What is needed to live life?

 What is needed to live life? Often when we are in sorrow and tired from the ups and downs of life. The question is, what is needed to live life? Comes to our mind.

What is needed to live life?


To come to this question in our mind is genuine. Because everything in the world made by God has some specific purpose. 


Air is for breath, Water to quench thirst, fire is to cook food, the soil is to grow food, and humans consume and preserve them all.


So the sole purpose of life will be survival and reproduction. But humans are not animals. Humans have two things: brains to innovate new things and hearts to feel love and hate.


By the use of the brain, humans innovate new ideas and change the world into heaven and hell, rich and poor, greed and honesty, and love and hate.

By the use of the heart, humans feel the emotion of other people, sympathise and empathise with the condition of others and understand the situation. Help humans to live in a relationship. That’s why people are called social animals.


 The main reason for the changes in our needs. According to historical facts, humans first invented fire. Fire is not a human invention, as per its existence. Fire pre-existed in the world before the existence of humans.


But humans invented the use of fire in a productive or controlled way. The reason behind this need for humans is to make their life easy.

 Because humans are always eager to make their life easy and developed. It is an inbuilt future in human sociology. That makes humans different from other animals.


Animals live in the status quo. This means they do not adopt change. They are happy in his situation because they have no feelings. So they do not know what is good for them and what is bad for them.


But humans are different; they feel what is better and what is bad for them. These feelings encourage us to make changes in their situation. Means changing bad into a good situation.

And needs fulfil the gap between our feelings and enthusiasm to change. An old saying is fitted here ” Necessity is the mother of invention.”

According to Hindu mythology, human life is divided into four phases. Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (forest walker/forest dweller), and Sannyasa (renunciate).

And human life has four ultimate goals of life: Dharma (righteousness, moral values), Artha (prosperity, money), Kama (pleasure, love, psychological values) and Moksha (liberation, spiritual values).

The four phases of life are our feelings. Means when we are in our student life. We fear our teachers and parents. Feel lazy doing homework, and want chocolate and toys.


So our needs are according to our feelings. Like we need an online platform that helps complete the homework. We need a good tutor, good education.

According to need, the online platform was evaluated like Chegg and Bartleby. For the betterment of education, new technology is introduced in education systems, new education policies will be introduced.

In our student time, family and teachers teach us the lesson of dharma.

When we enter into household life. The feeling of love, marriage, money and success arouses the need of Artha and Kama.

 To earn, Artha people innovate many types of resources and methods. For kama to satisfy their pleasure, people innovate many luxury items.

When people enter the Vanaprastha (forest walker/forest dweller), the whole scenario of feeling will be changed. People feel more concerned about their belongings( wife and children) future.

So their needs will be changed, they need to settle down the life of their family, for these, they explore many ideas to save money and build property.

When the people enter into their last phase Sannyasa (renunciate) of life. The feeling will be changed. Now he renounces the world’s attachment 

Their need is Moksha (liberation, spiritual values). So they invent different methods of mindfulness practice to keep their mind relaxed and calm.

So, according to different phases of life people’s needs will be changed.


.  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t get bogged down in dogma – living with the consequences of what other people think.”  – Steve Jobs


 In answer to the question: What is needed to live life?


My answer will be very clear, Because in this world every person is different, his needs are different, his habits are different. His thinking is different, his way of working is different.


 Like the way to a monk. To live life, he needs a peaceful environment in which he can do his spiritual practice.

 A young man needs a job and a sweetheart so that he can live his life happily. A hungry person must need food and a drunkard needs wine. Si, similarly every man’s need is different.


But there are some things which are necessary for every human being like water to quench thirst, air to breathe, food to quench hunger. To hide, you need a roof and cloth to cover the body. 

So we can answer this question as follows.

To live the life of a person, valuable things are needed. Like air, water, clothes, house and food. 

Which is needed by everyone. Because every person is different in this world. So their needs are different. The peaceful atmosphere for the sannyasi. Alcohol to the alcoholic, A musician needs music.

So every individual has different needs according to his emotion and thoughts. Whereas all basic need is common for all people.


Be courageous and mighty forces will come to your aid.  In the past, whenever I fell short in almost any undertaking, it was rarely because I tried and failed.  It was because the fear of failure kept me from trying at all.  ~ Arthur Gordon

Best of luck.

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