Leaving behind the past and moving on.

Leaving behind the past and moving on, getting out of your past is not the same for everyone.  The events of the past sometimes leave such an impression on our minds, which remains with us for life.


Leaving behind the past and moving on


Those events do not leave an impression on our mind, but what we felt at that particular time, we remember for the rest of our life.  


The impact of an event that occurred at the time is different for everyone. Every person has his afferent attitude towards life and he makes his way of living his life accordingly.

  Like two children of the same age, their parents separated themselves from themselves in their childhood. 

Of course, this incident was very painful for both the children, but both of them understood and felt it from their point of view.

  A child thought deeply about this incident and tried to understand the circumstances in which his parents did this.  

On the other hand, the second child could not forget this sorrow even till he grew up. Keep blaming the parents and could not reach any conclusion.

  He could never be completely happy. The reason behind their thoughts is their attitude. Both the children try to understand the circumstances. Both felt pain when they separated.

This means both are going through the same condition. But their attitude to tackle the condition is different.

First One, tries to understand the condition of his mother and father.  His understanding as he progressed in his life.  When he will mature. He will understand the circumstances and move on in life.

But other ones, do not move on. They nourished the painful thoughts in his heart and blamed his parents for their condition. 

Gradually his pain turns into anger, sorrow, and anxiety. Happiness goes away from his life. There will be full chances that he never wants to make a family or relationship.

Sometimes our past thoughts are like a rock edict of ancient times. Which do not erase. And always helps us to ruminate past thoughts. 


 Whereas our past thoughts should be like something written on the sea coast and the waves coming from the sea erase the written scripts. So there will be less possibility that the past thought haunted you.


The meaning of past thought.


The experiences and meanings of the past have a very important place in our lives because the good and bad memories of the past play a decisive role in shaping our present.  

It is the same thing as the foundation of a building is laid before it is erected and the strength of the foundation determines how strong the building will be. 


 Similarly, how our today and tomorrow will be, depends on how we take good and bad experiences from our past.  Did we try to learn from them or just left it as a bad experience?  


Understand that life never remains the same to the memory wheel and it is covered with sunlight.  

Suppose something like this happens to you. It’s going on, which bothers you and you want to get out of it.  So what will you do then? 


 Because bad feelings or difficult situations do not go away by themselves. You must analyze that critically.

 How are you looking at the situation? You have to try to know how that painful situation came into your life and how it disturbed your peace of mind? 


 For this, not only will you have to remember all that incident, but you will also have to think in the place of the person who caused you pain.  


You have to try to understand that person’s attitude and mental state by thinking in the same way as to why they did this to you. 


 Then maybe you can understand that a person hurts us not because he has bad feelings towards us, but maybe someone hurts someone because his thinking power is there only.  

He is not able to see life beyond a limit.  He accepts his past bitter experience as the truth.  He has to react in the same way.



Share bitter experiences with your near ones.


Even bitter experiences teach that human tendency is such that we neither want to remember nor talk about sad, painful and bad events or memories. 

But, when all the bitter experiences of life start gathering slowly, then a link is formed in our brain, which gradually starts affecting our mental health if we do not share it with anyone.  


Denying your past sorrow makes you sick.


However, some people try to deny these experiences by saying that he no longer thinks about them and that those bitter memories do not matter to his life.  

But in reality, slowly they start to dissolve inside and feelings like loneliness, depression, stress and pain permanently settle in the heart and mind.  

Such people are unable to feel happiness even in a good thing because they see only misery around them.

  But, this situation can be prevented from coming, if we start seeing ourselves as a strong warriors instead of thinking of ourselves as a victim. 

 Then that thick smoke of depression and loneliness will gradually dissipate on its own.  


Leave the past behind. 


It cannot be denied that we all have a past, which is always associated with us. It is because of that past that we can shape the personality of our present. But it does not mean that your past should always influence your decisions. 

 It is good to accept that the past is certainly an integral part of your life, but it is gone and will not come back.  

Yes, it depends on you how much you have learned from the experiences of that past. Be it good or bad, memories are memories.

  But, the wise man does not carry those memories with him in his present but tries to build a better present and future for himself by combining the sweetness of good memories and the learning of bad memories. 




Leaving behind the past and moving on. Bad days, bad people happen in everyone’s life.  We cannot change our past, but we can make our today better.  

Life becomes cumbersome if we keep on remembering the bad experiences of the past.  Yesterday with bitter memories was a lesson, which we should apply to improve our today.  


Businessman Roll Simmons says, “Don’t waste a good day thinking about a bad day.”

Best of luck.


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