5 differences between man and woman in love.

Do you know about the differences between man and woman in love? Are you a woman who is surprised? Why is your partner frigid about relationships? You are surprised that before intimacy the partner was non-stop praising you. But after intimacy shows you a reluctant attitude.


5 differences between man and woman in love.


Are you a man who wonders why your partner hesitates to accept that she loves you? Why after a long dating relationship do women move forward in their relationship? Why do women hesitate more in making physical relationships than men?


There are many reasons behind this. No doubt women have social and family pressure. And this is the biggest reason that women do not initiate any relationships. But there’s a more bigger reason behind this. And that is the nature of women and men. Because God made men and women in different molds. Both attitudes, personalities, and behaviour are different. Both Testosterone and Estrogen hike levels are different. 


For example, A man’s testosterone level is high when he sees a woman. But after seeing a man, a woman’s estrogen level is not high. Because nature makes them like that. And in this matter, we were similar to animals. You never see that the female animal attracts male animals for breeding. 


Disclaimer: Before I start the discussion. I want to say that it is not 100% correct. Because there are many types of exceptions in this world. 


Differences between man and woman in love.


To know the differences between man and woman in love. We have to know about the nature of man and woman differently with the help of graphs.


Man’s nature of love.


In comparison to women, men are impatience by nature in everything. This means that the more impatient they are to get something, the more impatient they are to give up that thing. They are nomadic by nature. That’s why they are quickly frigid. They like challenges. Therefore they are of the nature to acquire.

Man's nature of love

The graph of man’s nature of love clears the picture of man’s impatient and nomadic nature. If you notice the worm of love of man rises quickly and then declines. And sometimes it goes in minus. The minus is the indication of separation. And this fluctuation is not for one time. But it will continue for the whole life. Here one question will be raised in your mind. If they are so impatient. How they continue in one relationship for their whole life. I will answer about it in the end. After the discussion of women’s nature of love and 5 differences between man and woman in love. 


Women’s nature of love.


The nature of women is different. As much impatience is found in men? That much stagnation is found in women. The more shallow there is in the personality of men, the more depth there is in the personality of women. They like security. That’s why they have permanence. She shows patience in choosing her partner.

Women's nature of love

The graph of a woman’s nature of love shows that the woman is not in a hurry to choose a partner. She carefully takes a step by step in making relationships. Women like long-term relationships. But a man had no such thought. Therefore in this graph you see the love’s worm go slowly-slowly with slight ups and downs first. And then after some time, it rises with speed. 


5 differences between man and woman in love.


1. Patience


Men are impatient, but women have patience naturally. Whether there is any work. I personally notice that. For any work, I am more impatient than my wife. This quality I also saw in my mother. Some things happen in the matter of love. When a male sees a female, he is easily attracted to her. And he shows his attraction by giving any indication or sometimes by telling.


But a woman first does not attract easily. And if she is attracted, then she does not give any indication. A man does not hesitate to say ” I love you” but a woman hesitates more. So a man thinks that whatever happens, happens quickly. But a woman takes time. They are not in a hurry.


2. Nomadic


Men are nomadic by nature. But women are settled by nature. As per the graph, if you show the men’s love worm starts with a smooth hike. But after some time it goes down. This means there is impatience in them. Because of the nomadic nature. So his wild nature pushes them not to be bound in one relation.


But women are settled by nature. So if you show the woman’s love worm it fluctuates slightly in the starting. And after some time it smoothly starts raising. This shows a settled behaviour of women. Because their interest is increasing day by day in men. But a man’s interest decreases after some time.


3. Hesitation


Men have no hesitation in doing breakups or expressing love. But women have hesitation. That’s why women do not initiate. So a man expresses his love 80 times out of 100. I am a married person and in my initial year of married life. I notice that my wife did not take initiative in matters of love and sex.  Many times I questioned her. Why was she not initiated? But she did not answer me. 


No doubt women go through social pressure from their childhood and struggle with them. But after 4 or 5 years of marriage. I did not understand that. This clearly indicated that hesitation to present her thoughts and feelings in front of men is natural. But man is also responsible for that. If they motivate them. No doubt they will come out of this bad nature.


4. Lock yourself in one place


As I explained above, a man does not hesitate to break up and start relationships. Because they are nomadic. That’s why after the breakup. They never stop their life by getting disappointed by the breakup. But a woman does it. Because she is of settled nature. She does planning her whole life with that man whom she loves. And when the person breaks his hope. She locks herself in one place.


5. Heart & mind.


A man generally thinks from the mind. Especially when they have to make a decision. Their reasoning brain is more active than their emotional brain. In a matter of love, they also think about their gains and losses first. But a woman does not do it. Their emotional brain is always more active than their reasoning brain. They take decisions from their heart. So if their decision is wrong. They have to suffer a lot.


How do a man and woman continue in one relationship for their whole life?


There are some reasons. Which grips the leg of a man and woman to continue in one relationship for their whole life. These reasons are the following.


1. Social pressure– Because marriage gives our relationship legitimacy. So a legitimate thing is a burden in itself. It bound us legally. And when we want to separate. The consequences hinder us. Second, the legality is not given by the government in this case. But our society gives the tag of legality to marriage. So if we are going to separate. Society judges whether we are right or wrong. Divorce is assumed as a stigma.


Here you can differentiate the social pressure into two parts. One is a modern society where divorce has acceptance. Because there is no boundation in society. If a man and woman are in a relationship. Want to live with each other. They have a tag of marriage or not. It does not matter. The baby born before marriage is not called a bastard. But the second society is conservative where divorce is a stigma. If a couple wants to live in a society. The tag of marriage is essential.


2. Family pressure- As I explain above we divide society into two parts. Like modern and conservative society. But here I draw your attention on two types of family. One is a patriarchal family and the second is a matriarchal family. In the patriarchal family, man is powerful. Divorce is assumed as a stigma. But men do extramarital affairs.


But in matriarchal families women are powerful. They give equal importance. If there is a confrontation between them. They get separated. So there is less possibility of extramarital affairs.


3. Love- We cannot overrule love. Love is the basic amenity provided by God to survive our life. For the love, god give us two relationships of the opposite sex to know and understand about the relationship. For males in the form of mother and wife, and for females in the form of father and husband. God gives us brothers and sisters also. But from the above two, we are closer. Yes, it is right we have a different relationship with them. But love is common. Which everybody needs.


4. Women’s Shrewdness- You think that what the topic writer is discussing. This is rubbish. But saving her relationship should be the first and last priority for any woman. There is a famous quote.


Everything is fair in love and war.


I do not tell you to hurt another person. But you have to change yourself according to the challenge you face. For this, you have to study your partner’s behaviour, wants, and needs. Such as, what is the secret obsession of your partner? How can you know it? If you’re also suffering from the frigid attitude of your partner. 

You should read my article: How to trigger your man’s secret obsession? In this article, I discuss the mistakes done by women in their relationships. Second, How to know about what your man wants from you? Third, I reviewed His secret obsession book written by James Bauer. James Bauer is a famous relationship coach. This book is one of the best-selling books. And helped many women to regain their love.


5. Compromise by man- It is not always right that a man is responsible for breaking every relationship. Sometimes men also put everything at stake to save a relationship. Maybe it’s their ego, impatience, or their lust. There could be many reasons behind this. Be it their love or their dedication or the need of their children. The older the relationship, the more powerful the women will become and the weaker the men will become. You may understand it like that.


The older the wine, the more intoxicating it becomes.




These are the 5 differences between man and woman in love. A man is impatience, does not hesitate to make a decision, makes decisions from the mind, is nomadic by nature, and does not lock himself in one place.


But a woman has patience, hesitates to make a decision, makes decisions from the heart, settles by nature, and locks herself in one place when a breakup has happened. The reason behind this is that both are molded in different frames. And both have different natures. Both evolutions are done for reproduction and to continue life on the earth. And it is the law of nature that. Unless two things of different nature do not meet, nothing can be created new.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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