How do you understand your wake up call?

 How do you understand your wake up call? At the age of 33, John D Rockefeller sir became a Millionaire.  By the time he turned 43, his company had become the Standard Oil Largest Monopoly Company. 


How do you understand your wake up call?


 But by the age of 53, his business started slowing down.  John D touched the heights of his life, but his health started falling.  


According to the doctor, this happened because of his lifestyle. John D used to worry about his business day and night.  His hair had started falling, he had become tangled. 

  Once he used to be a strong person but now he has become very weak. His skin too had now turned yellow.  

John D didn’t have any free time.  He had no time for any hobby or leisure. His only aim was to earn money.


   Because of this, she used to live under pressure and tension all the time. John D always reminded himself that perhaps his success was temporary.  

His business partner George Gardner would invite him for selling, but John D would never go. 

 His weekend was also spent in the office. He had forgotten to laugh, everyone was afraid of him.  John D didn’t see the good in anyone. 


 And one day that also came when his monopoly failed. His rivals were back with full power. The people who had been abused by his oil company were now demanding change. 


 John. D’s health kept on deteriorating. He had lost sleep at night, he could not eat properly.  His doctors made him aware of his exact condition. Either they choose the company or their health. Had he not retired, he could have died at the age of 53. And the cause of his death will be his fear, greed and tension.  


So after all, John D had to leave his company.  The doctor tells him 3 health rules to follow.  First of all, never take tension.  John D had to stay away from things that give tension at all costs.  

The second is that they have to take complete rest. Along with rest, it is important to do any kind of exercise. They should include outdoor activities in their routine.  


And the third important thing isn’t to always monitor your diet. Whatever food is there, eat it in the right amount.  

When John D started following all these rules, then his life was saved. He was going to die at the age of 53 but he lived for the next 45 years. 


He started playing golf and made friends with many of his neighbours. Had started gardening a little too. Not only this, but now they also started singing. 

 But the biggest change that John D.  What came in life was that they had now learned to care about others. 


 When he retired, he had plenty of time to think.  John D. realized that with the amount of money he had, he could bring happiness to the lives of so many people.  


Now he left thinking about earning money and started helping people. John D  also helped a small college in Lake Michigan.  He saved it from closure by investing millions. That small college later became the University of Chicago.


  John D also donated a lot of money to schools of minorities such as Tsukiji College.  Once upon a time in the South U.S. 

 Hookworm disease had spread. Whoever was infected with this disease used to take 50 cents for his treatment.  John D wants to save people from this disease.

He donated millions so that this disease can be got rid of forever in one go. And this is where the Rockefeller Foundation started.  

Today Rockefeller has become a worldwide organization whose mission is to fight diseases and lack of information.  

Rockefeller has also funded much research. John D Rockefeller was only because of the help of the scientists were able to make the miracle drug penicillin.

  The Rockefeller Foundation has helped a lot in its progress by protecting humanity from diseases such as influenza, malaria and tuberculosis. 


 John D donated all his money. His company had lost the Sandford Oil Company court cases, due to which he also lost several million.  But as many people thought that they would be ruined, it did not happen. John D.  Now he was happy with his life.  

  Now he had stopped talking unnecessarily.  He had learned to live now and he lived for the full 98 years.


What we have learned from this story, John.D life gives many time wake up calls. But his greed and vanity close the eye and ear of John.D.

Restricted him from not hearing and seeing the wake-up call. When he stood on the border of life and death. Then he realised his wake up call. But all are not that lucky.


So it’s better to understand what you are, and what your life wants from you.

Like John.D, when he learned about the essence of life. He changed his approach from taking to the giver, greed into sacrifice, and vanity into modesty.


He helped the school and college by donating, helping to rid of hookworm disease to his countryman, and helping to establish Rockefeller Foundation. 

Our universe works on the principle of reciprocity. So, that the John.D gave to the world, the world returned him in the form of fame, relaxation, joy and satisfaction from life.

Wake up when the mind says

Your mind thinks a lot.

Your mind is engulfed in wrongdoing.

Your mind feels pressure and stress

Wake up when the body says.

Your body is deteriorating.

Your body energy is losing.

Your body turns pale.

Wake up when your soul says.

You lose your morality.

You lose your integrity.

You engulf yourself in greed and vanity.

You can’t hear the sound of your conscience

If you do not wake up you invite your grave graveyard on your door.



Q & A Related wake up call.

Question- what is a wake-up call? Or What do you understand about wake up calls?

Answer-  It is just like the morning alarm. Which reminds us of which time we have to wake up in the morning.

The only difference between a morning wake up call and a life wake up call. In the morning wake up call, a machine gives the call and in life wake up call, our body and mind give the call.

 In life wake up calls, our mind and body give us an alarm to rectify our habits, greed, vanity, lifestyle and thought process.

 For example, John.D’s body gave alarm many times. In the form of the pale skin of their body,  he looked ten years older than his age.

His professional life gives him an alarm that something is wrong. In the form of a downfall in his business, his rivals come back with full strength, and his tension and pressure.

So, these are the signs of a wake-up call. As quickly we understand our wake up calls, our loss is that much lower.

Question- How do you understand your wake up call?


Answer- It is very simple when you notice. What your body and mind want to tell you. When your body, mind, and soul. Do any other things rather than for that thing they are habituated and made.

It gives an alarm to your mind that something which we do is wrong and it is an alienating thing. It just works like our Body Immune system.

Which gives alarm to our body. That some alienate things attacked the body. And started fighting with it to protect our bodies. 

So, it is essential to understand our wake up call. When our body reacts differently in a particular situation than our previous reaction in the same situation. And may continue day after day. It is a wake-up call.

Question- Why do we not understand the wake-up call?


Answer- The answer is simple. Because of the dazzling world. The dazzling bind our eye and the rush of the world deaf our ear. That’s why we do not see and hear our conscience. Which gives alarm about wake up calls to our body and mind.

So, to keep our minds alert. We have to do mindfulness practice. Which helps to retain our focus. Open the blockage of our mind to hear the calls of our insight and intuition.

Question- How do you know it’s your wake up call?


Answer- I was like a horse without rein. I was a fat guy. My lifestyle was undisciplined. When my father expired. 

That made me shocked. My health had deteriorated. When my test reports came, I had cholesterol problems, blood pressure problems, my insulin levels also increased and my weight was 125kg.

My doctor warned me that my health was at risk because of my lifestyle. And if I did not correct my lifestyle. It leads to heart problems, diabetes and hypertension.

So, it was very hard to correct my lifestyle. Especially my diet. But I did it, now I have decreased my weight to 95 kg. It is a big achievement for me.

Because I changed my lifestyle and eating habits and am still fixated on it.

The reason which motivates me to do so is my child. I wondered if all these diseases would catch me. My family’s future is engulfed in the uncertainty of my life. Which distributed our life.

So it’s better to listen to our body and mind on time.


So these are some Q & A, which helps you better understand, how do you understand your wake up call?


Wake up call of life


Therefore, it is better to understand your wake up call, before time will be the worst for you.

Just before Storm, nature gives many signs. Like that life gives many signs before the storm of sorrow arrives in our life. It’s just that we should come to recognize them and be ready for that.

Best of luck.

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