Fill in the blanks the endpoint of a motivational process is?

 Fill in the blanks the endpoint of a motivational process is?


Fill in the blanks the endpoint of a motivational process is?


The main aim of life is a success, money, happiness, good health, and love. We do everything to acquire these things. For making an effort to acquire these things we need motivation.

In other words, our main purpose in life is to fill the blanks or gaps in life. Like, we want to live in luxury, need money, for survival, need a job, for name and fame needs success, to enjoy life needs good health, and to share our joy and sorrow needs companions and his or her love.


Here the old saying is fitted, “no everyman has everything”


But life is very hard, so do not give anything easily. So to fill the blanks, we do hard work, many times we fail, but regain the power and start the effort to acquire it. To regain power we need motivation, it may be inner or outer motivation.

So, it is clear that to fill in the blanks of life, we need a motivation process. So, if we fill in the blanks, the motivation process will also end. What a fucked thought this is?

Our life blanks are not a question of an exam paper. That exam will be over, the existence of questions will also be over. 

No, my friend’s life’s blanks never end, one ends another occurs. Blanks of life is our desire, which is infinite, its chronology ends on our tomb or pyre. So if blanks do not end, how does the motivation process end?


I would like to tell you a story, to better understand my viewpoints. That Neither the desires end nor the motivation process ends to get them.


Once a stone breaker, who was unhappy with his condition. Once he was going in front of a rich merchant’s house. 

 The door of the house was slightly open, he saw many people there. He thought, ‘I wish I was also a businessman. 

 Thinking of this, he became a businessman.  He became very rich now, but now people below him started disliking him.

  Once a big officer was going from there.  Sitting on a big chair, his ride used to go out.  many soldiers. Everyone was bowing their heads in front of him. 

 The man thought I wish I was also an officer.  ‘ Now, he has become an officer. Wherever he went, everyone bowed his head in front of him. The number of people who feared and disliked him increased. 

 It was hot once. He was having trouble sitting on the chair. He looked up, the sun was shining brightly.  

Now the man thought, “I wish I was the sun. ‘ Now, he has become the sun. It made it so hot that the crops started scorching. Farmers and labourers started abusing.

  Then a great cloud took him one.  Now he thought, I wished I was a cloud.  Now he has become a cloud. It rained well. 

The flood came. The big loss started. Then he felt that someone had pushed him. It was the wind.  

Now he started wishing for wind. He became the wind.  He showed such speed that the roofs started falling. Trees were uprooted. Then such a thing came in the way, whose wind could not spoil anything.  

That was the rock. Now he has started wishing to be a rock. He became a strong rock. Then he heard the sound of a hammer hitting its surface. He said, now what can be stronger than a rock? He looked down and far away he saw a stone breaker. 


In this story, you read how unbridled the desire of a stone breaker is. When he wishes to be a businessman. For this the businessman’s lavish life motivated him.

When he wishes to be an officer. The regard and bowing of the heads of people in front of the officer motivate him.

When he wishes to be the sun. The sun shining and brightness motivates him.

When he wishes to be a cloud. When the clouds hide the sun. The cloud motivates him.

When he wishes to be wind. The wind strength motivates him. When air blows the clouds.

When he wishes to be a rock. The rock endurance motivates him. When winds could not spoil rock.

But in the end when he saw a stone breaker had the power to break the rock with his hammer. Then he would realize his mistake.

But it does not end the desire or wish of the stone breaker. Now he wished to be a stone breaker.

He will go before God and say ” Oh Lord, I apologize for my actions, so you are very kind, You are the one who forgives, forgives me and then makes me like before”

That’s like, we apologise in front of God and say to forgive us for our sins, but in the end, we also put our desire in front of God to please make us as we were before.


The old saying is fitted here ” Desire is life, desire ends life is over. Desire motivates us to live.”




According to my, filling in the blanks will never be the endpoint of the motivation process. Because where the one blanks end, that arises new blanks needs. So the motivation process also never ends, only his perspective will change.


Like, we need a house, for which the need of our own house motivates us. When we complete the house needs. The need to furnish the house arises.

 For this the furnished house of any close friends motivates you. After furnishing the house. House decoration is needed, and for this any decorated house motivates you. Which you see anywhere


 So blank’s of life start from wombs and end on the tombs. And the motivation process changes according to our blanks.

Best of luck.

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