Why is life so hard? 15 philosophy of living life.

 Why is life so hard? 15 philosophy of living life. Life is a long series of experiences that never end.  Where we go through many types of feelings like happiness and sorrow.


Why is life so hard? 15 philosophy of living life.


  But of course, most of us would choose an idealistic way of living where there is no pain, no suffering.  

But we should know that real life is different from thoughts.  Real life is very hard where we have to face many challenges.


In the journey of life, we will also meet challenges that try us in different ways.  In such a situation, it is obvious that we start complaining about why life is so full of difficulties?

 But it is also true that if we want, we can face these troubles and troubles with full bravery.  Whether you live with a swan or cry, it is only in your hands.  


I would like to tell you about a recent incident with me. I had an accident in April. My hand was broken. The doctor operated on my hand and fixed my bone with the help of rods.

The process of dressing my wounds continued for 45 days. Once my plaster was cut down. I started my activities.

When my plaster was cut, I was happy. And enthusiastic to start my work. But when I came back from the hospital, I felt buckling in my right knee. I fell twice.

The next day I visited the doctor. After the checkup, he told me that you had a ligament tear. He was doing an x-ray and other tests. But the report was not clear.

 For full diagnosis MRI is essential. Because of the iron rod. My fractured hand was fixed by an iron rod. So because of the iron magnetic effect. MRI could not be done.

Now I had two tensions, one to regenerate my power of hand and second, live with the half diagnosis of my knee. Which was leads to mental stress and fear of getting into accidents because of knee buckling.


I had two ways, one lies on the bed and think about why God does this with me. How I will recover. My luck is such that I am not even able to get my full test done.


And the second way was to stand up. And started exercising slowly to regain my power. Because my doctor told me that he was not fully sure without an MRI. That my ligament was fully torn.


So, I had a chance, if I did exercise. My knee will improve slowly. On the other hand, my hand condition was not too good.  The doctor restricted me to not give stress on the hand.


But I started my exercise, after a few days. I felt improvement in my waking and pain in my knee. But another unfortunate incident was awaited me.


After one month of cutting off my plaster. Instant pain started in my elbow. My elbow was swelling and severe pain started when I moved my hand.

The doctor told me that the rod which is fixed in my hand through drilling in my elbow creates a disturbance. He gave me some medicine and advised me to put out the rod. Because of fear of infection.

So after 15 days, he put out my rod. Because it restricted my hand movements and the pain was still maintained.


 In these incidents, my professional career was also affected. I started this blog in March. But after one month due to this accident, I stopped.


But after one month I restarted it with my plaster in one hand. For this three things are responsible.


 First, my frustration and stress, I want to release them from my inside. I have a supportive family, but how much I share with them.

 24 hours in a house for 45 days with a lot of frustration. It made me feel like a mad elephant. Who will trample on everything that comes in his way?

I took out my anger on my family members, on my wife, on my children, so that they too were shy away from me.


So, I figured out a way to avoid this. I started reading books. Which gave me reasons to think about other aspects of life, and second taught me how to convert my miseries into opportunities.

It pushed me to restart my blog, but due to a fracture in my hands and my children’s nuttiness, my computer was spoiled.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. So I restarted my blog with my multimedia handset. Google’s different tools helped me very much.

It helps me to release my frustration by writing a blog. which I feel and read.

It gives me the medium of sharing my feelings with the world which I could not share with my family or friends.


Now I had work and a medium to release my stress. Believe me, if you are under stress try to write it down on paper. It gives you relaxation and hides your secrets also

If you share your feelings, half of your miseries will vanish.

The third reason to restart was to distract my mind with the use of social media. I use this as a tool to share my blogs on different platforms.


This phase started from that day. And as long as I have the blessings of god, I will continue to do so. 

My motive to tell the story is only that. You don’t have any authority to choose which problem will come into your life and when. But you have the freedom to choose your reaction.


Means how you tackle the problem. Lie on the bed and wait for God’s charisma. Go in the grip of mental disbalance.

Or accept with a smile on the face. And with a determination to fight with your miseries. Without giving up.

 So when we accept that life is hard, then it is easy for us to face any challenge which leads us to grow further, and apart from this, we get used to finding one opportunity in every struggle which we get.  Helps you to stand up again and be your own best version.


Apart from accepting that life is hard, we also have to note that life is not always fair.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people too.  

Sometimes something happens to us that we don’t even expect.  But despite all these castes and bad experiences.

One thing is for sure- we are not alone in going through these difficulties and troubles but there are many people like us.

  Of course, sometimes life goes through a very tough phase, but it does not mean that we should stop living, or do not have any hope in life. 

 It’s not like that. If we want, then it is up to us that we can be happy even while fighting with difficulties and can live our life smiling despite every sorrow and pain.

If life is hard, we are like a shock absorbers.

 If life is unfair, we fight for fairness.

 If life gives Sorrow, we accept it with joy. 

If life gives us failure, we work hard for success.


15 philosophy of living life.


Belief in god- I always maintain belief in god. Sometimes I wonder why people blame god. I believe this, that by blaming God and others. We run from our responsibility.

Life has clear cut funda, As you sow, so you shall reap. We expect more than we do. And want everything to be done by god. So why do we blame god?

But God wants to see, the freedom and power he gives to us. How we use it.

Make yourself so high, that God himself should ask the man, what is your demand?


2. Believe in yourself- I never lose belief in myself. Believe in yourself and belief in God both complement each other.

Both boost each other. Your belief in God gives you confidence from the inside. It makes you stronger spiritually and mentally.

As your faith in your God increases, so will you become stronger and you will become more confident in yourself.

So, if your confidence is high, you believe in yourself.


3.  When I feel overthinking and stressed. I distracted my mind from the use of social media, enjoying it with my children, talk with my friends.

If these all are not possible I give a target to myself to finish one book in limited hours. According to the length of the book.

Because when you give yourself a target. Your whole focus is on achieving the target. So, you should also try it. Give yourself a target, in any field, you have an intern.


4. Passionate about your work. Your passion is the thing that helps you retain your focus on your target.

After a few days, we got bored with work. Which we do daily. The passion gives you the energy to do the work with interest.

Because no target is achieved in one or two days. It needs a year’s hard work. And for this your passion gives fuel.


5. Never compare your life with others. Especially good life. We are very attached to each other’s lives. And blame god, give him that much, me nothing.

My friend god is very merciful, he gives us much more than we deserve. you ever sit and look at it.

If you ever want to do a comparison, then you will try to compare yourself with the weaker people in society. You will get the answer.


6. Live by choice, not by chance. We have no authority over the happenings of our life. But we have the freedom to choose our reaction.

I live by positivity, not by negativity.

I live by calm, not by frustration.

I live by struggle, not by giving up.

I live by a smile, not by years

I live by dawn, not by dusk.


7. Accept your failure, because others also fail.

Every person faces defeat and failure at some point in his life, this is a normal thing.  

 Whether we believe it or not, there comes a point in life when we get very disappointed about our life, about our progress, at such a time we start feeling a kind of frustration. 

 Moving forward in life, we may have to face defeat, which demotivates us many times, we give up easily, we feel that all our hard work and efforts have been in vain. 

 But if you look closely it is not so. It doesn’t matter how many times we failed, but what we learned from those failures matters more.


  Thomas Edison was a famous inventor who invented the light bulb.  While working on his invention, he had looked at several ways to light the bulb.

  Finally, when he made the bulb, he was asked the secret of his success, then Edison said that he failed ten thousand times, then he found the right way. 

 At the same time, he also said that after every effort and failure, he felt that he was coming even closer to the destination.


8. Habits are the key to success. The behaviour we repeat becomes a part of our daily life.  We call these Habits.

  People develop both good and bad habits.  But they forget to focus on those habits which help us to grow as a human beings.  

Therefore, as soon as possible, we should identify our habits and pay attention to them, especially bad habits because it is difficult to get rid of them later.  

Habits also change no matter how young they are or for how long they are practised and it is possible only when a person wants to change his habit.  

Of course, it is not easy to make adjustments, especially with our addiction. Often it takes time and patience to change the habit and we have to go through the step by step process.


9. Always maintain a positive attitude. Every one of us is facing some kind of challenge in our life and there is an attitude that tells us that we can’t avoid the problem but we can come out from it on the strength of our attitude.

  And this attitude which we have takes us to the point where we are today. That’s why only a positive attitude can give us the right direction and a negative attitude can deviate us from life. 

 Attitude plays a big role in people’s life. 

 It controls our thinking, feeling and how we will react to any situation to a great extent.  The attitude of every person is either good or bad or positive and negative. 

Because Attitude depends on our experience and develops with time.  Attitude is our friend as well as the enemy.  It can destroy us and also inhabit us.  It is up to the person what kind of attitude he chooses.


10. Success is More Than Making Money. There are many common standards in the word success.  

But being successful in life does not depend on a person’s money or his status, nor can it be decided by fame and ego whether someone will be successful or not. 

 Rather, being successful means bringing out the best quality or quality inside a person. Success makes you simple and calm.


11. Keep doing practice. You have to practice at least 10,000 hours for 10 years, then you can become a master of any field.

  This has been true for many people, such as ballerinas, violin-playing artists, basketball players or people from any field. 

 But if you do the same thing for a long time then you will not get success. It is important to improve your skills. 


When a specific goal is achieved, set another goal. And then another new goal.  Successful people know their weak points and try to overcome them.  

But he doesn’t give up.  And never get satisfied.  These people keep on improving their performance.


12. Set your purpose in life. All the successful people in the world have a purpose that is bigger than their own life. 

 The purpose is that desire which improves the well being of others. Any successful journey starts with a purpose.  

That is, finding a job that you enjoy. The next stage is practice and self-discipline. Never give up your career no matter what difficulties may come.

  And the final stage is purpose. Whatever you do, it must have a great purpose. You also have to see how well others are being benefited by your purpose.  


13. Perseverance makes you stronger. To achieve any goal is not a one day task. It takes time. In this period. 

You several times think about your decision to operate this goal. Demoralised yourself. Many times you think about giving up. You want to quit the task.

But if you have perseverance. You crossover all the situations. Perseverance is that psychology that is strong with time.


14. Divide your ultimate purpose into short targets. By making short targets. Will keep your interest in your work.

It keeps your confidence high. Because when you slowly- slowly achieve your target. Winning in your target raises your confidence.

Even if there is a small defeat, then you will be seeing a target ahead, for which you can start your preparation again.


15. Never satisfied with your win. When you are satisfied with a small win you never achieve your ultimate goal.

Your satisfaction will make you rest assured. And you will stop doing hard work.

So, if you achieve on target. Make another target. Which makes you a master in that field.

And help you to easily find your target.


So that’s why is life so hard? And the 15 philosophies of living life help you to accept the hardness of life with a smile on your face.

Of course, it is the right of life to give Sorrow and pain. But it is our right to choose how we deal with the situation.

Best of luck.

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I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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