How to make the impossible possible?

Never engulf in the possible or impossible. It is nothing but just an excuse.


Many times in our life we stand on the two-way. That the work is possible or impossible. We have to choose one from this and move forward. We all do it. But the problem is that most of us choose the impossible. And change their way. We run from our difficulties and miseries. Because it seems to be impossible for us to overcome it. But by avoiding these impossible things. We make a mountain of impossible in our life. Which we will never cross. Here a question arises.


How to make the impossible possible?

Why do we think that any work is impossible?


First is our prejudiced nature. 


Which forces us to think about its result before doing any work. What if this job is not completed? What if we lose? And what if we win? If any difficulty comes, how will we face it? So these types of questions come into our minds. And starting to bother us? It makes our decision wrong. Because we make any decision in a hurry without knowing or paying attention to all the facts.


Second is our negative attitude.


The attitude that forces us to think only about the negative aspects of any situation or task. It influences our minds about all the work. That we are going to do. Is very hard, out of our capacity, or just impossible to do. 


The third is our past.


Sometimes our past trauma. Make us compelled to think negatively biased thoughts in a particular situation. And slowly it changes into our habits. We become negatively biased people. Our past regret pinches us and blocks us from not doing any work. It stops you from taking responsibility and makes you a person with a victim mindset.


The fourth is our bad habits.


Sometimes our bad habits are the cause of wrong decisions. Like toxic substance addiction. They diminish our brain performance. And stop us from making the right decisions.


The fifth is our fear.


This is the strongest contender behind assuming any task is impossible.  We start thinking about whether we should move forward in our life or stop or change our way.


Our prejudiced nature and negative thinking and past trauma raise fear in our minds. Like Whatever we do will be wrong and we will definitely lose. And that’s why we do not make the right choice. So these are some reasons behind choosing any task or situation as impossible. Now is the time to know how to make the impossible possible.


How to make the impossible possible?


First, use the power of regret.


Yes, it is well known that past regret pinches us. But it also gives us experience. Or teach us a hard lesson about life. So why not learn from our past rather than run from our past? And complete the work by avoiding past mistakes. It will help you to make the impossible possible.


Second, a positive mindset.


Change your mindset from negative to positive. To have a positive attitude. You have to make some changes in your life. First, keep yourself cool,  Second, keep patience, Third, keep believing in yourself, fourth, accept your faults, fifth, accept what you have, sixth, know your weaknesses and strengths, seventh, try every opportunity, eighth, do not think about results.


Third, do not be biased.


Never be biased. Because biasedness makes you partial. It negatively influences your decision. It fills you with fear. So You will not take any decision with courage. That’s why try to make yourself impartial. When you want to make a decision.


Fourth, change bad into good habits.


Habits are like the wheel of the car of success. Without good habits, you can not achieve success. So acquire good habits and think positively. It will help you to make the impossible possible.


Fifth, come out of your fear. 


When you start any journey. Your fear stays with you only till the first step. After that, you are free from your fear. You can do any work. Your fear is like the anchor of a ship. Which can not allow the ship to move forward. Without lifting the anchor. So like that if you want to move in your life. You have to take a step to vanish your fear. 




So if you want to make the impossible possible. You have to follow the above steps. So tie a knot. We are all king of our life. Our life is our kingdom. So for better rules, we have to make the right choice. The choice is the only thing that God gives us in our hands. What will happen in our life we do not know and that is not in our hands. But what we do is in our hands. We have a choice to face or flight. If we always fly. One day the mountain of the impossible becomes Everest. And we can not fly over it. 


So I think why not live life without engulfing ourselves in possible or impossible? Because once we will include the impossible in our life. Many impossible things will come and store in our minds as scrapes. So it is better to do every work to our full capacity. Without thinking about its result. Because if we will think about the result before doing any work. We will always make it hard and impossible. The result will fill us with fear and confusion about whether we can do it or not. 


So throw out the fear from your heart and mind. Tie a knot in your mind. You have no power to stop what comes into your life. But you have full power to taste and face it. And apply your wisdom to counter it. If you win it’s ok, if you defeat it gives you experience. So always try every opportunity. Our only focus is to complete the task at our full capacity. Because there is nothing in our hands to do anything else.


Make the impossible possible quotes.


It is not necessary that all find success.It is not necessary that all desires need to be fulfilled. But it does not mean that, you stop seeing the dream, stop doing hard work, or crush your courage. Because the result is not in your hand, but all the possibility to achieve it, is in your hand.


If you want to make the impossible possible. You have to win your fear.


Never engulf in the possible or impossible. It is nothing but just an excuse.


Positivity is the key difference between the impossible and the possible. For a negative person, all is impossible. But for a positive person, all are positive.


The world is made of possibilities, I do not know who invented the word impossible.


If you do not think about the result. All work is possible for you.


Everything is impossible in this world for cowards.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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