Am I normal?

Love yourself is better than hating yourself.

Am I Normal? We asked this question many times in our life. Like, when we like any girl. And we want to propose to her. When we want to get something, it is difficult to get it. When we compare ourselves to the guy who is on the top. The reason behind this is our old psychology. That when we walk our eyes should be on the street, not on the top. Because if we see on the top. There will be more possibility of accidents. But if we only see down on the street and do not see the top. The possibility of an accident is also that much. So the equilibrium is essential in life.


Am I normal?


Our younger and teenage friends are mostly affected by this feeling. Because they are just entering into their hard phases of life from the lap of their parents. They are like a baby bird that leaves its nest for the first time and flies into the sky to take flight. Then they come to know that. There is a difference between flapping wings in the nest and flying in the sky. Because flying in the sky is more difficult than staying in their nest.


So when these youngsters encountered the hardness of the world. They get the feeling “Am I normal”. I am not talking about the mental syndrome. But my concern is about being a victim of inferiority. Especially about their physical appearance. They dislike their hair, weight, eye colour, or even their body is common among teenagers.  


Studies show that about 96% of younger people are not happy with their physical appearance. Especially with their face and body. Feeling like they want to be different is normal. With the help of this feeling, you will be able to bring growth and change to your life.  


Being a human means being separated from each other. It’s about finding your difference from other people your age. If you have ever gone through a time. When you feel that you are different from ordinary people, do not worry.  


Another younger person feels the same way.  As a younger person, you may feel like you need to change yourself to be fit.  Society has made you think that you need to change yourself.  


There are five common things (am I normal) that most younger people believe. 


(1) You need to be handsome or your physical appearance should be good to be successful. Because there’s a direct connection between smartness and being successful.


(2) Happiness comes only when you have nothing to worry about. If this trouble of mine ends, then happiness will come into my life.  Neither trouble ends nor happiness comes.


(3) Your dreams: You will get a partner only when you are beautiful. And it is not in our hands to become beautiful, it is a gift from God. So you neither will we become beautiful nor will anyone become your partner.


(4) It is bad to make a mistake. Because making a mistake is a sin. And if I made a mistake then I will burn my whole life in regret of our mistake.


(5) At a young age, we have many idols. The way we want to be and the way we want to be seen. This means we want to change or transform like them. But it is not practical. We can only look like them, but cannot think and act like them. If you want to change. You have to change both your mindset and your attitude towards life. 


How to change our mindset and attitude?


To know how we change our mindset and attitude towards life. We discuss Jack’s story and see how he changed his life. Jack is a third-year student at college. His parents are divorced and he has gone through a phase where he refused to listen to anyone. Jack felt that his parents did not pay any attention to him. Every day, his mother used to scold him for not doing his share of household chores. At college, Jack was often called into the principal’s office to fight with other students. He had no friends because of his irritable nature.


One day, his mother got tired of his attitude and decided that. She would have a serious discussion with him. She told him that their life was already very difficult. Because of raising her alone and going through a divorce. She told Jack that she understands his anger. But he also needs to be strong.  After all, they are both to each other. If Jack does not change his behaviour, then the problems for both of them will increase.  


At that point, Jack realized that he was not the only one who was upset because his parents divorced. He has indeed lost the chance to have a family. But her mother also suffered a lot. Jack immediately decided to change his behaviour. No one was getting any good from his attitude. He is already getting all the love and attention he wants from his Mother. It was he who could not see it. Since then, Jack would wake up early in the morning and clean the entire house himself.  


He also tried his best to get along well with the rest of the students. And now because he is happy from the inside. So he gets social and meets everyone. The other boys also started to meet him and get his friend. By doing so, Jack and his mother began to get closer. They started opening up to each other. So, Changing your life, as it is easy to say, is not that easy to do, but you have to take the first step to better future changes.


How to come out from the thought “am I normal”?


(1) By knowing about the secret of success. We know about what we need for success. This world is full of diversity. That’s why the secret of success works for one, does not work for others. But there are some common things. Like, Miserable in spending time, hard work, wisdom, and Desire to learn something. 


These four are common signs found in all successful people. Of course, the beauty and your smartness help you to get success quickly. It doesn’t mean that people who are smart or ugly, can’t get success. And the problem is also with the former. 


Because they are full of ego and overconfidence. That’s why they feel procrastinated and block the desire to learn. They are like rabbits in the race between rabbit and turtle. In which rabbits were defeated because of their overconfidence.


(2) The four components of true love are compassion, freedom, joy, and loving-kindness. Looking good and handsome does not come under these components. So if you are not handsome. Do hesitate to propose your love. So, go and propose. If she or he needs true love they accept you. If not, then think they are not your true love. And if you want only lust. Then your money helps you. 


A true Lover is not someone who only wants to sleep with you. A true Lover is someone who also wants to wake up with you.


(3) We think that if this trouble of mine ends, then happiness will come into my life. But neither trouble ends nor happiness comes. This means the trouble is not a roll number that when madam calls, we will say yes. Meaning that trouble will come in our life by asking us first. This is not possible.


Trouble will come by itself and will go away on its own. And sometimes the trouble comes in wholesale. Don’t wait for trouble to go away, to make yourself happy. So, try to be happy in life. 


Do not regret it, which you did not get. But work hard for what you can get.


(4) Doing any mistake is not a sin. Because humans are the idols of mistakes. So do not regret it. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. And never repeat them. 


Making mistakes is not a sin, but repetition of mistakes is a sin.


(5) without copying. We have to change according to our learning of life. Because the things taught by life are true. The lesson taught by others can be wrong at times. If you have to learn something from someone, then learn from his behavior instead of his dress.


Change is that gift from god. Which not only changes us but also our destiny.




So, As you grow up, you will soon realize that thinking ” Am I normal” is not good. Many successful people were not smart in their school & college. Despite being busy, people find happiness. You can date whomever you want without worrying about your looks. After all, mistakes cannot be avoided. The most you can do is to learn from them. If you want to live a different life, the most important thing you have to do is change. If you keep doing the same thing all the time. You will get the same results. So to find the answer Am I normal? You have to change your thought process. Because your thought becomes your act.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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