Life is pain: the feeling of being alive.

If there is life, there is pain. 

If there is pain, then there is a feeling of being alive. 

If there is the feeling of being alive, then there is the hope of living life. 

If there is the hope of living life, then there is the courage to fight with life. 

If there is the courage to fight with life, then there is success in life.


Pain is that thing that no one wants in their life. But pain is like a glue that does not leave us till our death. Whether we want it or not. When we come on the earth we give the pain to our mother and when we go from the earth we give the pain to our belongings. It means that our origin and end are in pain. So the pain starts with the needle and ends with the needle in our life. That’s why life is pain, and pain is life. We can not separate these from each other.


Life is pain: feeling of being alive.


What is pain?


It is very difficult to define pain. Because pain is a feeling, which definition can vary for person to person. For every person, their cause, intensity, and place of pain could be different. For someone, their pain is muscle pain. That place, intensity, and cause will be measured and identified. Like pain in joints, heart attack pain, and muscle pain, etc. But some pain could not be identified, its intensity can not be measured, its place can not be identified, but the pain is felt. No doctor can cure this pain.  For this, you need people like us. So, we can differentiate the pain into two parts, one is physical, and the second is virtual.


The scientific definition of physical pain is “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, associated with, or resembling, actual or potential tissue damage.” So the damage to tissue that causes pain is rectified by the medicine prescribed by the doctor. This pain is maintained until we do not identify the cause of pain. Once we identify the cause of painful life. And take accurate medicine. It helps to remove the pain.


But there is no precise definition of virtual pain. Because it can not be seen. It can only be felt. But I try to describe that feeling in words. So according to me, pain is ” an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, associated with an emotional and mental breakdown.”  As I explained above, everybody has their own version of painful life definition. Like, for some, the cause of pain is deceit in love, for some poverty, for some his illness, for some his failure, for some separation, for some the success of others, and many more.l


So the conclusion is that we can not bind the pain with a single reason. There are a lot of causes for a single pain. That’s why I say that “Life is pain, and pain is life”. This means You Can’t imagine life without pain. So, if there is life there is pain and if there is pain there is life.


Life is pain: the feeling of being alive.


Do you ever hear that dead bodies have any pain? In this world, death is assumed as an antidote for pain. That’s why many of us opt for death to get rid of our pain. They select the option of suicide to end their pain. That’s why I say that life is pain: the feeling of being alive. So if God gives you the option to select between pain and death. Please select pain. Because once life is gone you can not do anything. But if you have pain, the agony of pain encourages you to search for new measures to demean painful life.


Often we are not immortal, every living being tastes death. But only when God wills. Because the one who has given life has the right to take it. Not to whom, it will be given in alms. So pain is better than rest in peace. Because it gives us hope to search for a new antidote for the pain. And in searching for the antidote, sometimes we find destiny. For which we have come in this world. So, to better understand my words. I would like to tell you a story of a young man. Who spent his whole life in a drunken stupor.  He wanted to become a big man. But neither did he work hard to become a big man. Nor did he appreciate his time.


Because her father was a rich man. He never had any problem with money. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do anything. He used to make plans every day. But whenever he had to execute his plan. He was filled with laziness and procrastination. But how long did this go, after a few days his father died. Slowly the expenses increased and the money decreased. His own people started turning away from him. His relatives used to taunt him every day. 


He never appreciated the time, now time was not appreciating him.


Of all the bad things, that was one of the best things about him. He never tried to run away from his pain. He used to admit his mistakes but was unable to correct them. And he knew his pain but was unable to relieve it. There is a famous proverb 


“grasping at straws”. 


So the pain of the young man became his supporter. Somebody suggested to him why don’t you express your pain with your pen? It will also ease your pain. And will also be an example for others.


So, he started writing and within a few days, he wrote a book. That used to describe his pain. Gradually that book became so famous that it earned fame all over the world. But now the question arises how did this happen? It so happened that he never thought to end himself, to end his painful life. Because it was his pain that never left his side, even if his people left him. And in the end, the same pain became the reason for his success.


Your pain leads to happiness.


You would think that even pain can become the reason for someone’s happiness. But it is true. Like need is the origin of the invention. Likewise pain is the origin of happiness. Humans are selfish by nature. We only want to do the work which we need. If God does not give us hunger. We can not make an effort to gather food. That’s why God gives us pain. It creates the pursuit of happiness. Have you ever heard that people in happiness remember God?  Everyone remembers God more and more only in sorrow. Suffering creates the emotion of fighting with the situation, giving patience and courage to continue the struggle and achieve success. 


Avoiding pain leads to suffering.


Yesterday I saw the movie “Divergent”. In one scene of this movie. The main actress was given a serum of truth. This means that when this serum will be injected into the body. The person will give only the right answer. In the scene, the actress did not want to go through this test. Because she did not want his secret revealed in front of others. But to save her life, she was ready for the test. So when the interviewer started to ask her questions. She starts to resist and tries to not reveal her secret. The more she tried to stop herself, the more she was in pain.


Now you will say that there is no relation between film and real life. Yes, you are right. But we cannot deny that we try our best to hide our pain, fear, and sorrow. And for that, we have to lie many times. Sometimes you have to pretend. And in all, it turns us into a joker of drama. Who laugh at themselves. To hide one pain we invite much pain. Our dishonesty, untruth, and selfishness give us success for sometime. But take away peace, happiness, or joy. It snatches away our sleepless nights. It snatches away the comfort of the heart. That is why instead of ending the pain, it gets worse.


How do we reduce the intensity of pain?


So by now, we have come to know that we cannot get rid of the pain. Pain will remain in our life in some form or the other until death comes to us. It will keep coming to us in some form or the other. When one ends, the other will come. But with some better measures, we can reduce the potential for our pain and incite happiness in our life. The measures are like this.


1.Try to forgive-


You must be hearing from many people that we should forgive others. Forgiveness is a sign of nobility. This is also written in the scriptures. 


“Chama paramo dharma”.  


This means forgiveness is the supreme religion. But it is as easy to say as it is difficult to do. Whenever someone makes fun of us, quarrels with us, and tries to harm us. This action of his causes us pain and that pain creates vengeance in us. For so long, that vengeance continues to grow in us. That’s why we keep in the hope that whenever we get a chance, we can avenge him. And when we take revenge on him, we feel immense peace. But now the question arises, what after revenge?


Because you have taken revenge now but the pain inside you does not end. That pain will arise again after a few days. Whenever you see an incident like that or go into that kind of environment. But now you must have exhausted the weapon of vengeance from you. Now how will you end that pain? That’s why it is said in the scriptures that it is better to forgive than revenge because it gives us more comfort. Because when you forgive someone, there will be a sense of nobility in you. Your stature also increases in the eyes of the world. And your opponent’s stature will dwarf. So forgiveness is a better option for us to reduce our pain.


Forgiveness is the greatest charity in the world.


2. Apologies for your fault-


What should I say, in this world, the custom of apologizing for one’s mistake has ended. We do not even apologize, and we consider this act as an act of our self-esteem. But let me tell you that this is not our self-esteem, it is our ego. This is nothing but our hypocritical face that we want to show to the world. Because the wrinkles of pain are visible on our real faces. The pain of guilt, fear, and sorrow.


So why not use the small word ‘sorry’ to bring happiness to our faces and minds? This will give us a feeling of immense happiness and peace. It will not only give us a feeling of happiness. It will also protect us from the coming very big storm in our life. Because apology has the power to end the biggest battle of the world. Because a small event causes a big thing. If an apology is made for a small incident, then the big incident will stop by itself. So try an apology to reduce your pain.


An apology is the blessing of God.


3. Cry but alone-


If people see tears in your eyes, they will bargain with you for that too.


If there is a lot of pain in your heart, then go to a room, close it and cry a lot. It will lighten your heart and relax your mind. Before crying, you have to be careful that you do not have to show your tears to anyone. Because in this world your pain is another’s happiness. So it’s better to hide your pain in front of others. The other best thing is searching for a true friend. To whom you can share your feelings. Searching for a true friend is not so difficult. If you look for the right one, you will find it in your own home.  That can be your wife, mother, brother, or sister. The biggest advantage of finding a friend at home is that. There is no fear of revealing your secrets. A famous proverb is fitting here. 


“Sharing only eases the pain.”


4. Changing our mindset-


If you want to control the pain, then first of all you have to understand the pain. If the pain is coming from outside then this is the best thing for you. You can walk away from the pain. But when the pain originates from within, it is a little difficult to escape from it. The clearer your mindset is, the more you can reduce that pain. In more than half of the people, the reason for this pain is remorse. If we make this regret our strength, then we can reduce this pain. We don’t have to do much for this. Just have to keep a clear mindset. Whatever mistakes we make, we will not regret them but will take lessons from them. This will help us to change remorse into opportunity. And second, we will think about anything only with a positive mindset.


Mindset is the key that opens the lock of every problem.


Life is pain quotes.


1. Life is pain, but this pain gives the guarantee of happiness.

2. Pain in life is the indication of oxygen in the body.

3. Whether it is pain or happiness, both are two sides of the coin. And both are not going to leave our side until we leave the world.

4. Remorse gives us pain, But it is the pain of remorse that prevents us from making future mistakes.

5. Life is pain, and pain is life. We cannot separate them.

6. Our pain removes the mask of many people around us.

7. Get used to suffering because the world is full of pain.

8. Perhaps if there was no pain, then there would be no God. Because where do we remember God without pain?

9. Pain instills courage in us.

10. Those who did not suffer pain did not live life.

These are some life is pain quotes that help you to better understand the different versions of pain in your life.




So, according to me, yes it is right that life is pain, and pain is life. We can not separate them from each other. One thing that we should keep in our mind is that the pain is not going to go anywhere. It will remain with us throughout our life. Sometimes it will be more, sometimes it will be less. So instead of eliminating it, trying to reduce it is more useful. So to reduce the pain. We should do four measures. The first is to try to forgive, the second is to apologize for your fault, the third is to cry alone, and the fourth is to change your mindset. 


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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