How to live a creative life, and achieve your passion?

  How to live a creative life, and achieve your passion?

How to live a creative life, and achieve your passion?


Why is it that some people have achieved so much in their life while some people have nothing? So are these people something special whose they have everything?

  Why can’t you achieve it? What is it that is stopping you? The reason behind this is that most of us are probably not living a creative life.


By creative we don’t mean to be a great artist. Rather it means that. You dare to do something new, to start your business venture, to skateboard even at the age of 40, to get your book published i.e. to do whatever you want. 


We are probably unaware of this. We live but there is a treasure hidden inside us i.e. our talent, and most of our talent remains hidden because we are not able to live our creative life. 


We give up hope because we feel that our work will be appreciated only if we tolerate pain. And this is the reason why many people commit suicide or ruin their life.

   You do not need anyone’s approval to lead a creative life. Whatever you want is present inside you. 

 Creative living does not mean that we have to do something very big, very great.  Rather, even small things can give us happiness, give us a feeling of satisfaction and can give us a different identity.


There was a man named Jack Gilbert, who was not quite famous but was a great poet. He was born in Pittsburgh in 1925.

  At that time many people in Pittsburgh worked in factories and industries. So poor Jack had grown up amid the smoke and noise that emanated from the factories.  

When Jack grew up, he also started working in a factory and steel mills.  But Jack loved poetry.  Since childhood, he used to dream of becoming a big poet. 

 There was a strong feeling in him about poetry, Jack understood him very well.  He was very talented, the poems written by him were really beautiful. 

 Overall, Jack had all the things that happen in great people.  Jack published his first collection in 1969.  His collection won the Yale Younger Poets Prize, which was considered quite prestigious.  

He later won a Pulitzer Award for his Poem Collection. The poems written by Jack were amazing.  

His audience used to draw towards him. Apart from this, he was also quite handsome and vogue. The magazine had also taken some photos of him.  


Jack had many chances to become famous.  But suddenly he disappeared. He could not handle the fame. 

 As a celebrity, he was tired of being in the eyes of people day and night and all the noise and noise.  

Later when he was asked about the region, he said “I don’t feel excited to be famous anymore. It becomes quite monotonous, he wants to be unique and different every day of his life”.  


Gilbert had decided that Europe was the right place for him. And he went to Greece and started living in a secluded place on top of the mountains. 

 In the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere there, he could think deeply about many things. And two years later, he once again published his collection of poems.


 And once again her poems managed to win the hearts of the readers. Jack wanted to live his life like this. A peaceful life away from show and noise. 

 After a while, he said that he would come into the eyes of everyone, put his masterpiece in front of the people and then he would disappear.  


Later, Jack decided that he would do a teaching job, so he went to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and became a lecturer.  


He always remembered whomever he taught.  And he was a remarkable man.  

People even thought that he had come from another world. He has a remarkable creative life because this is the only way.


Which will give us the strength to survive in this world”.  Jack’s main goal was to get his students to live from the brewery in Anchorage.  


He always used to say that unless we become brave, we will never be able to find greatness in ourselves.

  Jack had specially said to one of his students, 


“Deep deep inside you lies the treasure of talent, and to bring it out, you must have so much bravery that this world can see your strengths”.


There is some treasure hidden inside all of us that we are unaware of.  Just as miners there’s off the ground in search of treasure, we have to look deep inside ourselves. 

 And this treasure can be found only when we live a creative life. You might be thinking that creative life means only art or any artistic work.  But no, it is not so.


It can happen when we live a creative life. You might be thinking that creative life means only art or any artistic work.

  But no, it is not so. Rather it means defeating your fears and living the best and most adventurous life.


So are you ready to start a creative life? Are you ready to break out of your fears and embark on a life-changing journey?  Well, if yes, then understand that you are starting from the right time and right place.

5 behaviour helps to live a creative life, and achieve your passion?

1. Overcome your fear and generate courage inside yourself-


  We all are afraid of something or the other in life. We are afraid of being rejected, we are afraid of losing, we are afraid that no one should make fun of us.

  Because we do not want to try, do not believe in ourselves, just keep thinking about what people will say.  

Fear, fear and fear, fear is felt by everyone.  Being scared is boring. Because fear is nothing new, a timid person does not get any reward.  


We have so much that we can give to this world, we can do good to the people. We have so much talent, so many dreams that can change our life.  

But this boring fear stands by stopping the way every time. So what is its cure?  Being brave is our only option.

  By the way, fear is not a bad thing.  If there is no fear, then a person should enter the forest like this and become a victim.  

But the second type of fear of what people will say, we should throw it out of our Fillion nearer activity attracts fear.

  If you become inventive or innovative, fear will accompany your creativity. Fear is also a part of life. 

 But don’t be so afraid that it overwhelms us.  Whatever we want to do, we cannot do it because of fear.  

We are guests in this world for a few days. So why not live our lives as we want. An interesting, adventure-filled amazing life.  


Don’t let fear control you. If you have that potential inside you, you can and you should.  This is creative living where we can fulfil our dreams without fear.

2. Build trust in yourself-


To move forward you have to build trust in yourself. Once you throw out the fear from inside. Your trust in yourself will be built gradually according to time.

The more your faith in you becomes thicker, the more the positive energy of the world will connect with you. You will act as a magnet

Which attracts positive energy from all over the world.

 Like, Jack whose trust in himself is thicker. That he took any decision of life without any hesitation.

Whether, when he leaves his job and follows his passion for poetry. And leave the high profile life and live in solitude on the mountain of Greece.

Or republish his new poem after coming from exile.

He took these decisions to increase their potential of thinking deep and deep and polish his talent.

He gives life trust, life in return gives success to him.

3. Take permission from inside of yourself, not from others-


Open your heart and mind. Grapp all things which life gives you. Even if it may be joy or sorrow.

Do not be a beggar of the streak. Be flexible, be an absorber, and be a giver. It is only in your hands to decide to live a creative life.


 so it does not matter what you used to think and do before. No matter how strict or rule follower your parents are, they always think about what people will say.

  If you have been taught to sit quietly, whatever has to happen will happen by itself, then forget this thing. 

 Everyone is creative. Creativity has been in this world ever since our ancestors lived on this earth.  

 You already have creativity inside you, you just need to release it. As long as you’re alive, stay creative. Creativity is not limited to any one particular class society.  

It is present in all of us.  And you need this permission. The creativity within you is the ticket for you to start your creative life from today.

4. Enjoy every moment of life-

 This is the point of our life. As long as we are alive, we should enjoy every moment of ours. Everything will end one day, so why not live your life openly, a creative life.

  So we should have a strong sense, to live our lives in our way. That is, the desire to get what you deserve. 

It is not such a desire where you feel your right over everything. Only those things that you deserve.

 Without creative entitlement, it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone. Doubting yourself, being afraid of thinking we are of no use.


 A voice constantly echoes in our minds. minds can’t do anything.’ Creative entitlement means that we respond to this voice of our mind and tell it that there is a power in us’. 

Maybe you are scared to think that other people can also do this work  But in reality the rest of the people have done that work, not you. So start to believe in yourself. Enjoy every moment of life.

5. Inculcate persistent in your thought-


We take risks every day in our life. So how much risk you can take for something, depends on to what extent you want to get that thing. 


 There was a writer who was starting his writing. However, his writings could not be published anywhere.

  He always complained that he had to make a career in writing. But nothing was happening as he had imagined.  

He had become quite frustrated. He wanted to make his life like a sandwich that had all his favourite things. 

 But it only seemed that writing was not his passion. He cannot take both sides of the coin.  Even if everything ends, some people still do not give up?  

Because his passion gives him courage.  Have you ever seen a person who takes care of the family even while working full time and can take out time for his lover? 

 So maybe this person would have met his lover at lunchtime. That is, whatever free time he gets, he lives it for himself.  


Because in some way or the other you take out time for the one you love.  And on such occasions, your creativity is released. 

 You don’t need a perfect time or place to find your happiness. Perhaps you are wasting time by running after perfection.


The five behaviours help to live a creative life and achieve your passion. Overcoming your fear and generating courage inside yourself, helps to build trust in yourself.

How much the trust will be thicker, that much you feel strong from inside. To make a decision you do not need the permission of others. Your instincts permit you and guide you to make decisions.

Enjoy every moment of life inculcate persistence toward your passion and always keep you passionate. This behaviour helps you to live a creative life: a magical tool. Which makes your life full of joy and success.

Best of luck.




Big magic: how to live a creative life, and let go of your fear- BY Elizabeth Gilbert 


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