Why do we need God?

Why do we need God? This question sounds as simple as it sounds, But the answer is as crooked. We all have different versions of the answer to this question. For some god is the light of hope, for some, he is the sailors of their lifetime, he is a friend, he is a protector of them, and for some, he is nothing or never helps when they need it.


Why do we need god?


This means that everyone worships his god in the form of god helping them. Or in that form, they want to do it. Or they want the help of god for which purpose. 


In Hindu mythology, it shows perfectly. Like for wealth, they worship goddess Laxmi, In the industrial sector lord Vishwakarma is worshipped, when they initiate any work they start their worship from the worship of lord Ganesha (who is called Vighnaharta, or protected)


But in the end, they also admit that there is Adi shakti ( in the form of om and swastika). Which manages all the world and these above gods and goddesses are different versions of adishakti. Like Islam and Christianity believe in one supreme power.


So according to me, we all need God according to our purpose. If our purpose is not fulfilled, our belief in the Almighty will decrease slowly-slowly. But this is the ultimate time of examination of yours. That you have faith in almighty. Or you have not.


This means we leave or accept God according to our needs, not because we are devoted to him. Here is an old proverb that comes to mind. The More sugar you add to your dishes, the sweeter it becomes.


Meaning the help from god comes to us as much as our belief in him. We think for ourselves. We go to the god. When we have no other option left. When God’s door is the last door for us. 


Before this, we forget about him. We live in the illusion that. I am powerful, all I have is because of my hard work, I do anything and everything I want. But this all is our illusion. 


Having confidence in yourself is a good thing, but when confidence starts turning into pride. It will be lethal. It makes you hollow inside. And because of that, the goodness of god comes out and the space is filled with the badness of the devil. In the form of greed, ego, selfishness, and anger. 


So in answer to why do we need God? The answer is to refill the space of badness with goodness. In the form of compassion, humbleness, joy, and acceptance. 


Does God exist?


It is very simple for someone who is an atheist, but difficult for those. Who worship the god but never see him or god do not fulfil their wants. So they are in a dilemma. 


I never understand why atheists deny that there is no god. Because of all the atheists, I have met to date. As far as I have talked to him, I feel from their words that. They have no problem with God but with the rituals.


They have problems with priests and maulanas. Who delivers different types of fatwas or messages? Which is not accepted by an atheist person. Because the ritual or cult of religion is different from their personality and mindset or their beliefs. And some have the problem that God is deaf.


Because when they call almighty in their difficult time they never help them. That’s why they believe that there is no God. The same problem is faced by the people who believe that God exists. But they are in a dilemma whether they accept that or not.


So, now we know why people or atheists believe that there is no god. But I have some facts that prove that there is some supreme power which runs the whole world.


A question came to mind. Why are there black and white colours? When another colourful colour already exists. What is the need for black and white boring and disgusting colours?


The answer to these questions is very simple. All the colourful colours originate from these two colours. So for the colourful world. We have to need these colours.


The two shades of black and white are not the only colours. But it also replicates miseries and joy, Good or bad, day and light, devil and god.


If we recognise our behaviour we all have two shades. One is black shade and the other is white shade. Blake replicates the devil and white replicates god. For some behaviour we have pride and for some behaviour, we feel disgusted.


When we are greedy, selfish, and egoistic our devil shade is to get over our whole character and make white shade black. But when we are compassionate, humble, and joyful. Our white or god shade gets over the black shade and makes our character good.


So, the simple fact is that if we believe in the devil we have to believe in god. If we believe in black we have to believe in white. If we believe in darkness we have to believe in the light. So in this world, everything has two shades. So Without one another will be incomplete.


But the world is based on the law of completion. Because, in this world, nothing will be incomplete. Like birth complete with death, a man complete with women, a sun complete with moon, violence complete with peace, day complete with night, and bad complete with good etc. 


So the second answer of why we need God. The answer is for the completion of the world. Without almighty, all will be incomplete. Without supreme power, no one would have any existence on this earth and no one would have any meaning. So now we can conclude that god exists.


How do we strengthen our faith in God?


And to strengthen our faith in god? Only we have to establish Fabi-Quik’s faith in supreme power. Meaning when we are having good times then thank God and when we have bad times then trust in God.


Faith means faith in bad or good times.


And to build your faith. You have to purify yourself from the inside. And you have to purify your soul. So, to purify your soul. You have to do prayer. But prayer is not the only way to purify your soul and increase your faith.


Prayer is the only specified method or step of worship. By which your prayer is most probably accepted by god. It does not mean those who do not pray. Almighty does not forgive him.


God only knows. To whom he forgives or whom he does not. For instance, you pray to god every time. Without any delay or absenteeism. But your behaviour with your wife, children, relatives, colleagues, and society members is bad.


Then almighty will never forgive you. Because you are hurting someone somewhere.  Killing someone’s rights, abusing someone. So how can God forgive you? And how will God exist in your heart?


Because your heart will fill with greed, selfishness, anger, and ego. And these all are the feed of the devil. So first fill your heart with compassion, empathy, joy, and humbleness.


If you want to get God, then not only worship Rather you also improve your behaviour. Because service to mankind is service to God.


Why do we need god?


So, from the above discussion. Now I think to conclude the whole discussion by answering why we need god.


  1. He makes us complete.


  1. By believing in the almighty, we start believing in ourselves, and when we believe in ourselves, we start to believe in humility, and believing in humility gives us belief in universal brotherhood. Because ultimately we are a tiny part of God. And we are all the sons of almighty.


  1. When we start to believe in God, we believe from which wealth ( nature and health) he bestowed us. So, we started to take care of it. And we started to protect it.


  1. He gives light of hope. When we are surrounded by darkness. The devaluation of faith in the almighty. Is the most probable region behind the suicide. Especially in our youth. Distance from God fills them with their ego. So when they fall they don’t have the light of hope to guide them in that darkness. And they committed suicide.

Someone asked a mystic, what is worse than losing everything?

So the mystic replied. When we lose hope that we will get back. It is worse than losing everything. 


  1. He makes you aware of the reality of life.


God never leaves us, we leave us, God.

Best of luck.

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