How to be a morning person?

Do you want to be a morning person? But not found success? Are you one of those who tap on the snoozing button in the morning, but never wake up? Do you even think about why you feel lazy in the morning? What is the reason behind it? Or do you want to get rid of this habit? But do not find success in it. So, do not be upset. You’re not only victims of morning laziness. 


How to be a morning person?


If I tell you that you know the answer. You won’t believe me. But the fact is that we all know about the reason behind this. We all know that. Because of our laziness, we can not wake up in the morning or turn off the snooze button and sleep.


Why most of us have not found success in overcoming laziness and being a morning person? The reason behind this is we give all the attention to finding the means to overcome laziness. But never try to find the cause. Why do we not make ourselves a morning person?


There are many factors responsible for the cause of morning laziness. Which we can divide into three parts. 70% of morning laziness is due to our bad night routines. 20% of morning laziness is because of our whole day routine. And 10% is because of our morning routine. So, in this article, we will first discuss the cause. This means ‘why’ people are not becoming morning people. After that, we explore how to get rid of morning laziness or how to be a morning person.


The cause of morning laziness. 


1. Late-night sleeping pattern.


This is not new for anyone, in the 21st century we all are affected by this. We sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. I am not talking about that person who does work at night. I talk about people who do not have any work. But they sleep late at night. They watch movies and play video games, and some are party vultures. They do not understand the worth of their sleep. They spend their worthy things on unwanted things. Which do not add any value to their life.


So if you sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. You have to start your daily routine in a rush. To fulfill your to-do lists. So you will feel you lack time for every task. You will feel exhausted and distracted. Because your mind will not work properly. You will get confused. Because there is a lot of information for a particular task revolving in our minds. But your mind will not filter the right information from such information. This is because your mind does not get proper rest. 


2. Dinner and go to sleep.


The two gifts we found in the 21st century. First, late-night sleep and late-night dinner. The concept fixed in our mind is that dinner is the last work before bedtime. Very few people I meet. Those eat before 9 pm. Most people take their dinner between 9 to 10 pm. But in metropolitan culture,  the time for dinner is after 10 pm. So how late-night dinner affected our sleep?


1. The first reason is undigested food. Because after dinner we go to sleep. Our bodies do not do work. So the digest process is getting slow. Because we do not need energy. So the undigested food creates upset in our bailey. Which disturbs our sleep.

2. The second reason for late-night dinner is that. We do not have enough time to do a brisk walk after dinner or sleep after 2 to 3 hours of dinner. Which causes laziness and body pain. When we wake up in the morning. By doing a 10-minute walk we can stabilized the imbalanced insulin in our body.

3. The third reason does not exactly affect our sleep. But it causes obesity.

3. Late wake-up and rush for work.


It is obvious that if we wake up late and we rush for work. We get irritated and frustrated. This reminds me of my college days. When I woke up late and ran to attend my class. Which had started at 8 am. Most of the time my first period had lapsed. Two or three periods had gone in the hangover of sleep. Which mostly made me dependent on the short note and guess papers for the exam. Let’s come to the topic. The late wake-up creates a hussy busy situation in the morning. On one hand, our sleep is not completed. And on the other hand, we have to reach our office or our college. Because of that, we will lose items which are important for our work. Second, we will get irritated quickly. Third, our performance will be lacking. Fourth, we will feel lazy.


4. Wake up and start working.


If anyone starts giving you instructions about the work. And your child starts to demand something. When you wake up late and hurry for your office. You get frustrated. Because when you wake up you want a relaxed environment that relaxes your mind and soul. You want to move our work smoothly and slowly in the morning. Such as there is no interruption, no demand, no hurriedness. But when we start our morning late. We have to deal with a lot of interruptions, hurriedness, and the demands of family.


How to be a morning person?


So after discussing the cause. Why do we feel morning laziness? Now we have to discuss the remedies to becoming a morning person. The remedies are not so hard that we can not adopt them. It only needs some patience, consistency, and willpower. By doing regular practice you can achieve it. These remedies are the following:


1. Try early to bed, early to rise.


The problem with late-night sleep is that. it grips your body with laziness. Because of incomplete sleep and incomplete rebooting of your brain. When you try to wake up, your body creates resistance. Which is very hard for your brain to suppress the resistance. And get you to wake up. Because your brain is not in the proper position to do it.


So, the easiest and most common way to become a morning person is to go to bed early. It is very easy to do. For this, you can fix a time at which you go to bed and try to sleep. Few days you could not sleep, but by continuously doing the same practice your body and brain will adopt it. So if you sleep early you can complete your sleep and wake early in the morning. 


2. Complete your sleep.


Your purpose is not only to fulfill by sleeping early. But you have to take a complete and deep sleep. Because half sleep is more dangerous than not sleeping. On one hand, it does not allow your mind to rest and on the other, it spoils your performance. So complete and deep sleep is essential.


For this, you can do mindfulness practice or affirmation. When you go to bed. Sit in yoga mudra or sleep straight on your bed. Relax your body. Start repeating this.


God, you give me a lot, which I do not deserve. You love me more than my mother and father.

You are the One who is the Merciful, the One who forgives all. 

So please forgive me for my sin, for my mistake, for disrespect, for my past, present, and future mistakes. 

Fill my heart with peace and love.

Show me the right path and give me the strength to follow it.


3. Apply the ARISE method to wake up early.


After discussion, go to your bed early and complete your sleep. In your mind, a question will arise. These all discussions are right but how will we leave our bed? From which many people are struggling?  So for this, I use the method ARISE. Affirmation, Remoteness, Importance, Sunrise, and Exercise.


1. Affirmation means giving yourself instruction by repeating your name. Like, Gulam will wake me at 5 a.m. When you repeat it. It sets an alarm in the biological clock of the brain. Which wakes you up at your alarm time.


2.  Remoteness means putting your alarm device away from yourself. It saves you from tapping on the snoozing button to stop it. And help you to move from your bed to stop the alarm device.


3. Importance means giving you a challenge or target to wake up early. Make a solid purpose to wake up early. Such as, for weight loss, do your freelancing job, and pass the exam with good marks or find a job.


4. Sunrise means fixing your bed in the bedroom in that position. Where the sunlight first comes.


5. Exercise means when you wake up do not go to bed do some exercise. It opens your eyes and brain. 


4. Try to eat dinner early.


As I explained above, late-night dinner is the main cause of indigestion and an upset stomach. Which hinders your deep sleep. It can cause incomplete sleep and obesity. So to 

Keep the difference of at least 3 to 2 hours between your dinner and sleeping time. It helps to digest the food and balance the insulin level.


5. Walk a mile after dinner.


The best way to digest your dinner and set your bloating tummy is to walk for a mile. For this, after dinner please go for a walk. It balances your insulin level. Because at night your body does not do any activity. It is difficult for your digestive system to digest food. So the best way to push up your digestive system is to do some activity. Which helps in digestion. Activity does not mean you do some rigorous exercise. So do a brisk walk for a mile or 10 to 20 minutes. It helps you in digestion, balances your insulin, and protects you from morning body pain.


6. Try to wake up early in the morning. 


If you want to complete your to-do list of the day. Without any hurry and in a relaxed mood. You have to be a morning person. If you wake up early in the morning. You add more than 2 hours to your daily schedule. The second benefit of waking up early in the morning is it makes your morning relaxed and healthy. Because you have time to do some exercise or meditation. Also, time to make our schedule for the full day. It gives you time to prepare yourself for your work. 


7. Wake up in a relaxed mood.


So when you wake up. Never be in a rush. Be relaxed. To relax your mind when you wake up, sit on your bed for a minute. Raise your both palms and see it. Now whatever religion you follow, according to that religion. You take the name of your god. And repeat this affirmation: “God I am grateful for a good night and bless me for the new morning in my life”. 

After that, you can walk for a mile, do some physical exercise, listen to music, and do any work which you like. And then start your schedule. You feel energetic. You will find new energy flowing inside you.




So, in answer to how to be a morning person? We first discussed the cause. Which stops us to 

be a morning person. Then we discussed the remedial measures. Which helps us to become morning person. Like, such as early to bed, early to rise, completing your sleep, using the ARISE method, waking up in a relaxed mood, waking up early, and trying to make your dinner early.


Best of luck.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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