Too much of anything is bad.

Too much of anything is bad. Be it love or hate.

Too much of anything is bad. It makes us blind, deaf, and handicapped. If we love someone too much. We try to bind the person with the chain of love. But we forget that a chain is a chain, whether it is of love or hate. we do not understand the feeling of others. It has another side also. Because excess love also makes us deaf, blind, and handicapped. We lose our discretion and depend on the person from whom we love blindly. So on one-side blind love make us a cruel jailer. Who wants to keep the lover in a golden cage? And on the other side, we make ourselves blind, deaf, and handicapped. That we do not take any decision without having biased. So too much of anything is bad.


Too much of anything is bad


The same condition is in the matter of hate. When our hates increase that much. That it burns our own hands. Anger, anxiety, and sorrow affect you more than your enemy. So the feeling of retaliation. Change us into a suicide bombers. Which blows us with others. So it’s better to do love or hate within a limit.


To understand Too much of anything is bad. I would like to tell you a story written by MUNSHI PREMCHAND “LAILA”. This is the love story of a nomadic girl and a prince. How does their love blossom? How a nomadic girl is a queen? Why the too much love for both knocking in the eyes of people? And people staring burning and a one-day coup take place. They are forced to live nomadic life. How do they again make king and queen? But the period of exile changes the queen. How do the prince and nomadic girl’s love end? This story is a good example of too much love, too much hate, and too much silence. The story is like that

Too much of anything is bad, be it silence or violence.


No one knew who Laila was, where she came from, and what she did. One day people heard a unique beauty singing this ghazal of Hafiz on her daily in Tehran’s square,


“Rashid mujra ki anytime Gham a khwahad maand, can a man, chunin need hum a khwahad maand.”


And all of Tehran. Fell in love with him. This was Laila.  If you want to imagine the beauty of Laila. Then imagine the joyful redness of the morning. When the blue sky is coloured with golden light. Imagine spring, when colourful flowers bloom and birds sing in the garden. If you want to imagine the sweetness of Laila’s voice. Imagine the sound of the bell that sounds in the camels’ necks in the silence of the night. And the sound of the flute that emanates from the mouth of a shepherd lying in the shade of a tree in the sluggish calm of the afternoon.

When Laila sang with gusto, the radiance of heaven started appearing on her face.  She was a beautiful figure of poetry, music, fragrance, and beauty. Before whom the heads of all, small and big, rich and poor, bowed their heads. 

Everyone was mesmerized, all heads were nodding. She used to tell the news of that time to come. When contentment and love will reign in the country. When fighting and strife will end.


She would wake up the king and say. How long will this laziness be, how long will this debauchery last? She Awakened the sleeping desires of the people and made the strings of their hearts vibrate with her voice. she would narrate the glory of those immortal heroes. Who used to get restless on hearing the cry of the poor. Singing the glory of the women who died in the honour of the house.


Hearing his loving voice, people used to hold their hearts, they used to be in agony.  The whole of Tehran was in awe of Laila. She was the lamp of hope for the poor, the nymph of heaven for the merry-goers. The awakening of the soul to the rich and the message of mercy and righteousness to the government officials.

At the behest of his eyebrows, the public could jump into the fire. Just as life attracts death, so did Laila attract the masses.

And this unmatched beauty was as pure as nectar, as clear as snow, and as beautiful as a new flower. For him, a loving look, a meaningful smile, what would not have happened on a succulent act, mountains of gold would stand, princely feet would lick the dust, poets would be cut off, scholars would kneel.


But Laila did not even look at anyone with her eyes. She lived in the shade of a tree, begged and ate, and sang to the veena of her heart. She was only an object of bliss and light, not of enjoyment, like the poet’s axiom. Because she was the embodiment of the blessings of the sages, immersed in well-being, stained in peace, no one could touch her or buy her.


One day in the evening. Prince Nadir of Tehran came out on horseback. Laila was singing.  Nadir stopped the reins of the horse and stood listening in a drowsy state for a long time. 


The first sher of the ghazal was “Madarkestest inside heart, goyimyam jawsojajad; without heartartansan matzogzo ustakhvsojajad.” 


Then he got down from the horse and sat there on the ground and kept crying with his head bowed. Then he got up and went to Laila and laid his head at her feet. People moved here and there out of respect.


Laila asked- “Who are you?”

Nadir- “Your slave.” 

Laila- “What do you want from me?”

Nadir- “Permission to serve you. Illuminate my hut with your feet.”

Laila- “This is mine. Not used to it.” 

The prince sat there again and Laila started singing again. But his throat started trembling as if a string of the veena had been broken.  


He looked at Nadir with painful eyes and said, “Don’t sit here.”

For them there are palaces, there are festivals and there are times of wine. I sing for those who have pain in their hearts, not for those who have passion in their hearts.

Nadir” I can leave everything. I was a slave to passion, but you tasted the pain.” 

Laila started singing again. But the voice was out of control as if it was not in his throat.

Nadir said with tears in his eyes – “No Laila, now my seat will also be fixed here.”

Nadir would listen to Laila’s songs throughout the day. In the streets, wherever she went, she would follow him. He used to lie under the same tree at night.  


He also used to live in the same condition in which Laila used to live. The queen would cook and send the best food for him. But the nadir did not even look at him. But she no longer had that appetite for Laila’s music. It was a melody of broken strings that had neither that softness, nor that magic, nor that effect.  

She still sang, listeners still came;  But now she used to sing not to make her heart happy. To make her heart happy and the listeners came not to be happy. But to make her happy. 

Thus six months passed. One day Laila did not go to sing. 


Nadir said – “Why Laila, will you not sing today?”

Laila said – “I will never go now. To tell the truth, do you still enjoy my songs as before?” Nadir said – “More than ever “

Laila-” But other people don’t like it now.” Nadir- “Yes, I am surprised about this.”

Laila- “No wonder. Earlier my heart was open, there was room for everyone in it. Used to reach everyone’s heart. Now you closed the door. Now there is only you, that’s why you like my voice. This heart is no longer of any use except to you. Come on, till today you were my slave. From today I am your maidservant. Come on, I will follow you. From today you are my master. Take a little fire and put it in this hut.


House-to-house celebrations were being held in Tehran. Today Prince Nadir got married to Laila.  After a long time, the wish of his heart was fulfilled. The whole of Tehran would lay down his life on the prince and was involved in his happiness. The emperor had announced on his behalf that money and time should not be wasted on this auspicious occasion.

People gather in mosques and pray to God that the bride and groom have a long life and they should live happily. The rich decorated the gatherings, light lamps, and played musical instruments, the poor handled their waffles and roamed the streets tossing and jumping. Many years passed. Nadir was now the emperor and Laila was his queen. Iran has never been ruled so well.  

Both wanted the welfare of the people, both wanted to see him happy and prosperous.  Love removed all the difficulties that Laila had previously suspected. Nadir was the advocate of the state, Laila the public – power. But practically there was no difference between them. Sometimes it would get buried, sometimes it would go away. Their married life was ideal.


Nadir looked at Laila, and Laila looked at Nadir.  If they had time off from work, both of them would sit and sing and play. Sometimes they would walk along the rivers and sometimes while sitting in the shade of a tree. They would read and dance Hafiz’s ghazals.


There was no more simplicity in Laila, nor was there so much artificiality in Nadir now. Nadir had a right over Laila which was a simple matter. Those palaces now contained dispensaries, madrasas, and rooms full of books. Where the annual expenditure of the residence used to reach crores, it did not go beyond thousands now.

The rest of the money was used for the benefit of the people. All these things were done by Laila. The emperor was the nadir, but the reins were in Laila’s hands. Everything was there, but the public announced discontent was increasing day by day.


The authoritarians feared that if this situation continued. There was no doubt about the extinction of the monarchy.  The planted tree of Jamshed, which has withstood storms and storms for thousands of centuries, is now being uprooted at the hands of a beautiful lady.

On the other hand, the public-authoritarians had so much hope for Laila, but all were proving to be hopeless. Iran follows the path of progress with this trick, doom will come before it reaches its destination. Fights used to take place between the two parties. 

Neither Nadir’s explanation affected the rich, nor Laila’s explanation affected the poor.  The courtiers became thirsty for the blood of the Nadir, the public was the enemy of Laila.

One day Nadir and Laila are playing chess. The condition was fixed that Nadir would be defeated in the game. He will sing on a decree.


As expected he will be defeated in chess. Laila said” You promised to sign the decree” Laila took out the decree. Which she had written in the letters of her pearl. In this, the tax on food was reduced to half. Laila had not forgotten the public. She was still engaged in their welfare. 

Nadir promised to sign the decree on the condition that Laila beat him thrice in chess. 

He was a good player; Laila knew it; But it was not a chess game, it was just a joke. 

Nadir signed the decree with a smile. With a single mark of a pen, the people got five crore annual tax freedom. Laila’s face lit up with pride. The work which could not be done by years of agitation was completed in a few days with loving eyes. 

She could not believe when this decree would be published in the government newspapers and people would see. How much happiness the public would be at that time. People will sing my name and bless me. Nadir was looking at her face drowning in love. And as if under his control, he would have placed this idol of beauty in his heart. Suddenly there was a noise at the door of the palace.  In an instant, it was learned that the grasshopper party of the people, carrying weapons, was trying to break the walls standing at the door of the palace.

Every moment the noise increased and it was suspected that an angry public would break through the door and enter. Then it appeared that some people were climbing on the wall by taking the stairs. Laila stood with her head bowed in shame and guilt.  


Not a word came out of his mouth. Are these the people whose voices used to go mad while telling the story of their sufferings? This is the weak, poor, hungry, suffering people suffering the pain of tyranny, on which she had robbed herself.

Nadir also stood silent;  But not out of shame, his face lit up with anger, and sparks were coming out of his eyes. He kept chewing affected again and keeping his hand on the affected at Laila again and again with sad eyes.

It was too late to signal. As soon as he gets his order, his army will drive away from this rebel party as the wind blows away the leaves. But Laila could not see her eyes.  After all, he said restlessly – “Laila, I want to call the army. What do you say?” Laila looked at the helpless eye “Just wait, first ask this prophet you want.”,


On finding Nadir climbing on the roof, Laila also followed him upstairs. Both now stood in front of the public. In the light of torches, people saw both of them standing on the roof as if the gods had come down from the sky.

A voice emanated from thousands of throats – “She is standing, she is standing, Laila she is standing!” It was the people who used to rejoice at Laila’s melodious music. 

Nadir said to the rebels with a loud voice – Nadir could not even finish the talk that the rebels shouted with one voice – “Laila, Laila is our enemy, we cannot see her in the form of our queen.”

Nadir shouted – “Jalimo, a little silent  Come on, behold, this is the decree on which Laila has just forcibly signed. From today the tax on grain has been reduced to half and the tax burden on your head has been reduced by five crores. ”

Thousands of men shouted – “This tax should have been completely waived long ago. We cannot pay a single penny. Laila, Laila, we cannot see her in the form of our queen.”


Nadir climbed the tower and rang the alarm bell. His voice echoed throughout Tehran, But not even a man from the royal army was seen. The nadir rang the bell again. And the sky trembled at its chime, and the stars trembled. But not a single soldier came out.

The nadir then rang the bell for the third time. But that too was answered only by a haldi as the words of a dying man’s last prayer. Nadir beat his head. Realized that bad days have come. Even now he could have saved his throne by sacrificing Laila at the request of the public, but Laila was dear to him.


He came to the terrace, grabbed Laila’s hand, and came out of the door carrying her. The rebels welcomed him with a triumphant voice, But all of them got? out of the way due to some unknown inspiration. The two walked quietly through the streets of Tehran. There was darkness all around. Shops were closed. There was silence in the markets.  No one used to come out of the house. Fakirs also took refuge in mosques. But there was no place for these two people. Nadir had a sword at his waist, and Laila had a trumpet in her hand. 


This was a sign of the disappearance of his great opulence. The whole year has passed.  Laila concluded around the country and abroad.

Samarkand and Bukhara, Bag Deservealab, Cairo and Aden, they scoured all these countries.

Laila’s trumpet again started doing magic, on hearing her voice, there would be a stir in the city, men’s fair would start, and hospitality would start. But these two travelers did not stay anywhere for more than a day. Neither ask anything from anyone nor go to anyone’s door. They used to eat only dry food and sometimes spent the night under a tree, sometimes in a mountain cave, and sometimes on the side of the road.

The bad behavior of the world had made them estranged. They used to run far away from their greed. They had realized that here for whom you give your life, they become their enemy; With whom you do good, he does evil. 

Don’t fall for anyone here. Invitations from the world come to them, and people would make thousands of requests to make them their guests. But Laila and nadir would not listen to anyone. 


Nadir was still sometimes obsessed with the kingdom. He wanted to secretly gather strength and ascend Tehran, defeat the rebels and rule unbroken. But seeing Laila’s indifference, she did not dare to meet anyone.  Laila was his life, he used to follow his instructions. On the other hand, there was anarchy in Iran as well.  

Tired of the power of the people, even the rich had gathered their forces and there used to be a daily struggle between the two parties. The whole year passed and the fields were not cultivated. There was a severe famine in the country. The business was slow, the treasury was empty. Day by day the power of the people was decreasing and the emphasis on the rich was increasing. 

Eventually, it reached a point where the people laid down their arms and the rich took control of the palace. People’s leaders were hanged, many were imprisoned and public power came to an end. The powerful now remembered Nadir. It was proved by experience that there is a lack of ability to bring people’s rule in the country. Truth didn’t need proof.

The rich people think that. Nadir will remain a puppet in the hands of the rich even while sitting on the throne. And the rich will get a chance to commit arbitrary atrocities on the people. So the people consulted among themselves and their chiefs left to bring Nadir to Mana. It was evening. Laila and Nadir were sitting under a tree in Damask.


The sky was reddened, and the black line of the mountain joining it seemed as if the lotus had withered. Laila was watching this beauty of nature with gleeful eyes. Nadir was lying sad and worried. Looking with thirsty eyes towards the distant area in behaviour. He is fed up with this life.  Suddenly dust was seen flying far away and in an instant. It appeared that some men were walking on horses. 

Nadir sat up and looked carefully to see who this man was. Suddenly he stood up. His face lit up like a lamp, a strange rush ran through the weak body.  

He said curiously – “Laila, this is a man from Iran, swear by Kalame-Pak, he is a man of Iran. It is visible from his clothes.” 

Laila also looked at those passengers and said carefully  Take up the sword, maybe it will be needed. ” 

Nadir – ” No Laila, the people of Iran are not so low as to raise the sword on their king. “

Laila – ” I used to think so before.”

The riders came near and stopped the horses.  And came down and saluted Nadir with great respect.

Nadir could not stop his expression even after he tried very hard, to run and hugged them. He was no longer a king, he was a traveller of Iran.  Those three men were the creators of Iran at this time. He knew them well. These men’s honesty was tested many times by him. 

Nadir wanted to bring them and make them sit with him. But they sat on the ground. In his eyes, that place was the throne at that time, on which he could not step before his master. 

Conversations started. The situation in Iran was very bad. The market for loot and kill was hot, there was no system or people to handle it. If this condition continues, then very soon the noose of slavery will fall on his neck. The country was now looking for Nadir. Except for him, no one else could cross the sinking boat. With this hope, we came to you.

Nadir said with displeasure- “Once you have taken respect, have you thought of taking my life now? I am very comfortable! Don’t you trouble me?”

The chieftains started pleading- “We will not leave Huzoor’s side. We will kill ourselves at Huzoor’s feet with a knife. The miscreants who harassed you. Now there is not even a trace of them. We will never let them raise their heads again, only the help of Huzoor is needed. 

Nadir Said- ” if you want to make me the king of Iran with this intention, then forgive me. I have carefully observed the condition of the people in this journey and have concluded that their condition is worse than all the countries.”


They Deserve mercy. I have never had such opportunities in Iran. I used to look at the public through the eyes of my courtiers. Don’t expect me to loot the public and fill your pockets. This sin cannot be embraced. I will keep the scales equal and on this condition, I can walk in Iran.  But we were.  How can I forgive him?  “

From the very day when the public created a ruckus at the gates of the palace and pleaded for Laila’s expulsion, there was a change in Laila’s thoughts. 

From birth, he had learned to sympathize with the public. She used to see the civil servants oppressing the public and her tender heart used to ache. Then she started hating money, opulence, and luxury. Due to this, the public has to suffer.


She wanted to bring such strength in herself which would bring compassion to the hearts of the oppressors and peace to the hearts of the people. Her childlike imagination would put her on a throne. Where she would change the world with her justice.

How many nights had she spent dreaming of this?  How many times did she cry sitting at the head of the unjust victims? But when one day it came that her dreams were slowly coming true. Then she had a new and harsh experience. She saw that the people were not as tolerant. So poor and weak as she thought. Instead, there was a greater degree of pettiness, gullibility, and insolence. She doesn’t know how to appreciate good behaviour. And can’t use power properly. From that day his heart went away from the public.


The day Nadir and Laila returned to Tehran again. The whole city went out to welcome them. Terror descended on the city. And the sound of sorrowful cries was heard all around. 


The rich used to roam in the neighbourhood of the rich, and the neighbourhoods of the poor were ruined, seeing them the heart was torn. Nadir cried, But the merciless laughter was showing its glory on Laila’s lips.


Nadir now had great difficulty. He would see every day that what I want to do is not and what I do not want to do, it happens, and the reason for this is Laila. But he could not say anything. Laila used to interfere, concluding daily would have put some trouble. Whatever she tried for the public. And she could not understand anything except to keep quiet. 


He had once left the kingdom for Laila. Then difficult times tested Laila. The experience of the character of Laila. Which he had acquired in the trouble of so many days, was so charming.


So sweet that he had become Laila-may.  Laila was his heaven, his ultimate desire was to be in love with him. What could he do now for this Laila? What were the reputation of the people and the empire before him?  In this way, three years passed, and the condition of the people was deteriorating day by day. One day Nadir went hunting and wandered in the forest, separated from his companions, till it was night and the companions could not be found. 

He didn’t even know the way to return home.  After all, taking the name of God, walking on one side meant that somewhere the name of a village or settlement would be found.


I will stay there all night. And will return in the morning. While walking he saw a village at the other end of the forest, which would hardly have three or four houses. Here, a mosque was built. A lamp was flickering in the mosque. But there was no sign of any man. It was more than midnight, so it was not right to hurt anyone. Nadir tied the horse to a tree and stayed the night in a mosque.

There was a torn mat lying there. He lay down on it. Because he was tired out of the day. And fell asleep after lying down. He doesn’t know how long he slept. But when he is startled to hear sounds. He sees that an old man is sitting and praying. Nadir wondered who was offering Namaz for so many nights. He did not know that the night had passed. And the time of the Fajr prayer started.


He lay and kept watching. The old man offered namaz. Then he stretched out his hands in front of his chest and started praying.  Nadir’s blood turned cold after hearing the words of Dua.


That prayer was such a sharp, so true, instructive critique of his rule, which no one had till today. He got a chance to hear the evil in his life. He knew that my government was not ideal, But he had never imagined that the pain had become so beyond bearable.

The prayer was ‘O God!  You are the helper of the poor and the support of the destitute. You see the atrocities of this cruel king and your havoc does not fall on him. This unbeliever has forgotten himself so much in the love of a beautiful woman that he neither sees with his eyes nor hears with his ears. If he sees, he hears with the eyes of the same woman, he hears through the ears of that woman.  Now this problem doesn’t go away.  Either you bring that bloodthirsty to hell Or lift us from the world.

Iran is fed up with its oppression and only you can avert this trouble from its head. The old man took his stick and went on. But Nadir lay there like a corpse as if lightning had struck him.

For a week Nadir did not come to the court, nor did he allow any servant to come near him. Day after day lying inside thought about what to do.

Eat a little something. Laila would go to him again and again, sometimes placing his head on her lap, putting his arms around his neck, and asking – “Why are you so sad and sad!”


Nadir started crying seeing him. But he didn’t say anything with his mouth. People or Laila, this was the big problem in front of him. There was a big fight going on in his heart and he could not decide anything. He loves people, But Laila was dear to him too.

He could have lived in disrepute, But he could not imagine life without Laila.  Laila was engrossed in his romance.  In the end, she decided- “Laila is mine, I belong to Laila. I am neither separate from her nor she is separate from me.


Whatever she does is mine, whatever I do is hers. Here is the reference between mine and yours. Where? The kingdom will end, and love is immortal.

We will sit together forever and enjoy the pleasures of heaven. Our love will shine like a star in the sky forever. Nadir rose with joy. His face was red with victory. 

His eyes were brimming with bravery. He was going to drink Laila’s cup of love. Which he hadn’t touched for a week.


His heart swelled with the same gusto that five years ago today. The flower of love never fades, the intoxication of love never fades.

But the doors of Laila’s room were closed and her trumpet was. Which used to hang from a peg on the door every day, was missing. Nadir’s heart went numb, keeping the doors closed.


It could have meant that Laila would be in the garden;  But where did the trumpet go? She may have gone to the garden with the trumpet. But why is there this sadness?  Why is it hurting?  Nadir opened the door with trembling hands.  Laila was not inside. 

The bed was laid, and the lamps were burning.  Nadir’s feet started trembling. Did Laila not even sleep at night? Everything in the room remembered Laila, her pic tells, but Laila was not there.  The house seemed deserted. 

Nadir’s heart was filled. He did not dare to a, anything to anyone. His heart became so sad that sitting on the floor like a madman, wept bitterly.

When the tears stopped, he smelled the bed, and perhaps there was some smell of Laila’s touch. There was no fragrance other than the smell of khus and roses. Suddenly he saw a piece of paper protruding from under the pillow. He took out the part by handling the heart with one hand and looked at it with stunning eyes.


Everything was known at a glance. That was the fate of the nadir.  From the mouth of Nadir, Hi Laila!  And he fell unconscious on the ground. 

Laila wrote in the part- “My dear Nadir, your Laila is separated from you, forever. Don’t look for me, you will not find my clue. I was your maid of love, not hungry for your kingdom. Today is a week. I am looking at you, you have lost sight. You do not speak to me, do not look at me with your eyes. You remain sad with me. With what desires I go to you and how disappointed I return, you cannot guess. I didn’t do anything to deserve this punishment. Whatever I have done, I did it for your good. A week passed by me crying. I know that now I have fallen from your eyes, thrown out of your heart. Ahh!  These five years will always be remembered, Duffly always may have this raffle, I take it with me. By enjoying love for five years, I have carried the stain of sorrow for life.  Laila was the maidservant of love;  How would Laila live when there was no love?”



So you see how too much of anything is bad. To listen to the song of Laila, Nadir was so tanked for her. He is ready to lose his kingdom. When he was king, he did not apply his wisdom, he saw, heard, and spoke by the eye, ear, and mouth of Laila.

Laila’s childhood dream was to lift the condition of poor people, governance, and prosperity of the country and its people. Which she tried to fulfill. When she was made queen.

But Laila’s heart was changed. When the poor people treated her as their enemy. And demand to throw her from the palace.


When Laila came back to the palace. She does not think about the poor condition of the country’s people, her behavior was also rude toward them.

The changing attitude of Laila, made nadir think that why Laila was changed. And the last nail in the coffin of Nadir and Laila’s love life is bitten and hammered by an old man dua.


These Incidents made Nadir think, about what he should choose between governance or Laila. For this, he binds himself to his thoughts and gets lost in himself. He will not give attention to his feelings about Laila.

Because of that Laila left him. So, too much of anything is bad. It makes us blind, deaf, and handicapped. Be it love or hate.

Best of luck.

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