Do not see the world through your glasses.


Do not see the world through your glasses. What I say is right, no I am not wrong, I saw more of the world than you, so I decide what is best for you. We have many people who say so. It may be our parents, boss, husband, wife, and colleagues.


Do not see the world through your glasses.


Always try to impose their advice on you. They give you their opinion without asking and expect you to accept it. Some others try to impose their decision using their authority.


But the fact is that every person has a unique identification. So their opinion will be different from each other.

Wedding preparations for my younger brother are going on in our house right now. Because my father and mother both expired. 

I am the elder of my house. And all the responsibility is on my shoulder. We are four children of our parents. Two brothers and two Sisters.


I have two sisters after me and the youngest is my brother. When I make any decision about my family. I try to build a consensus between all my brothers and sisters.

But it is not an easy task. Because everyone wants that, I make decisions according to their opinion. Everyone tries to impose their decision.

We are of the same blood but our opinions and thoughts are different.


If both sisters agree my brother disagrees. Because all see their world according to their glasses.

Without understanding my situation. They try to impose their opinion on me and expect that I agree with it.  Because they have their own beliefs, thoughts, and attitude about life.


But as an owner of a household. I deeply comprehend their words, concerns, and issues. Evaluated it according to the situation. And based on my evaluation, I made a decision. 


But, it is not possible to always accept their opinions. Sometimes I fully accept their opinion, sometimes partial, and sometimes say sorry that I can’t able to accept it.


Sometimes we all struck ourselves with our opinions and imagine that we are right and others are wrong. I also do not exclude myself from it. Sometimes my ego clashes. And I try to use my discretion.

But after some time. I realise that I should be a responsible person in my house. I must build a consensus between us and make a decision. Which will prosper my family.


My acceptance of any opinion is based on the three criteria. One, when consensus is built between us. 

Second, the decision should be with valid reasons and increased the prestige and prosperity of my family. 

Third, if the consensus is not built between us. Then the majority is the criteria of the decision.


This is the truth of life. When we stick to our point of view, we refuse to accept the point of others or the logic. We think that what we are feeling is right.  But, the truth is not.


  American theatrical artist and intellectual Justin Brooks Atkinson says, “If you are stuck on your point of view, and do not want to see the point of view of others, then it means you are slowly dying.” 


 How can a thought remain stagnant when life is to go on philosophically?  Take a look at the brain, says Matt Mendez, author of the bestseller ‘Barely Missing Anything’.


Sometimes our eyes see only what we want to show them. Something else is happening in front of us, and we see something else happening.  

Truth has nothing to do with it. So when you feel that what you are thinking, saying or believing and others are denying it, then rewind once and go to the place where this thing happened. 


 Think again, your perspective may have changed. Your environment, the people around you, your discipline and your understanding – many things dominate your thinking.  


The thing to understand is that you are stubborn, so it means you do not want to move forward. 


 “Every morning one should start the day with three sutras – forgive me, I forgive and thank you,” says ‘oponopono expert Ehale Akala, an ancient discipline based on forgiveness.”


This will happen that you will become empty from inside every day the space, the thoughts of others begin to take hold.

  You start clearly about yourself but also about others. Once you realize that what I’m thinking isn’t the truth, you’ll find it easier to act, listen, and judge right from wrong.


 ‘ One more thing, if the opinion of the other person is different from yours, then by this he will not become your enemy. 

 Osho used to say, if the world had only one thought, then perhaps a man would not have reached where it is today. 

Our ancestors lived in the jungle, used to live by hunting wild animals. If the humans of the primitive age had not done new experiments, would we have reached here? 


Three formulas to overcome from seeing the whole world according to your glasses.


  1. Don’t stick on your thoughts-


Don’t stick to your thoughts. Another thought may be different from you. As I explained above about my brother and sisters.

We are of the same blood but have different opinions. So how do the whole universe’s people have the same thoughts? So the better way is to open your heart and mind for the other opinions. 


It gives you new glass to see the world. It makes you knowledgeable, it teaches you the difference between right and wrong.

 It increases your capacity to understand the feelings of others to put yourself in his situation.

  1. Develop habits of reasoning and listening


Every thought is born from one side.            Develop the habit of reasoning and listening. You meet with many people, who talk without head and feet, in which there is neither any truth nor that thing is true.


But they want to accept it from you. This type of mentality is seen in those people who have authority over others. They may be your boss.


My brother and sister often give their opinion. Which has no reason. But they want me to accept it.

So it is easy to convince them when they have no valid reasons. By giving a good reason you convince your opponent.

 Second, you can listen to the issue and concerns of your opponent. To give a valid reason or understand his situation.


  1. Try to understand others, before others understand you.


In your office, you are the boss, your subordinate often says yes to what you say. Even though they know you are wrong. But you are the boss, how they teach you the lesson of truth.


If they oppose you, you fire them from the job or give other punishment. But this behaviour of you and your subordinate harms the company productivity.


Because your ego and reserve character won’t let you ask for help from your subordinate or make suggestions.

Your subordinate does not give you suggestions either; they know your step is wrong. Because they fear that you will fire them from their job or give other punishments.


The better way is to make a participating environment in your office. For this, you first take initiative, understand their feelings, concerns, and issues. You have to instil confidence in them. That they put their opinions fearlessly.


When you instil that confidence in your subordinates. Their belief in you is also thicker according to time. Now they obey your order because they respect you, not because you are their boss.


You can also change your thinking or attitude with time. Don’t be worried about the fact that you said or did yesterday, you should do the same today.  No way.  Keep changing your thinking according to the circumstances. 




Don’t see the world through your glasses. Because it makes you blind, deaf, and narrow-minded. 

Don’t stick to your thoughts. Another thought may be different from you.

Every thought is born from one side.            Develop the habit of reasoning and listening.

Try to understand others, before others understand you. Keep changing your thinking according to the circumstances. 


Osho has said, “Don’t blindly believe what I say.  Think of your discretion.  Make your reasoning.  Maybe, after thinking and understanding, you start talking to me further.”

Best of luck.

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