How I should choose to live by choice not by chance.

 How I should choose to live by choice, not by chance. Aristotle says that our life’s ultimate goal is happiness. So, We should make our life meaningful.

How I should choose to live by choice not by chance.

If money is all, why does it not give us satisfaction? Because the other parts of our life, like health, family and other personal problems pinch us.

At one time not every problem of our life may be shorted out. Some problems will be regularly maintained.

So the best way to come out from the maze of problems. Is to live by choice, not by chance.


I choose to live by choice, not by chance.

I choose to live with positivity, not with negativity.

I choose to live like an owner, not be a victim.

I choose to live with optimists, not with rejection.

I choose to accept changes, not accept rigidity.

I choose to live in the present, not by past regret.

I choose to live in the dawn, not in the dusk.


Every person who comes into the world has the freedom to live his life according to his choice. Do some argue that the almighty god chooses how we live? By writing our destiny.

I also believe in God and destiny, and accept that God writes the script of our role in the film of life.

But it is upon the actor (we). Whose act makes the film famous. Only a good script does not make the film famous.

I choose to live by choice, not by chance


So, we have so much freedom in our life. That we face ups and downs of life positively and with a smile on our face instead of engulfed in Sorrow.

Many people do not even realize that. We have the power to choose. Our power to choose to guide our wandering ship. Who is engulfed in a cyclone of various problems?

God gives us 24 hours and choosing ability. To make our day productive or waste.

It all depends on us. We always blame the god that, God gave him so much, me nothing. But it is not right, God equally divided the 24hoursr and chose ability in all.


So all will depend on us. How we use it to flourish ourselves. Hal Urban (writer of life’s greatest lessons) says that. When I was in college. 


In his philosophy classes. A challenging topic was given to the students to think ” why do they come into the universe? What is the ultimate goal of their life?


Often students were asked to write their thoughts on the meaning of life and God. Apart from this, there used to be a debate on all these topics in the class every day.


One day, Hal and his classmates debated on the existence and non-existence of God.

Then a student of the same class asked the teacher.

If there is a God, why does he allow people to go through pain and suffering? Why doesn’t God turn everyone’s sorrow into happiness?

In the answer to these questions, the teacher replied.

 If God over your all pains and suffering. Will you be like a robot? You have nothing to do in life.

 If there is no failure, how will you enjoy your success? If there is no sorrow, how will you take the pleasure of happiness? If there is no hunger, how will you take the pleasure of eating?

So, God makes our life like this. That we test and face every moment of life and find our ultimate goals. God wants to see, how we use the given freedom of choice to tackle the problem of life.

God gives mind to think, hand to do any work, leg to walk, eyes to see, ear to hear. 

Why do some people find success? By using the same tools(which I mentioned above). Rather, some people fail, by using the same tools?

So it’s up to us how we use it. Not god come and use it. God only coaches us, but the game is played by us. And we are responsible for our performance.

Often many people complain. We have this or that problem. Today a very bad thing happened to us. My whole day was wasted.

We have no control and choice over our problem. They will come, we cannot Stop this. But we are free to choose the solution to the problem. How to react to it? And which strategy do we apply?

So, by using the freedom of choice. We can make our path in life. Make our life what we want.


The freedom of choice gives us exposure to choose our-


1. Character-


About having good character, character building, and good character traits – but what does that mean?  Well, a person’s character is shown by how they act, think and feel in life. 


 Character is not a thing;  It is the sum of how a person generally treats others and how they treat themselves.


  A person with “good character” acts, thinks and feels in a way that matches some commonly accepted “good” traits, such as being honest, respectful, responsible, caring, fair.


2. Values-


Values ​​are personal beliefs that drive people to act in one way or another.  They act as a guide for human behaviour.


  Generally, people are predisposed to adopt the values ​​with which they are raised.  People also believe that those values ​​are “right” because they are the values ​​of their particular culture.

Sometimes your value of yours is not reasonable according to society. Like if your social value is patriarchal but your value is matriarchal.

Then your morality gives help to you to sustain your value. And when your morality is accepted by society, or a consensus is built by a society that matriarchal is good. Society accepts it as a value.


3. Attitude-


Every one of us faces some challenges in our life. Our attitude is that thing that shows us direction to come out from the challenges.

A positive attitude helps to come out from problems. Negative attitudes engulf us in the maze of problems.


It controls our feeling, thinking and reaction to situations. Attitude depends on our experience. According to the passage of time, it develops. It can ruin us or flourish us.


Like Alva Edison, inventor of the electric bulb and a great scientist. When he invented the electric bulb. Someone asked him what is the reason behind their success.

He said my failure 10 thousand times, which gave me the right formula. His positive attitude gave him the power to persevere on his target.


4. Habits-


The behaviour which we repeat in our daily activities is known as our habits. Habits are good and bad both. We inculcate both habits.

In our Success, our habits play a vital role.

Identifying our bad habits is essential. It makes our life as a car without break.

 So the probability of an accident will be increased. 

It is very difficult to identify and remove bad habits from our life. It needs lots of patience and time.

But we have to do it. If we slowly-slowly start doing adjustments. After some time our new habits take the place of old ones. 

Only one condition we have to follow, be strict on the plan.


5. Thinking process-


Our thinking process mostly affected our life. If you think conservative, selfishly, and overthinking about any situation of life.

We spoil our life internally and externally.

Because the thinking process directly affects our insight and intuition. The thinking process affects our attitude.


For example, by remunerating our past bad thoughts. We engulf ourselves with negative attitudes and overthinking.

So, it is better to choose our present, and try to live in the present.


6. Acceptance-


We choose to accept, it’s okay to fail, everyone else has. Life is hard, not always fair. We live by choice, not by chance. 

This means everyone in life tastes failure. Although sometimes it may be less or more. So we fear failure.

 Acceptance of failure makes our vision clear, we know our weak points. And try to mitigate it.

Acceptance of failure makes us more energetic and helps us to work hard for our Success.

We all know life is very hard. Still, we keep running behind the shortcuts. Want to earn name and fame in a short period.

But life would think differently for us. Without hard work and devotion. We cannot find anything in life.

So if we accept it, we never demoralise ourselves. And move forward to think as part of life.

We discussed above that we live by choice, not by chance. This means god gives us the freedom to choose. Why we do not use it?

We have no authority over the coming and going of happiness and sorrow in our life.

But how to deal with the situation is based on our discretion.

If we accept these three, we will never go in the wrong direction.


 So these are some tips and tricks on How I should choose to live by choice, not by chance.

Always remember one thing. Make your life according to your choice. 

Which guide you on how to act in different situations. Give you a chance to build your life according to your wants.

Best of luck.

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