4 ways to increase brain power.

4 ways to increase brain power. We face many types of difficulties in day-to-day life. At the same time, we do not recall anything. Like in the examination hall, office, and during the conversation. Day by day our performance has been dull. We can not retain what we have studied. We get distracted when the focus must be needed. And because of brain distortion. Alzheimer’s and dementia-like diseases affected us. These all mean that we lose the power of our brain.


4 ways to increase brain power.


The brain is like the CPU of our body. Which controls the performance of our whole body. What we act, react, and keep reminding all will depend on our brain. So if the brain does not perform well. How do we find success, achieve our target, and wish for a prosperous life?


So increasing brain power will be a must. To make our life prosperous. And to keep us away from diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. So by doing small changes in our day-to-day habits, by attitudinal changes, changing our foods, and doing some mental exercise, we can increase brain power.


4 ways to increase brain power.


To increase brain power we should do the following change in our habits, attitude, food, and mental exercise.


1. Changes in small habits.



  • Deep sleep- 


The first habit which you can change is to give your brain full rest. After all, the brain is also like a machine. We all know that when we do work for a long time on our computer, laptop, or mobile phone. 


They get hung. And because of that, we have to shut them down for some time to regenerate their power, refresh the memories and cool the processor. After that, these machines perform well.


So to increase brain power. We have to give rest to our brain and for this, you can use a natural therapy called deep sleep. At least you sleep for 6 to 7 hours. To give full rest to your brain. 


So when you sleep your brain regenerates its power, refreshes its memory and repairs the damage to the cells and tissue or neurons of the brain. So by deep sleep, we can increase the power of the brain.


Sleep well, and keep your brain.



  • Wake up early in the morning- 


Before starting to inculcate this habit. You can first test this habit yourself. One day you wake up early before sunrise. And leave your bed. Go to your gallery or balcony. And if you have a roof. Go and sit there. 


I guarantee that you feel relaxed. When the slow wind touches your body. Your full body starts shivering. And a sensation generated from your brain to your feet opens your mind and sleep. 


You feel relaxed. At that moment if you do meditation. You feel your body get lighter. And get ready to open your brain to accept the positive vibes of the world.


     Wake up early, wake up your soul.



  • Habit to repeat- 


If you do not retain anything which you study, hear, or have told to you about something important in the past. It does not mean that you have Alzheimer’s or other memory loss problems. 

Because this problem starts in old age. There is a very rare chance that these diseases are affecting you in your youth.


This is a common problem everyone faces. Take a knife and only cut vegetables or other stuff with them. You observe that the sharpness of the knife will be blunt. 

Because you only do the work of cutting from it, you never sharpen its edge. So when you will only study new things and never repeat old things. You will not retain it for a long time.


So try to repeat the list of your work three times that it sets in your subconscious mind. Therefore when the topic will come in front of you. Your will mind starts recalling it. 


More repetition, More retention.



  • Habit to write-


This is one of the tried and tested methods. Which many of us tried. And it still works. Because of the digital age. Digital gadgets are easily available to everyone, especially to our youths. They also take advantage of it in a very good way. Due to this many new methods have come. 


Like audio and audiovisual. In this method, you do not have to do anything. Insert a socket into your ear and keep repeating it over and over again. 

It works but sometimes the repetition confuses our brains. And we get blank. So it is very much essential.  We do not leave the old method. So, never leave the paper and pen.


By writing, you increase your creativity. Which audio does not give you? To write any answer, you have to memorize it first and then you can write it. 

In this process, we repeat it many times. Due to writing, any answer gets memorized in two forms. The first is in the form of audio and the second is in the form of visuals.


More writing, more creation.



  • Habit to read- 


Many people complained about that. How can I acquire knowledge faster? I am surprised why they ask this question. Because from childhood to till date the first and most relevant source to acquire knowledge are books.


So if you want to increase brain power. Remove the social media garbage and fill it with knowledge from the books in your brain. Because books are most relevant. You can believe what is written in it and gain some knowledge from it.


More knowledge, a more powerful brain.


2. Attitudinal changes-



  • Positive attitude-


There is a direct connection between attitude and the brain. As we think, so is our action. If we think negatively, we act negatively. 


What will we do with a very sharp mind if we use it negatively? A powerful brain means something productive for us and humanity. If it damages our life and others’ lives. There is no need for that powerful brain.


Gradually, when our powerful brain becomes the source of negative thinking. Our brain becomes a swamp in which all the good in the world will drown. And one day we will suffer from many brain diseases.


So a positive attitude increases brain power and helps us to attract different positive vibes from the world to refresh our brains. 


Think positive, and make your brain fort of god.



  • Attitude to accept-


To increase brain power. We have to open our minds. We inculcate the habit of acceptance. Acceptance of new things, acceptance of our weakness, acceptance of our mistakes, acceptance of our strength, and acceptance of others’ thoughts.


So, a narrow-minded person never boosts the power of the brain. Because it closes the flow of knowledge, thoughts, and positivity that comes from the world towards him. For them, the knowledge begins with him and ends with him. 


So when we already sit down at the top, we are no longer able to improve ourselves. So for improvement, an attitude of acceptance is essential.


Accept yourself, the world accepts you.



  • Owner attitude-


Owner attitude means being the owner of your doing. Accept what you do and what you do not do. Take the responsibility for the decision you take in your personal and professional life.


Accept your faults and try to improve them. Because this is the first step toward improvement. If you know you have a deficiency. You try to eliminate it. But if you have a victim attitude you never take responsibility. 


You only blame others for your condition. So the urge for improvement is never generated in you. So to boost your brain power it is essential to generate an owner attitude yourself.


The owner always appears as a winner, whether he is wrong or right.



  • Attitude to learn-


The core value of generating the above value is to boost the attitude to learn. Because if you have no attitude to learn. You never boost your brain power or try to improve your personality. 


Because you have no desire to change yourself. There will be no passion in you to learn new things. So how will you try to boost your brain power? That’s why try to inculcate these four attitudinal changes in your personality and then try to increase brain power.


The attitude of learning makes you intellectual.


3. Mental exercise-



  • Meditation-


Meditation is all in one exercise. Which you can try in every problem of life. Like if you have a problem with distraction, if you have sleeping sickness, and if you have Alzheimer’s disease. 


Meditation plays a vital role in nurturing our brian. It connects the positive vibes of the world to our minds. It helps to retain the focus for a long time. To increase your focus. You have to do the simple practice. 


When you inhale or exhale you breathe during a breathing exercise. You keep your focus on your breath. Which slowly-slowly increases your power of concentration. It also helps to repair damaged neurons and muscles of the brain.



  • Tratak-


Tratak is an old method used by the saints to increase their Concentration level. In this method, the saints sat in a padmasana mudra and established a fire a few feets away from themselves. 


And stared at that fire until his attention was diverted from everything. This is also good for eye muscles. You can also do it. In your room. 


Light a candle in front of you. Sit on a chair. And try to concentrate on the flame of the candle. Slowly you can find that your concentration level will increase.



  • Try to make new hobbies-


Crossword puzzles and online games are not going to boost your brain power. Instead of doing this, you can follow your hobbies or you can do something. Which do you want to do? But because of some reasons, you do not do it at that time.


So try to do those things that will excite you. That will give you a challenge or a kick. Researchers have found that people who try different activities try to learn new skills. such as quilting, showed significant improvement in their brain power. 


The brain is like a muscle. Which you use more. The productivity you’re found more. Like playing chess. The game of chess is the best brain power booster.



  • Laughing exercise-


This is one of the best exercises for increasing brain power. When you laugh out louder. It opens up every bond of your mind and heart. It increases the blood flow of the whole body. Because of this, our brain gets oxygen. Which is essential for the productivity of the brain.


The other benefit of keeping yourself happy. It will Increase the level of dopamine in your brain. Which relaxes your brain. And you feel better.


4. Changes in the food-


Food plays a vital role in boosting your brain power. By use of protein and vitamins-rich food. You can easily improve the performance of your brain. These are some foods that you should add to your diet to boost your brain power.


  • Fish


Fish not only give us protein but also provide omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy fats that increase brain power. The omega-3 fatty acid not only helps to boost brain power. But it has lower dementia, mental disorder, and stroke. It also increases memory power.



  • Chocolate and nuts-


Chocolate and nuts are full of antioxidant vitamin E. Researchers had found that chocolate and nuts help in improving cognitive disorders. Dark chocolate also has ingredients like caffeine. Which enhances our productivity.


It is also useful for heart problems. Where nuts have an antioxidant and good fats property. Which helps to increase the power of your brain.



  • Whole grain and fruits-


Our brain depends on blood flow. To get oxygenated our brain. The whole grain and fruits have high carbohydrates. Which are essential for the energy of the body. And it has low bad cholesterol. 


Carbohydrates give more energy than protein and fat. The body uses the energy to drive the body. And how much the body is energized, that much blood flows quickly. Second, carbohydrates help to improve your concentration. It also contributes to dietary fibre and vitamin E.



  • Blueberries-


Research in animals suggests that blueberries may help protect the brain from free radical damage (which can damage cells in your body) and reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  


Studies have also found that diets containing blueberries improved both learning and muscle function in ageing rats.  




These are the 4 ways to increase brain power. To increase brain power we have to divide it into four parts. Which are habitual changes, attitudinal changes, mental exercise, and include diet. Which helps to boost your brain power.


In habits changes, you have to attain five habits. Wake up early, deep sleep, and the habit to read, writing, and repeat.


In attitudinal changes, you have to attain four habits. Positive attitude, attitude to accept, attitude to learning, and owner attitude.


In mental exercise, you have to include four mental exercises. Meditation, laughing exercise, tratak, try to add new hobbies.


In diet changes, you have to include four things into your diet. Fish, chocolate and nuts, whole grain and fruits, blueberries

Best of luck.

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