What is the impact of emotional and mental power blended?

 What is the impact of emotional and mental power blended?

What is the impact of emotional and mental power blended?


Have you ever had in your life, must have noticed? When you make any decision. Your brain thinks differently and your heart thinks differently. 

The heart is not ready to accept brain decisions, and the brain is not ready to accept heart decisions.

This incident generally happens. When we have to decide the thing or people from which we are emotionally attached to.

For example, suppose you are going to college to see your results. You know that your exam was not going well.

 When you saw the result and found you had failed your exam, you cross-check several times in the hope that you would pass?


But the result can not change, your brain knows very well there is very little chance of passing after the exam goes bad. 

But your hearts do not accept it. Heart forces you to cross-check many times in the hope that you are passing the exam.

This is because your mental power and emotional power are not well-tuned. When they duet a bad and irritable sound will come. 


This means you engulf yourself in the maze of the battle between brain and heart. This means between mental power and emotional power.

Let us first understand what emotion and mental power are?

What are emotional powers?

Emotion is a strong feeling obtained from one’s situations, mood, or relationships with others.


Emotional powers are a combination of two types of emotion on which our life will depend.


 The first one. Which influences and controls our mind in every moment of existence. This emotion controls us internally. Means our gesture, posture, and expression.


The second is an emotion that helps to establish communication and persuasion with other people ethically and efficiently. Like, convey other people to buy your product, convey your mother to accept your demand.


When these two emotions combinedly work. It makes you emotionally intelligent.

What is mental power?

Mental ability: the power to learn or retain knowledge;  In law, the ability to understand the facts and significance of your behaviour.


Mental strength is the ability to think clearly and put all the parts of a problem together. It provides the power to integrate your energies to achieve more.

 This power is a rich combination of your life experiences, your intellect and your ability to use common sense.

This means while making a decision, judge your decision on all the criteria.


Let us understand this with a story where you will be able to see how Mary and John’s emotional and mental battle affected their married life.


  Mary was not pleased with John. The two always quarrelled and used to tell bitter things to each other. His two children were also beginning to feel this hatred and tension.


  Mary did not want John to be the head of the household. She was an independent woman running herself.

 Always used to think that only she should have the right to take every decision in their married as well as household life.


   She also knew she had convulsions and had a bad attitude, but didn’t know how to change or fix it. Sometimes she and John both exhaust themselves for their life. 


  She used to react like this because she didn’t know any other way to react. The problem here is that Mary had established a thought that men are dishonest and not worthy to trust in her mind long before she met Josh.


  In Mary’s mind, this thought was established from her childhood. The reason was that Mary had a very difficult childhood.


  Whenever her father was in a bad mood, he used to beat her badly, hurt her.  Mary and her mother endured this bad treatment for many years.


  Now as Mary grew older, emotionally and mentally a stronghold was now prepared in his mind against men.


  Mary was amazed by the fact that men are dishonest and not worthy of trust. She felt that men would always take advantage of her.


  So Mary is determined that no one can treat her badly, what she has to do, how to do it, especially not men at all.

What is the impact when the emotional and mental power duet is not well?

We discuss Mary and John’s married life above. Why is their married life not going well? Why do they quarrel every time? Why do Mary’s past thoughts affect his present? These questions arise in your mind.


The answer is an emotional and mental power imbalance. Mary is especially emotionally weak. She takes his present decisions according to his past trauma.


She is not self-aware, and not efficient in social- awareness. This means she is not able to understand her feelings and John’s feelings.

John is also emotionally weak. Because he also does not understand the feelings of Mary. He also gives answers violently.


Mary and John both are mentally blunt. They know that they are on the wrong track. But they do not know how to resolve the fight. They never find the root cause of their problems.


If emotional and mental power does not work together our life is like Mary and John. Full of Exhaustion, sadness, anger, ego, and fear.


In this case, John and Mary both are emotionally and mentally weak.

 But someone may be emotionally strong and mentally weak. Or mentally strong and emotionally weak. There are also many types of consequences faced by people.


Assume you are a higher official in the development department of the state. One day a poor person came into your office and complained that he did not find the benefit of any social scheme.


When you check his document, you find the mistake in his bank processing. There is no issue related to your office.

If you are only mentally strong. You tell him what the defects are in his documents. How he settled his problem.


But you are a public servant, people expect more from you. But because of emotional lacks. You never understand his real problem.

If you are emotionally powerful. 


Then you not only understand his problem. But you will try to mitigate it fully. You are a high official if you call the branch manager of the concerned bank in which the poor person has an account. And will tell him all the problems. The poor people’s work is done in one pinch. 

What is the impact of emotional and mental power blended?

We discussed above when our emotional and mental power does not duet with each other or blend. It’s made our life without rin. We have no control over ourselves.

Like in the life of Mary and John. If their emotional and mental power will be blended. They will tackle their problems easily.


If Mary were emotionally powerful, she knows how to control herself, when she fights with John.

 She should not spoil the life of his present by getting lost in the memories of his past.


 She should have made a difference between his father and his husband. Because both are different people and have different personalities and behaviours.

If John would have also been emotionally powerful, he understands the pain of Mary. He would politely ask her about her sufferings. And would listen to her. It would make Mary soft and help both to make healthy bonds between them.


If John and Mary were mentally powerful. They can evaluate the consequence of their quarrel on their children and married life.


They will try to find ways to mitigate the problems. They will apply the persuasion method to each other. 

Mary does not insist that only his say will be considered in every work. And John will also give priority to her advice in every decision.


Also, I gave the example of a development officer. By understanding the problem of a poor person mentally and emotionally. He not only notices his problem but also tries to mitigate it. 


Sometimes the problem is not as big as we assume it. If we properly understand it. And try to resolve it. We easily do it.


So by the blend of mental and emotional power, our life journey will be easy. As emotionally powerful we understand our feelings as well as others feelings. 


 And by being mentally powerful, we know how to execute it. Which mitigates our problems and makes our life full of joy.



Impact of emotional and mental power blends

Emotionally we feel ourselves, Mentally we control ourselves.

Emotionally we understand others problems, Mentally we mitigate their problems.

Emotionally we make relationships, Mentally we are alert from frauds.

Emotionally we help others. Mentally we decide to what extent.

It is the blend of emotional and mental power that takes our decision to the next level. When we make decisions with the help of both powers. There is less possibility of failure.

Best of luck.

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