What motivates you in your life?

What motivates you in your life? I am sure that we all Have faced this question in our life. Sometimes by others and sometimes by ourselves. That what pushes us to do any work? The answer to the question is not as simple as we think. It is a very tricky question. Because every person is unique.

So, the answer to this question will be unique for each other. Like someone needs jobs, someone needs a home, someone needs love, someone needs to pass an exam, someone needs a piece of bread, and someone needs a luxurious lifestyle.


What motivates you in your life?

So everyone’s need is different. That’s why everyone is motivated according to their needs and desire in life.

So as I discuss above, answering the question what motivates you? in a single sentence is very difficult.

Because in our life various factors play a role to motivate us to find one goal. It may be our teacher’s scolding, it may be the taunts of relatives and friends, and it may be our role model.


For instance, take the example, of what motivates you to pass an exam with good marks. It may be the topper of your school, it may be your parents and friends, who always encourage you, and your desire to be admitted to a prestigious college. And many more could be.


So, to pass a single exam with good marks you have various motivational factors. Then how does one give the answer that what motivates you? In one sentence. I hope a long list is essential.

If anyone questions me, what motivates you.

In my reply, I ask a question from him. What motivates you to stand up, when you fall while walking or going to the office?


Their reaction is very awkward. They reply ” nothing, when we fall suddenly we stand up because we have to fulfil the work or we are late in going to the office.”


Then I reply ” the reason or purpose. For which you stand up. This is the answer to your question”.

There is simple logic: our hunger motivates us to eat. Our sorrow motivates us to fight for joy. Our emotional weakness motivates us to suicide. And sometimes someone in life motivates us to make sacrifices.


So, in the answer to the question of what motivated you? A common answer is our purpose in life. Which we subcategories according to our needs.


This means our purpose motivates us. Which helps us to do hard work to achieve it.


To better understand my words. I would like to tell a story. Which I read a few days ago. The story name is THE LAST LEAF WRITTEN BY O, HENRY.

What a story, the story is full of motivation, sacrifice, and teaching us the hard lessons of life.Some times how cruel life, but humanity never gives up in front of any cruelty. Always emerging as a winner.



The last leaf



The large streets of a small district to the left of Washington Square were further intertwined and divided into smaller streets called places.  These places are used to make strange angles and turns.  As if the same street crosses itself once or twice. 


The special thing about these streets was that no outsider could come here and reach the right place.

That’s why there used to be many decaying artists who used to buy canvas, brushes, paints etc. after asking for a loan, and if someone came to ask for a loan, that poor man used to wander in the maze and go back. 


And for this reason, artists started coming and settling in this very old Greenwich Village.  One, the rent here was cheap and secondly, they used to get many old and unique buildings here to make their pictures. 


Very cheap utensils and clothes etc. were also available in the nearby market, thus gradually a colony of artists was settled here.  

Sue and Johnsy had their studio on the top floor of a square-shaped three-storeyed building.  Josie (“Johnsy”)’s full name was Joanna.  One of the two girls was from Florida and the other was from California.  


They met at the table of Delmonico’s Coffee House for the first time on the street. When the two had a conversation they found out that. They had a lot in common like art, chicory salad and bishop’s sleeves. And thus they became friends and together they opened an art studio.


It was in May. But by the cold of November, a strange disease, which doctors were calling pneumonia, started spreading in the entire colony.

In those days many people were falling prey to this disease. Initially, the disease spread to the east side of the city but gradually the area of ​​places with narrow streets was also affected by it.

Pneumonia was not a minor disease in those days which was easily controlled. The doctors of the city were not getting even a minute’s free time. Cases of pneumonia were coming one after the other.


From what Pneumonia had done to Johnsy, it seemed that this disease licked the person inside like a mite. 


Healthy and cheerful Johnsy was getting weaker day by day. She lay on an old rusty cot and looked out the window all day, where the brick of the wall behind the next building was visible. 


One day doctor called Sue and said: “Her chances of survival are very low, let’s say one in ten. And that’s a chance when he wants to live on his own.” 

Such people have made fun of the whole medical science, your friend has made up her mind that she does not have to live.

What is going on in her mind?” 


Sue said, actually she wanted to paint the Bay of Naples for a long time. It was,”

Doctors replied  “Painting? Huh! There’s nothing else on his mind that’s worth thinking about like a boy’s affair.”

 Boy?  Sue said in a trembling voice ” only man the thing to think about, no, no he has no “


Doctor replied, well, then it may be because of weakness. 


The doctor said ” as much as I have in my hand, I can try a hundred per cent to save her, but once the patient gives up hope of living by himself, then the chances are reduced to fifty per cent. 


Then even the medicine does not work.  if you somehow raise the hope of living in the johnsy. Then there is a change of 5 to 10, that she would be saved.

After leaving the doctor, Sue went to the workroom and cried a lot. After crying aloud, she wiped her tears and came into Johnsy’s room whistling with carelessness on her face.  


Johnsy was lying quietly on the bed just like that. His face was towards the window.  Sue stopped while whistling, thinking that she was sleeping. 


She fixed her board and started drawing for the magazine story with pen and ink. New and young artists like him often made money by taking pictures for the magazine stories that new authors wrote to start their writing careers.


Sue had just started colouring the picture when she heard the sound of moaning. Over and over again as if someone is crying slowly.  She quickly got up and went to Johnsy’s bed.


Johnsy’s eyes were open, looking outside the window, she was counting down “Twelve, she counted. She paused for a moment and started counting again. Eleven… Ten …. Nine. Eight.  Seven ….” Seeing Johnsy’s condition, Sue started worrying about her. 


 He also looked out the window to see what Johnsy was counting on. There was nothing, only an empty yard and twenty feet away from his house stood a brick building. 


An old, grapevine stretched over half of the brick wall. All the green leaves of the vine dried up and fell off and only the dried twigs of the vine were left.


Sue come into the room of johns and said “What happened, dear? Sue went to her lovingly and said.

Johnsy replied’ Gone. I won’t be there either. I found out only three days ago, didn’t the doctor tell you?’

“Oh!  What rubbish!  Sue said angrily. 

 “What has this old dry grapevine to do with your recovery?  What was he saying?   To buy port wine and pork chops for myself ” 

Johnsy replied ” You won’t need to buy any more wine,” said Johnsy, still looking out the window. 

 “One more drop!  No, take this soup, I don’t want to drink it.


Now only four leaves are left.  I want to see the last one fall before it gets dark.  Then I will go too “


John dear, Sue said lovingly caressing her hair.

‘Promise me that you will close your eyes and rest for a while and don’t look out the window until I finish my work? I have to give these pictures by tomorrow. I have to complete this work in the light. 


“Can’t you paint in another room?” Johnny said in a very cold tone. 

“No, I want to be with you,” said Sue. Besides, I don’t want you to see that rotten grapevine.


Johnny said “Tell me when you’re done. Because I want to see the last leaf fall, I Can’t wait any longer. I want peace now, forever and ever, like these leaves that will break off the vine and fall into the soil.”

Johnsy closed her eyes and fell on the bed like a statue. 

Trying to sleep  Sue said “I will have to call that old Behrman to make a picture of Old Hermit Minor so that he can be my model. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you, I just came in a minute, don’t move from here!”


Old Behrman was a painter who lived in the flat below his flat. He was over sixty years old and had a Michelangelo beard on his face. 


Behrman had been painting for many years but he had not yet become a successful painter.  For many years he had aspired to make a masterpiece. Which he had not been able to make yet. 


Sometimes he got a job painting. And sometimes for some advertising. And other times he became a model for the young artist of his colony. Who could not hire a professional model? And this is how he was making a living.


Overall, he was a decaying struggling painter. But he always said that after drinking alcohol, “One day I will make my masterpiece”. 


To others, he was an angry old man, but he was always ready to help Sue and Johnsy. When the needle came down looking for him. He found Behrman standing near the juniper berries in the dark.

 A canvas placed on an empty easel in one corner had been waiting for its masterpiece for the last twenty-five years.

Sue tells her that Johnsy’s condition is very critical, she is turning yellow because of weakness. She is so tired of life, that she associated her life with the leaves of the grapes.  


Behrman was shocked to hear Sue’s words.  “What? Is that girl crazy? She said angrily, showing red eyes.

“There is a limit to stupidity too!  If leaves are falling from the trees, will people also die?  I have never heard such a stupid thing toast.  I don’t want to be a model – Model… Wait!  I will also come to see that poor person!


“She has become very weak,” said Sue. Fever has gone up in her mind, that’s why she is doing strange things.

Alright Mr Behrman, if you can’t be my model, then it doesn’t matter. But that’s for sure. I will say that I have not seen such a crazy old person like you till today!” 

You too turned out like other women!  Behrman shouted angrily. 

 Who said I won’t be a model?  Come on, I’m coming.  I have been trying to convince you for half an hour that I will pose for you.  Got it!  


This is not a place where poor Miss Johnsy lay ill. See you, one day I will make my masterpiece. And then we will be going to some kind of place. 

 Got it or not! When Sue reached upstairs with Old Behrman, Jonshy was sleeping at the time.  Sue pulled the window curtain and signalled Behrman to enter the other room.  

Both of them stood silently going to the window of the other room, they looked at the grapevine outside the window and then at each other.  


Both remained silent for some time. Cold drops of rain had been falling since morning and now the snowfall had started. Poor old Behrman was wearing a tattered old blue shirt even in such a cold winter. He sat posing on an upside-down kettle and the brush started painting it.


The next morning, when Sue woke up, she saw Johnsy had already woken up and was still looking sick. 

She looked at the green screen of the window and said in a weak voice: ” Pick it up! I want to look outside ” Fearfully sue raised the curtain on the window.

But what is this!  Despite so much wind, rain and snowfall, there was still one leaf left. 


Some twenty feet above the ground, that green and yellow leaf were visible from afar among the dry twigs of the vine.  “This is the last one, ” Johnsy said. I thought it would fall for sure at night. I could hear the wind blowing loudly. But today it will surely fall and I will die with it.” 


Sue said, “Johnsy, Johnsy! What has happened? If you don’t take care of yourself then at least think about me “What would I do without you?  ‘


But Johnsy did not answer. Who can be better than a lonely soul who wants to leave this world and go somewhere far, far away?


The whole day passed, it was night too, but that single leaf of grape was still stuck to the wall. It rained again in the night but the leaves did not fall. 

 The next day it was sunny. Johnsy let out a cold sigh and asked the sue to lift the window curtain. The last leaf had not yet fallen.


 Johnsy waited a long time for her to fall.  And then she called Sue who was cooking chicken soup for her in the kitchen.


“I’m too bad, don’t you say it! This last leaf has made me realize that I’m a very mean girl,” said Johnsy.  Asking for death from above is a sin. 


 But now I don’t want to die, bring me some soup.  – No before that, give me a small mirror.  Put the pillow behind me, I’ll sit and watch you cook.” She said after an hour.


Sure, one day I’ll make the Bay of Naples.  

The doctor has come to visit Johnsy “Now there is a chance,” he said, holding the thin trembling hands of the sue.  You have taken good care of her.

Now I go, have to see another case in the flat below, is there an old artist – what was his name?  Yes, Behrman.  He too has pneumonia.  The poor man is very old and weak and has a high fever. 


There is little hope of survival. If he goes to the hospital, he might be saved. The next day the doctor told Sue: Johnsy is fine now. You have won. 

Good care and food and drink, only by this the patient gets cured. And that afternoon the sue came running to Johnsy, who was knitting a blue scarf sitting on the bed pillows.


” I have to tell you something Johnsy. Sue said in a very sad voice ” Mr Behrman died of pneumonia in the hospital today. He was fine till two days ago.


The next morning the watchman had seen him moaning in pain outside his room.  His shoes and clothes were soaked in water, where they were all night. 


People also found a burning lantern from them and also a ladder, some and a plate in green and yellow colours And look Johnsy!  Pointing outside the window, Sue said – Look carefully at that last leaf stuck on the wall. 


Don’t you think it’s strange why it hasn’t fallen yet?  Ah, darling, this is Behrman s last masterpiece he made before he died. 


For the sake of saving you. When the last leaf fell that night that Behrman made a painting of that leaf on the wall.



Conclusion of what motivates you?


How the purpose works for the three characters of the story. Because Johnsy had no purpose in life, she was broken because of his illness.

That she associated her life with the grapevine leaf. That her life will go. When the last leaf of the grapevine will fall.


But when the leaf did not fall. Even after facing the storm and rain at the night.

It motivated Johnsy. She thinks that if a leaf is still not falling even after heavy wind and rainfall. How my life will go so easily? What rubbish do I think, I co-relate my life with leaves. Will a leaf decide whether my life will go or stay?


The leaves about life, affection of Sue, and sacrifice of old Behrman motivate her to restart her life.

Sue’s purpose was to inspire Johnsy to live again. It motivates him to take care of her, and hide her Sorrow in front of Jonshy to believe her that nothing is more concerning.


The old Behrman’s purpose was to save the life of Johnsy. It motivated him to paint a leaf on the wall on rainy and cold nights. In this, his life will be gone.


But his second and ultimate purpose in life was to make a masterpiece of painting. Which was completed by making the leaf on the wall. Because nothing is more precious than life. And his painting saved Johnsy’s life.


But alas, he did not live to see it. At this moment a dialogue from the film Joker comes to mind.


I just hope my death makes more cents than my life. For old Behrman


Friends, if you have no purpose in life. For what you will motivate yourself. Set a purpose in your life. You will get the sources of motivation.


Because motivation is an inbuilt feature given by god. Just need to recognise it. Because people do not know that motivation is not come from here and there. Itself comes out from us.


One out of two people in the world committed suicide. Because life is very hard and sometimes unfair. They do not know how to tackle their life problem. How to motivate in their hard time.


Friends, sometimes people lose interest in life because sometimes we have negative attitudes toward life. And this story teaches us what is the power of a positive mindset and how important is a positive attitude in life.


This story also teaches us that sometimes even sacrifices can give life to someone. In the answer what motivate you in your life? I only say that. The purpose of our life is the centre of motivation. Which change according to needs and circumstances. And motivate you.

Best of luck.

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