Want a thriving life? Focus on understanding the waves of the mind.

 Want a thriving life? Focus on understanding the waves of the mind.

Want a thriving life? Focus on understanding the waves of the mind.


Seeing someone in sorrow, feeling their pain or being involved in someone’s happiness from the heart.  But, have you ever wondered why this happens?

  Actually, without using words, we get so attached to our brain waves that. We start thinking the same thing at a time.


Most of us must have felt at one time or another that whatever is on our mind, was spoken by someone else at the same time.


  Or two people thinking exactly alike at the same time. In common parlance, it is said that you have taken away the words of my mouth.  


By the way, this does not happen only with some thoughts, but you can feel like a person in front of every emotion.

  If seen, this is an enigmatic mystery, to get to the bottom of which is not a matter of every ordinary human being. 

 But, still, it can be understood in such a way that when our brain waves meet with the brain waves of the person in front, they communicate with each other without any interaction. 

 As a result of this, two people start thinking alike or start talking alike at the same time.

The wave of our mind is so strong that it not only connects with the person in front of us. But it will connect with the person who lives in another country.

Like negative minded people will search for negative minded people. From their gestures and expressions. 

When you talk to negative minded people. He always tells you to restrict yourself and not to be initiated in any work. 

For example, if you meet with your older generation, they always give you suggestions not to be excited and initiative.  

Whether it is India, Pakistan, and the USA, the older generation of all the places thought would be the same.


Meeting heart-to-mind wires 

when a new person enters a person’s life. If so, then gradually exchange of ideas starts between them. 

 The habits and behaviour of the people we like more or spend more time with, knowingly or unknowingly become part of our personality. 


 The same waves are received by the person in front of us. For example, when two friends go somewhere while walking together, both the speeds will be the same.

 Because the waves connect, both minds do that without doing any effort. Their body works in one redemption.

Another example is the armed forces marching past. In one company the soldiers come from different parts of the country. 

But after practising with each other for a few days. They march past step by step in one redemption.

Because during practising their mind waves connect. They automatically do the same moves. Which their partner does on the command given by the commander.


Various types of research verify that sharing the same bed with your spouse can also harmonize the heartbeat of that couple.

 This means that the waves emanating from our brain not only feel but also receive the brain waves of other human beings around us.


Mind is bondage free.

The brain says that our mind is free from any kind of bondage, but there is also the truth that it is impossible to control the mind.

  Our mind is like a huge canvas on which countless images are created and deteriorating and these images carve out our mental waves. 


 In this sense, it is very difficult to direct the mind to work in only one direction. Meaning of this also emerges that despite getting mental waves, the mind of any two people thinks in the same direction, in the same way, it is not possible every time.  


Suppose, you are sitting on a thrilling swing with your loved one, then the thrill you experience on that swing, that feeling in the form of fear may be felt by your partner.

  This is because, despite having similar waves and thoughts, sometimes our feelings and emotions are different from each other. 

Law of attraction

The writer of the book” the secret” Rhonda Byrne says “The Law of Attraction means that, whatever you think, the images that keep running in your mind, you start attracting them in your life.

   It means that you will get what you think. The Law of Attraction works on the powerful wave of your mind.

 Success, money, happiness, good health, and love will all be yours if you keep focused and think about it continuously. “

 Think of yourself as a powerful magnet. The thing that you start thinking about the most, that thing starts happening in your life. 

 There is so much power in your thoughts that it makes the ideas going on in your mind reality.  In simple words, it means that you will attract in your life exactly what you think.


  That is, if you always think about negative things, then you will attract only negative things and only bad things will keep happening to you.


  But if you fill your mind with positive thoughts, then your life will be full of happiness and success, just like a river that does not stop anywhere, always moves forward.


  So this law does not understand the difference between good and bad things. Like the wave that occurs in your mind.  

Whether you think good or bad in your mind, you will start attracting it and it will become your reality.


  You can also understand it like this, everything around us is waves. Our thoughts, words and actions are all energy.


  Every wave has a vibration, our thoughts also have a vibration. When a thought’s wave comes into our mind, it goes as a signal in the universe and this law starts attracting things and people of the same vibration into our life.


  There is a very good saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” which means you attract things and people in your life with the same vibration.


The more energy you put into a thought, the more you create that thing.  Whether you know or don’t know.


Gestures are also important.

 When we meet a person, the first thing that gets our attention is the gestures of that person, because all kinds of expressions like anger, happiness, surprise, disappointment or curiosity are the first on our face.  

Our brain knows very well how to read these expressions and interpret those signals, in addition to receiving the waves. 

 So when someone warmly meets us, our brain immediately starts searching for that person’s brain waves. So that it can communicate with him.

  On the contrary, if a person meets us rudely, then our mind also comes in an aggressive posture and we try to keep ourselves safe from that person’s waves knowingly or unknowingly. 


Understand the expression 

 There is an awakening to understanding the expressions, there is no one richer than the human mind in reading the necessary expressions, but this is not possible for every person.

  In general, we can receive only those waves which are very close to us. Whereas the truth is that there is a vast network of different waves outside each person’s aura.

 which it is necessary to awaken their dormant senses to understand and read. This is known as Darshan. 

 When you free the mind from bondage and see the whole universe as one, it becomes easier to understand the philosophy of life. 


 In this way our subconscious mind becomes active.  Apart from sadness, fear, anger, joy, happiness, we begin to understand many other esoteric expressions easily. 

 The person who can bring his dormant senses into the waking state easily understands the esoteric essence of life. 




Understanding the wave of the mind helps you to connect with like-minded people. It helps you to know the people through their gestures and expressions.

The Law of Attraction is powerful. It is the secret of success. According to this law, your mind waves attract all the waves of the universe.


 It may be good or bad, it all depends on you. If you release positive waves your mind attracts positive and negative attracts negative waves. So always be positive.


 It helps you to understand the esoteric expressions other than sadness, fear, anger, joy and happiness. It helps you to awaken dormant senses. That’s how understanding the wave of the mind helps us to thrive in our life.

Best of luck.

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