7 ways for mental health in the workplace.

7 ways for mental health in the workplace. At present time we all face tremendous pressure in our workplace. Sometimes the pressure is to complete the file, sometimes our boss and colleague are our problems, and sometimes we are the problem.


7 ways for mental health in the workplace.


Our working life is like a roller coaster. Which at every turn makes us surprised and full of fear. The reason behind this is our attitude. The outdated method to counter our office problems. The relationship with our boss and colleagues. Our approach toward our life and work. So these all impact our mental well-being in the workplace.


No doubt at this time the corporate world gives a lot of amenities to their employees. Like game pools, swimming pools, and well-maintained cafeterias with deciduous foods. 


But these are materialistic amenities. Which has a limit. After one limit it does not work. This means after two or three months. These amenities do not fascinate the workers. No doubt this materialistic well-being has a big impact on our minds. 


But it is not sufficient. Because we are human beings and like to be social. So we need a human touch. Like behavioral and emotional well-being. The other reason is a fusion of our personal and professional life.


We carried our grievances with us in our office and our professional grievances with us in our home. So we can not live a proper and happy life in our house, or we can not perform our work efficiently. Personal problems always distract us.


Reasons for the mental stress in the workplace.


The main reason behind the stress in our workplace is the follow-up of the expired rules. By us or by our management. Some instances we saw during the time of covid 19 lockdown. When all offices were closed. And office management had to decide to give their workers the option of working from home. 


Most good IT companies have been giving their employees this option for the last many years. For one day or two days a week. But it was also crucial for them to make this decision. Because our management or owner has a concept that employees at the home do not work efficiently and committedly. There is no supervision. So they will do their arbitrariness.


The employee was also confused. Regarding the reduction of salary, loss of jobs, and social status. But because of no other option, they have to accept it. And its result is in front of us. Now the companies are used to this method. And most startups take this as an opportunity to reduce their infrastructure cost.


Let free your employee or belongings. Because a free man is more productive than a man bound with a golden chain.


So it is better to equally emphasize materialism and behavioral and emotional touch. Here I want to share an experiment by Elton Mayo, the father of the human resources movement. 


The experiment’s name was the relay assembly test room experiment. In this experiment, he selected two teams from the factory. He gave all the facilities to one team, but they had restrictions to talk with each other. 


To the second team, no facility was given. But they had an order to talk with each other. After one month they check the performance report card. Both teams performed equally. So when they did the research they found that. Because human beings are social animals, they like to establish informal relations with each other. 


So the first team had all the facilities. But they could not share their feelings. That’s why they could not share their happiness and grievances. Because of that their performance was on average. Meaning they did not feel challenges in their work.


Whether as the second team which had no facility given. But had the order to talk to each other. They had an informal relationship between them. In which they shared their problems and happiness. And if there was any anger against the management. Then they used to share that too.


So, that their anger was less and they would become lighter after sharing it. And they decided among themselves that they have to work for one more time, neither more nor less. And their performance was on an average level. 


Therefore it proves that with materialistic well-being emotional and behavioral well-being is also essential. So for mental health in the workplace, we can follow some steps.


7 ways for mental health in the workplace.


1. Reschedule your work- 


Mainly we all know that today we have to complete this work. But we never think about how we will complete that work. And we start to do that work. After some time we get confused about that. Which part of the work we should do first and then next? So the confusion is created in our minds.


Therefore we have to first make a schedule of our work. What we do first and what we will do next. From which part do we start? And on what part will we end? So by scheduling your work. You protect yourself from time wastage. A clear blueprint of the planning will be in your mind before starting the day. You can do more work in less time. Overall this improves mental health in the workspace.


2. Make your work challengeable- 


How many times have I found that we get bored doing the same thing? Because human nature loves to receive and complete challenges. Challenges always fascinate us. It makes our work interesting. And pull ourselves to complete it. 


So for example, management can try these strategies. In which the desks of every employee in the department will be changed every month. The new work and new desk will change the taste of the worker. Second, workers have the authority to choose a project according to their interests. Third Help the worker to become a creator rather than a follower.


3. Try to start with your comfort zone-


Don’t know why people like to work outside their comfort zone in the office and take unnecessary stress on themselves. I am not saying that they should not learn new work. But they have to consider the situation first. In critical situations, they should do the work in which they are masters. If you want to strengthen your weakness. It is a good move. And do it when you have spare time.


For example, Shyama is a master designer in a company. He prepares the design of the product. And he’s been doing that work for 10 years. But one-day management also gave him the responsibility of production supervisor. Now he is struggling because of two responsibilities.


His perfection is affected by imperfection. He can not justify his job. So why doesn’t he do that work? Which helps her to justify his interest, job, and performance. And improve mental health in the workplace.


4. Include a rest period in your working time-


It will relax your brain. After all, your mind also has some limits. Your brain is like a supercomputer. Which gets hung, after doing excess work and also gets a lot of wear and tear in their cells and tissues. So because of that our performance will be down in our office. We will not concentrate on our work. Our remembering power will also be affected.


So to rest your mind you have to take a deep sleep of at least 6 hours. Which helps to repair the wear and tear of cells and tissues of the mind during the night. And it also helps to refresh your memory to enhance your remembering power.


In the office, you can start your work with a mindfulness exercise. It takes only ten minutes. Sit on your desk, take a deep breath and try to focus on your breath. Slowly your attention turns towards concentration. After the mindfulness exercise, you will feel relaxed and your attention will automatically shift to your scheduled work. And improve your mental health in the workplace.


5. Don’t go after dragging the feet of others-  


Believe in your strength and work hard. Dragging the feet indulge you in new stress. It is an old thought which is still in our minds. To bring down others one has to climb over them. This thought has never made us relaxed. Because we are always involved in making conspiracies against our colleagues. To get them down.


This type of thought only indulges us in stress. Because we can not live happy or relaxed after spoiling others’ lives. So to make your life relaxed, make a friendly environment in your surroundings. Help your colleagues when they need your help. And ask for help from them. When you need help.


6. Sharpen your skill-


I found one common mistake most people make. They do not update their knowledge according to time. They think once we find a job our whole life will pass with that knowledge. Especially in government jobs. Often the government and other organizations make many training programs to upgrade the skill of their employees. But the employees are always doldrum about it.


Because of that, after some time they feel bored with their work. They are useless to the organization. And because of that organizations threw them out of the mainstream. In some cases, they fire them, which we have seen at the time of COVID-19. So, by sharpening your skill you will make your work creative, progressive, and useful. And by which your role will be increased in the organization. It also improves mental health in the workplace.


7. Try to lower your level of expectations-


Expectation leads to frustration. Like expectations from our boss or management,  expectations from our colleagues, and expectations from ourselves. Give frustration, restlessness, and sadness. 


When we perform but do not find promotion. We need the help of our colleagues but he does not help us. When we know that we know all about the project. But some technical competition confuses us. Nothing will happen in our life according to our thinking.


We live in the illusion that we have a right throughout life. But our intentions change when we do not get anything even after working hard many times. Even when we have all the strength, we cannot save our loved ones. When we can’t get the love for someone even after giving our life. Even after doing lakhs of good things to loved ones, they cannot trust us. Then we come to know that life is not going on according to our will, but we are going by the will of life.


So the best way to fight with expectations is our positive thinking. Because we have no power to control the expectation. We have only tried to avoid it. 


Means we can think like that. When we do not get a promotion. If I do not get a promotion it’s not mean I am not able to, But the wrong was done by management. So why do we demoralize ourselves? I raise our height so big that another time nobody overrules me. 




So these 7 ways for mental health in the workspace. The seven ways are the following: Don’t go after dragging the feet of others, reschedule your work, sharpen your skill, try to lower your level of expectations, make your work challenging, try to start your work in your comfort zone, and include a rest period in your work.


So it is up to you to make your workspace a garden or a roller coaster.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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