I am alive, not death.

Doing love with life is not a joke. 

Heart will be broken, it is not a joke.

Life, you keep breaking me, but I will add you.

After all, I am your true lover, it is not a joke. 


One who has come into life has to taste death one day, this is an unchanging truth. But I believe that there are two types of death.  First in which our body dies. And second in which our heart dies. Our body dies one time, but our emotions, heart, and souls die many times.  Sometimes because of the abandonment of loved ones, sometimes because of someone’s deception, sometimes because of someone’s taunts, and sometimes because of our own mistakes.


I am alive, not dead.


Of course, all these things break our hearts, our emotions become weakened. And sometimes we become living idols.  All of us must have gone through such a phase in our life. 

Some go through at present. Some taste in the past. And some will face it in the future. But it is true, everyone who comes into this world. Will face tough phases in their life. 


I fall in the second category in this.  A poet has said a very important thing.  That sorrow does not hurt us as long as we are aware of it. Sorrow hurts when others come to know about it.  Because they only work to scrape your wound.  Not to fill it.  That’s why as far as possible avoid showing your pain, trouble, and your secret in front of others.


The death by which our body dies. That death is the end of all sorrows.  But the death by which our heart dies is the beginning of many sorrows.  The sorrow of the loss of loved ones, the sorrow of being robbed in love, the sorrow of being abandoned by the beloved, and the sorrow of being humiliated by loved ones. The pain of a broken heart. Don’t let us live. It seems as if death would come and it would get rid of all the sorrows. Some people even use the wrong methods.  And invites their time.


Without thinking that life is very big. Why punish others for one? If everything in life is given only once?  So maybe in Mathematics, no number is invented after the invention of the number one. Because we only know one number, that is number one.  After that nothing is going to happen.  One chance is gone, one lover is gone, and once there is defeat.  After this, there is nothing left in life. But my friend there are many numbers in this world.  That’s why come out of the illusion of number one.  Enter the world of lots of numbers.


This will also happen to you. That you will be at the gathering but people will ignore it.  You will stand with people. But no one will feel your presence. You will be considered dead as soon as you are alive. Of course, the world should consider you dead.  But being a human is your duty.  That you keep knocking that “I am alive” Of course, you will die many times.  But then you will be alive.  Of course, you will lose many times, but then you will win. And of course, you will break many times, but then you will get up.  Because this is the nature of humans.  That’s why I always say 


I am alive, I am not dead. 

I am broken, but not bent.

I am lost, But I am not tired.

I am in pain, But I have not cried.

I am burning , But I am lighting up.

My Dreams are broken, but I have not stopped watching dreams.

I fall again and again, but I have not stopped climbing.

I have a lot of sorrow, but I have not stopped smiling.

Life has done a lot of cheating, but I never stop falling in love with life.

Yes, I am alive, not dead.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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