12 actions that help to change of habit.

Bad habits are like a termite. Which makes us hollow from the inside. And we’ll never know.


Do you get angry with yourself? When you eat burgers or sweets. When you are on dieting?  Have you ever promised yourself that? you will stop doing all those bad habits. Which is not good for you. Many times you try to change of habit or bad habits. But after a few days, you stop trying. Yes, adding new habits is easy. But to lose old habits is very hard. And when it is our bad habits. It looks impossible to lose. Ever you thought that? Why did this happen? What are the causes, which stop us from removing bad habits from our life? So in this video first we will know about the causes and then know about the 12 action that help to change of habit or break bad habits.


12 actions that help to change of habit.


So what are the causes? Why do we not lose bad habits?


First, we do not accept bad as bad.


The first is when you want to lose something bad. We have to accept that those habits are bad. Externally we accept the habit as bad. But from inside we never accept that it is bad. In other words. Our reasoning brains accept it. But our emotional brains never accept it. Because emotion needs satisfaction. And our bad habits give us satisfaction. 


Like if we have a cigarette addiction. And when we have a summon of it. And we have it. We get satisfaction. No matter what its consequences on our life. All we need is a moment’s satisfaction. So first accept bad habits as bad from the inside. It help you to change of habit.


Second, the communication gap between our automatic and conscious brains.


The second reason is the communication gap between our automatic and conscious brains. The automatic brain is where our self-destructive behavior comes from. Where we have our biases and assumptions. What are the things we’ve already taken for granted or formed an opinion about? Here you will also find your old bad habits as well as those feelings. Which you do not want to bring out.


The conscious brain, on the other hand, is responsible for thinking things through carefully. Such as making decisions. The conscious brain takes care of that. Whatever it decides, we should not be harmed in any way. Because it has to work very carefully so it can focus on only one thing at a time.


So when there is a communication gap between these two brains. Our automatic brain becomes stronger. It starts doing arbitration. Because it directly connects to our emotions and satisfaction. So to fulfill our satisfaction we became the slave of our automatic brain.


Two Brains, Not Working Together As soon as you open another packet of chips or smoke another cigarette, your brain forbids you to do it. You know you shouldn’t do things that will harm yourself. But you still can’t stop yourself. You don’t know why you are doing all those things that can harm you. And you try not to do that. But you always fail in this.


So the best way to deal with these two parts of us. Doing different things is to train our self-automatic brains to make better decisions. Stopping self-destructive behavior is not as difficult as it may seem. Many studies tell us that a person can change the structure of his brain.  


This is called the plasticity of the brain. As you learn ways to change your self-destructive behavior, new connections are made between cells in your brain. Then these connections replace your old connections which tell you to eat more, smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol.


But for these new connections to be made you have to be consistent with your new good habits, the more you practice your good habits, the easier it will be to do them automatically.


Third, hooked up by addiction.


The third one is we are hooked up by addiction. When you get addicted to something, you don’t have any self-control. Either you become addicted to something or behave in a certain way. Bad habits include eating too much or too little, shopping without thinking, and having unsafe sex.  


You know you are addicted when you don’t get that thing for a day. If you stop doing it, you feel symptoms like sleeplessness, anger, and restlessness. You think you can quit your bad habit whenever you want, but you never quit. In this way, you are fooling yourself into that you are in control.


First of all, why do people get used to something or behaviour? Getting used to things like alcohol can be easily understood. Wine makes you feel good. Because of this, you open up and you have a good time when you are drunk. When alcohol leaves your body, you start feeling irritable and bored. So, you keep on drinking to feel good. Drugs on the other hand create strong cravings in your brain.


So these are the three causes. Why do we not lose bad habits in our life? Now we come to the point. From where we have to discuss the 12 actions that help to change of habit. It will help our brain to break bad habits. 


12 actions that help you to change of habit.


1. As mentioned earlier you have to accept that you are addicted. Break the illusion that you are in control and can let go at any time. If you keep telling yourself this over and over again, you’ll never really be able to leave him.  


2. Take it one day at a time, repeat it, and trust your purpose. Say to yourself “Don’t do any self-destructive work today”. It is not a big goal, anyone can do it.  


3. Accept that there will be hard days ahead. Prepare yourself for the time. As tempting as it may be, hold yourself back with the thought that this time will pass. Keep thinking about how great it would be. if you didn’t go back to your old ways.  


4. Go back to your morals. Admit that your self-destructive behaviour has caused you to do terrible things. Yes, it happened because of your addiction. But don’t use that as an excuse. Make up your mind that from now on you will be honest.  


5. Apologies to those whom you have harmed in any way. It is related to the fourth step and it will help you to become a better person.


6. Share your time with them in return. For one, be a companion to an older person or clean up the local beach. Doing good things will make you feel good. This will also increase positivity in you.


7. Practice mindful activities. Mindfulness means being conscious of your reactions and behaviour. When you are mindful of yourself, you can see what you are doing wrong. From here you can correct your mistakes.  


8. Repeat the thought “You can fake it until you make it” over and over again. Large and well-known groups like Alcoholics Anonymous follow this thought. If you’re just starting out, keep attending meetings.  


Keep repeating the motivational lines and keep this flow of yours. As you keep doing it again and again. It will become a part of your daily routine. One day finally you will be able to say that you were addicted earlier. But now you’ve gotten rid of it. Keep following these steps. Even if you don’t feel confident at times. 


9. If you don’t have a support group, find a friend. A friend is someone you can tell everything to during your recovery. They Will listen to you without any judgment, but they will also tell you the truth no matter how bitter it is. 


10. If you don’t have any friends then keep a diary with you. Write your experience every day in it or make your video. Make Express your feelings. Tell me how you are feeling these good days or how much the craving can be.


11. Focus on your short-term goals, but also remember your long-term goals. Although you will not find it very difficult to do little by little every day. But it is also important to keep an eye on your long-term goal. Every day that you stop yourself from going back into self-destructive ways. 


it’s an opportunity for your brain to rewire itself. Slowly your brain will mold itself in such a way. That it will not be dependent on any intoxicant or bad behaviour. Easier it becomes to break away from your addiction as you progress.  


12. Lastly, keep practicing. The most important thing is to repeat it again and again. Bad habits have made connections in your brain. Practice good habits every day. And repeat them over and over again to make new connections stronger and faster.


So these are 12 actions that help to change of habit. With these tips and actions, you can apply them to eliminate the bad habits in your life.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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