The evil of comparison blocks cognition about ourselves.

 The evil of comparison blocks cognition about ourselves. It is a very common thing in today’s world but we did not recognise its effect on us.

The evil of comparison blocks cognition about ourselves.


We are more concerned about our neighbourhood and colleagues than we are. What they do, which colour of curtain they use, in which school their children are studying. If they buy a car then it will bring a high tide of jealousy in us.


The comparison demotivated us. When things do not go according to our wishes, according to our desires, according to our dreams and ambitions.

 when we see the opposite of all these in someone else’s life. Someone I know is having all his wishes coming true, desires are getting fulfilled, dreams are becoming realities, and ambitions are being achieved.


It demotivates us. Many of us face mental disorders due to this. This means, in short, we are instead of being more depressed in our misery, we are depressed in others happiness. 

Instead of Leaving our past failure behind and moving forward to regain our Success. We sat down and thought about why I failed, and my friend passed. These thoughts will stop our journey.

The comparison licked the person inside like a mite. Whereas we know that every person has a unique identity and destiny. His pleasure and sorrow depend on his doing and destiny.


So what do we do by comparing ourselves to others? We could not change his destiny and do. The best option is to focus on our doing and destiny and try to change it.

To understand what I am trying to explain. I would like to tell a story. BODH wrote BY MUNSHI premchand.


The story is about three people, their jobs, their satisfaction, and the consequences of their actions. This story tells us that we are always fascinated with other life. But could never cognize what we have.


Pandit Chandradhar had done the work of teaching in the upper primary. But always used to regret where he got into this trouble.  

If there were servants in some other office, then by now some money would have been added, life would have passed smoothly. 

 Here, after working for a month, you get to see fifteen rupees somewhere. They also come from one side and leave from the other side.  


Neither the pleasure of eating nor the comfort of wearing it.  The workers are better than us.  Two more people lived in the neighbourhood of Panditji.

  Thakur Atibal Sng was the head constable in the police station. Second Munshi Baijnath used to write the account book in the tehsil. 

 The salary of these two men was not much more than that of Pandit Ji, even then their life passed comfortably. In the evening he would come from the court, give money and sweets to the children.  

Both men had servants. Things like chairs, tables, floors were present in the house. In the evening, Thakur sahib would lie down on a comfortable chair and drink aromatic tobacco. 




 Munshiji had a habit of alcohol and kebabs.  Sitting in his decorated room, he would drink bottle-by-bottle. He used to play the harmonium when there was some intoxication, he was dominant in the whole locality.  


Seeing both of them coming, the shopkeeper got up and saluted. There was a different price in the market for them. Get expensive things cheap.


  Burning wood was available for free.

Panditji used to get jealous of seeing this magnificence of him and kept calling his fate bad and good.


  Those people do not even know that the earth revolves around the sun or the sun revolves around the earth. 

 It was not easy to even know about the mountains, but God had given them so much even on that.


 These people were very kind to Panditji. Sometimes he would send a little milk, sometimes he would give some vegetables, but in return, Panditji had to look after two sons of Thakur Sahib and three of Munshiji.


  Thakur Sahib would say – “Pandit Ji! These boys play all the time, just take care of them”.  Munshiji would say- “These boys are becoming vagabonds. Just take care of them”. 

 These things were said with great gusto, expressing great favour, as if Panditji is his slave. Panditji did not like this behaviour, but could not dare to offend these people, because they sometimes milk-curd, used to taste pickle-chutney. 


 Not only this but things were also brought cheap from the market. That’s why the poor people kept on drinking this injustice like a choking poison.

  He tried his best to get out of this bad life.  Wrote letters on his condition, flattered the officers, but the wish was not fulfilled. 

 In the end, he sat down. Yes, it was definitely that he did not allow mistakes in his work.  Going on time, coming back late, teaching diligently. 

 His officers were happy with this. Give them some reward in a year and when it’s time to increase their salary had they come, they would have been well taken care of.  


But increasing the salary of this office is like farming in barren areas. With great luck, it came in hand. The people of the village were happy with him, the number of boys had increased and the boys of the school gave respect to him. 


 Some would come to his house and fill it with water, some would pluck a leaf for his goat.  Panditji understood this very much.  

Once in the month of Sawan, Munshi Baijnath and Thakur Atibal Singh made preparations for the visit of Shri Ayodhya.  


It was a long journey. Preparations started several days in advance. It was a rainy day, so it was difficult to go with the whole family. But the women of the house were not agreeing in any way.  

In the end, both the people got fed up and took a week’s leave and went to Ayodhya.  Forced Panditji to go along with him. In the fair, bigger things are done than a vain man.  

Panditji got into thinking, but when those people agreed to pay his expenses, he could not refuse and could not stop after getting such a beautiful opportunity to visit Ayodhya Ji.

The train was at 1 am. So they came to the platform and waited for the train. At 1 is the train came on time.

When the train came, the platform filled with a rush. Due to the rush, Munshi climbed into another compartment and Thakur and Panditji climbed into another compartment.


The train was full of rush. But only four passengers are lying in the compartment of Thakur and Panditji.


So, Thakur wants them to find a place to sit.

Thakur in his polished fashion asked one passenger. “If you sit, we also find a place to sit” 

Passengers “why I sit I also pay for this”

Thakur “how you talk to me”

Passenger “This is not your police office”

Thakur ” Do you know me”

Passenger “yes, I am the one whom you falsely accused of espionage. And take a bribe of ₹25”

Thakur “yes I remember you, but I give you leverage not cut chalan. If I cut challan, you are in jail,

Passenger ” For this you take bribery, I do not leave my place do what you want to do”


Hearing all this, Thakur turned red with anger. But what do you do? This was not his police station. 


Sometimes another passenger asked, what happened, Thakur sir, you are not getting to the place?

Thakur replied yes,” if you sit down we find a place to sit”

Passenger “Looks like you don’t recognize me, I am the one you beat yesterday at the fair. Without my fault”

Thakur ” what rubbish you talk”

Passenger ” yes, Oh, if there is no room, then sit down on the floor. What a shame here you are not an inspector.


 This makes Thakur’s temper high. But what did he do?

Pandit Ji explained to them that there is no use in getting angry and quarrelling here.


  As soon as the third station came, Thakur sahib took the children out of there and made them sit in another room.  

These two passengers picked up their belongings and threw them on the ground.  


When Thakur sahib started getting down from the car, he pushed him such that the poor man fell on the platform. 

 Went to tell the guard that then the engine of the train whistled and he went and sat on the train.


  On the other hand, Munshi Baijnath’s condition was even worse. Spent the whole night awake. There was no place to stretch a single leg. Today he had filled the rum bottle in his pocket.  

Used to take a little at every station. As a result, it became difficult to digest. Once there was vomiting and stomach ache, the poor man was in great trouble. 


 He wanted to lie down somehow, but there was no place to even move his legs.  Somehow he took time till Lucknow. But later they were forced.  

Got down at a station. Unable to stand and lay down on the platform. The wife also panicked,  down with the children. 


 Unloaded the luggage, but forgot to unload the big box in a hurry. The train started moving. When the inspector saw his friend in this condition, he also got down.  


Understand that Munshi Ji has drunk too much today. When I saw Munshi Ji’s condition had deteriorated. Fever, abdominal pain, nervous tension, vomiting and diarrhea.


 Very unfortunate. When the station master saw this condition, he understood that cholera had happened. 

 Ordered to take the patient out now. People were compelled to bring Munshi Ji under a tree.  His wife started crying. Searched for a doctor. It was found that there is a small hospital from the side of the district board.  

It also came to know from someone that Dr Saheb is a resident of Bilhaur. Courageous, the inspector ran to the hospital.


He narrated the whole situation to the doctor and said – “If you go and see them, then go and see them.”

 The name of the doctor was Chokhelal, who was a compounder, people used to call doctors with respect.  

Hearing everything, he said rudely – “I do not have an order to go out in the morning.” 

Inspector- “So should you bring Munshiji here?” 

Chokhelal- “Yes, if you want, bring it.”

  The inspector ran and arranged for a doll.  In that, he picked up Munshiji and brought him to the hospital. As soon as he stepped into the verandah, 

Chokhelal said, “It is not allowed to bring the cholera patient upstairs.”

 Baijnath was not unconscious, heard the voice, recognized it. 

 He said softly – “Hey, this is Bilhaur only, it is a good name, they keep coming in the tehsil. Why brother! Do you recognize me?” Chokhelal- “Yes, I recognize it well.” 


Baijnath- “By recognizing  Too much dryness | My life is going out. Just look, what has happened to me?  

“Same as what these scribes had collected, sir.” 

Inspector- “I do not understand what you are saying.”

 Chokhelal- “My house is in Bilhaur, I have a little land there, two in a year  Sometimes I have to go to take care of him. When I went to the tehsil to deposit tax, Munshi Ji scolded me to get my due. If I don’t give, I have to stand till evening. My fees are 10 rupees”

Inspector ” so many fees”

Chokhelal “yes, if you want to stay, then every day 10 rupees fees”


The inspector was compelled. Asked ten rupees from Baijnath’s wife. Then he remembered his box.  

Chest thumped. Even the inspector did not have much money, somehow took out ten rupees and gave it to Chokhelal. 

 He gave me medicine. Nothing worked for the whole day. Things got better at night.


  On the second day, the medicine was needed again, a jewel of the scribe’s wife which cost Rs 20. Was not less than, was sold in the market, then it worked.  

He abused Chokhelal a lot in his heart.  

After reaching Shri Ayodhyaji, the place was searched. There was no place in the house of the pandas. The house was full of men.  


Searched the whole settlement, but could not find a place to live anywhere. In the end, it was decided that one should live under a tree. But the tree under which they went, they would find the passengers lying there. 


There was no other way but to lie on the sand in the open field. Seeing a clean place, lay the bed and lie down. In no time the clouds came.  The drops started falling. Lightning started flashing. The ear-curtains were being torn apart by the thunder of the clouds. 


 Boys were crying, women’s hearts were trembling. It was useless to stay here now, but where to go? 

 Suddenly a man appeared from the side of the river with a lantern. When he reached near, Panditji saw him. On seeing something, it seemed familiar, but could not remember where I had seen it. 


 He went near and said – “Why brother, will the passengers not get a place to stay here?”

 The man stopped.  Looking carefully at Panditji, he said – “You are not Pandit Chandradhar?”

 The Pandit happily said – “Yes. How do you know me?”

The man touched Pandit Ji’s feet with respect and said – “I am your old disciple. My name is Kripashankar.


 My father was a scribe in the post office in Billaur for a few days. I used to study near you in those days.” 

 Panditji said – “Oh yes, you are Kripashankar. Then you were a thin boy, it must have been eight or nine years.”

 Kripashankar- “Yes, it has been nine years, I came from there and passed the entrance.  I work. You tell me are you doing well? I was fortunate to have met you. 

 Panditji- “I also liked meeting you very much. Where is your father now?” 

Kripashankar- “He has passed away.”

 Kripashankar was Forced to spend the night with him. He said-“Children are also with you.”

Panditji-“No, I have some friends and their family with me. But will you have trouble”

 Kripashankar- “No sir, I have a lot of space. My big house is lying vacant. Come, stay comfortably for one, two, three days. I am very fortunate that I got a chance to do some service to you.

Kripashankar is called a porter. Picked up the goods and took everyone to his house. The house was clean.  

The servant immediately laid the cot. Poori started cooking in the house. Kripashankar ran like a servant with folded hands. His face was glowing with happiness. 


 His loving behaviour made everyone happy.  And everyone slept after eating and drinking, but Pandit Chandradhar could not sleep.

  He was pondering over the events of this journey.  Kripashankar’s love and good behaviour were seen full of light in the face of fights in the train bad behaviour in the hospital and looting of money. 

 Panditji understood the greatness of being a Guru today. He came to know the greatness of this post today. These people stayed in Ayodhya for three days. There was no problem with anything, Kripashankar made him visit that religious place.  


When everyone started walking on the third day, he came to reach the station. When the train whistled, he touched Pandit Ji’s feet with tears in his eyes and said, “Sometimes you will remember this servant”.  


When Panditji reached home, there was a big change in his nature. He did not try to go to any other office again.


Panditji realised that god always gives you the best. God gives you more than for what you are entitled to. He knows very well, like our deeds, as our reap.

So accept what you are and do your work with hard work and devotion. And be a giver, not a taker. Once the time has come you find success.

Why do we waste our time in comparison? It looted our peace and relaxation. Perhaps the path on which we want to walk is not made for us.

One thing we have to knot in our mind. Of course, God writes our destiny. But he gives us all the tools to rechange it by our hard work. 


To avoid the evil of comparison and block your cognition of yourself. The best way will be to start doing hard work, recognise in which work your interest is more, work on this with dedication. You will find success is on your feet.


The better revenge of your dishonour is your Success.

Best of luck.

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