Simplicity is the formula of an unbroken mind.

Simplicity is the formula of an unbroken mind. The simple mind remains free from contradictions. On the path of spirituality, the mind must be allowed to remain unbroken.


 Osho says, the more you suppress the negative feelings, the more effort it will make to get out in life.  


Simplicity is the formula of an unbroken mind.




The person who wants to be simple should tell himself that he will seek what I am born to be.  Whatever is my nature, what is my Swadharma, I will know and recognize that I will be that.  I can’t be anyone else.  I don’t aspire to be anyone else.  If it becomes clear that I do not want to imitate anyone, then a wonderful revolution will happen in life.


 They want to bind every man. Wants to mould every man into a structure, as if a man is a machine. Machines may be made the same – that is the difference between man and machine!  


Unfortunately, it will be the day when all human beings will become equal. No day can be more unfortunate than that day, because on that day all people will become machines. All his soul will be lost.

  But this race goes on for thousands of years and absorbs man’s life. Accepting yourself is the first step towards simplicity.  

  We do not accept ourselves. We accept Mahavira, we accept Buddha, we accept Hinduism, we accept Christianity, we accept Islam.  

But no one accepts himself as himself. Is denying himself, so how will that be easy? I need to accept myself. I should accept myself, accept what I am. I am scared.


 We have been taught that if you accept yourself, you will become like yourself. If you have done yourself a favour, then all your desire for self upliftment will be closed. 


If you accept yourself, you have gone to hell, because within you there is anger, lust, desire, hatred. If you accept yourself then you are gone. Drowned in them. 


 That’s why the teachers say, accept Mahavir, in whom there is no violence. Accepting Buddha, who has no hatred. Accepting Christ, in whom there is love. Accept Islam in whom there is equality and brotherhood.


Don’t accept yourself. You have hatred, violence, anger. But I tell you, he who accepts himself can be free from these. No one else. 

 Only after accepting oneself can a person be freed from the elements which lead life into misery and suffering.  Those who do not accept themselves.

He does, he can never get rid of them. What are my reasons for saying this? Some things are very important to understand in this regard. 


 We do not want to accept ourselves. We always try to dodge away and we don’t keep our real watch area.  

We feel that there is immense conflict there. Too much suffering, too much pain.

  That’s why we’re so hesitant to come back to that area. Running is a part of our daily practice.  


If we have a moment free, we’ll use it to see

  television or read a magazine article so we don’t have to return to our conflict area.  we are afraid of suffering

  The one who is inside us is afraid of war and conflict.

The Buddha said this: “Your practice must have an objective”

  Be yourself first.  Your love for another. Your ability to love another person depends on your ability to love yourself.

 If you are not able to take care of yourself if you are not able to accept yourself, how can you accept another person and how can you love him? it is necessary to come back to be able to get yourself.


The gist of the above Buddha saying is, before knowing others, find yourself. Before blaming others, Take a peek in your pocket.


 First thing, if you don’t accept yourself and you have anger inside you, what will you do?  You will suppress your anger, you will drink.  But anger never ends by suppressing it.  By suppressing the anger penetrates deeper into the soul.  If you have a desire within you, what will you do?  Will you press?  So it will enter deeper layers of the mind. It will go further down in life.  

You can never be free from that which you suppress, because the more you suppress the thing, the more it tries to come out in life. Whatever you remove, the same syrup gets stuck. 

Hatred is removed, hatred accumulates within. Where will you remove  Are there any things that you will pick up and throw out?  To remove means to go inside. 


 Your mind will become more complicated and distorted. There will be peace above, anger inside. There will be the talk of love above, hatred love inside. There will be prayer-worship above, there will be a knife inside. 


Will go to the mosque, church, and temple every day from the outside, but will not go to these places from the inside also. This will happen. Some up, broken into two sections.

 You can never get rid of what you suppress, because the more you suppress, the more effort it takes to come out of life.  

Your mind will be more complex. There will be prayer-worship above, start doing it inside.  The thing that you remove, the same will engulf you. When we remove the hatred only accumulates inside. 

 Where will you remove  Are there any things that you will pick up and throw out? Deleting, that is, it will be expanded.  

There will be peace above, there will be thunder inside. The mind will go away in two parts and will be broken into many parts.

And the more the mind is broken into contradictory segments, the more complicated it becomes. The more confused it will be. It should be so dangerous.


The broken mind not only affects you from inside but after some time this blue colour of the poisoned mind will come out in form of your lust, desire, anger, and selfishness.

  Don’t be jealous, be united.  So it can be simple.  Only an unbroken mind can be simple, and no mind is easy.  But repression has eroded the mind of a man very badly. 


Do mindfulness practice, which helps you in integrating your broken mind. Mindfulness is a type of energy that moves with concentration, understanding and love. If we come back to restore peace and harmony in us, then to help the other person would be a much easier task.

Take care of yourself, establish peace in yourself, the basic condition is to help someone else.

  So, by the use of mindfulness, you may stop yourself and others from being a bomb. By identifying the source of pain for yourself and others, you have to help him defuse the bomb. 

Best of luck.

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