Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. 

My brother failed the exam because he was overconfident about his preparation. He looks at this man, he fails because he is an overconfident-bias man. We all use this type of comment for others. Like for our relatives, family members, colleagues, and for our opponents. But we never use these types of comments for us.


Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.


Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Which footprint we can’t see in ourselves? Overconfidence is visible only in others. That’s why our disorder is identified by others. So, the conclusion is that. We are all affected by overconfidence but do not accept it.


Overconfidence is a self-detonation process. Which generates in our minds. When we found success in all steps. When we never taste failures in life. When we get everything easily.


But the side effect of this is that after suffering a little defeat, after suffering a little trouble, people get down. So to maintain your confidence at that level. You need self-esteem. You open yourself to learning new, accepting new, and rectifying yourself. So in this article, we have to discuss the side effect of overconfidence. Why do we not understand overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer? The cause of overconfidence. How to overcome overconfidence? 


Accepting the fault and rectifying it needs more confidence than starting a new one.


The cause of overconfidence.


1. Our ego-


Our ego is the main cause of overconfidence. We all claim that we are not egoistic. I also claim that I do not have an ego. And it exists partly right or partly wrong. For example, one child grew up in a modernized family. And one child grew up in a conservative family.  Both are friends and work as colleagues in the same company. So when the discussion is on in the office. Both have their view. But a child who grew up in a modernized family has a broader view on any aspect. From a child who grew up in a conservative family. 


The child of a conservative family has a high ego. Because he is very sensitive to his values. But the other has a low ego. Because he is liberal. So ego can vary from person to person. Some have low egos and some have high egos. But we all have egos. A good ego is called self-esteem and a bad ego is called overconfidence, pride, and apathy.


2. Our greed and selfishness-


Our greed and selfishness make us overconfident. When we are greedy. We automatically become selfish. And a selfish person does not want to see the good of others. They only want to demean other people in front of them, for their interest. Which increases the ego of that person. And when the condition is repeated in their life. The confidence of that person changes into overconfidence. He becomes an overconfident biased person.


3. When we get everything easily-


Take the example of two children. One is born in the house of a rich family and the second is born in a poor family. To be born in which family is not in our hands. Because our destiny decides about it. 


So, there is no doubt that a child born into a rich family has a higher confidence level than a child born into a poor family. Because rich children get all the basic amenities easily. But for the same amenities, the poor child struggles a lot. But the over-confident makes the rich child rubber. Who does not accept anything? But the struggle makes the poor child sponge. Who absorbs all the knowledge?


4. When we get success in all steps-


No doubt some people are hardworking and smarter. That’s why they get successful. But when we get success in all our tasks. It boosts our ego and makes us overconfident. But it does not mean that we should think that now we can never lose. And the person who is in front of us can never win over us. Because my friend no one is invincible in this world. Everybody has to taste defeat in this world.


Why do we not understand overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer?


There is a famous quote that ” before showing the finger to another, it should be seen that our three fingers point towards us.”


This means we must correct ourselves before correcting others. We heard these quotes many times  But never acted on them. In the matter of overconfidence, we never use it. Because we never accept that we are overconfident biased people. The reason behind that is. We treat overconfidence as our self-esteem. But it is our ego.


To identify whether your behaviour is overconfidence or self-esteem. You may know the difference between self-esteem and overconfidence. 


The difference between self-esteem and overconfidence.


  1. Overconfidence hurts others. But self-esteem does not.


  1. Overconfidence prevents the acquisition of knowledge. But self-esteem does not.


  1. Overconfidence gives a sense of invincibility. But self-esteem gives a sense of self-reliance.


  1. Overconfidence makes us apathetic. But self-esteem makes us benevolent.


  1. Overconfidence makes us greedy. But self-esteem makes us gregarious.


  1. Overconfident people overrated themselves. But self-esteem people make an equilibrium between overrated and underrated.


So these are the 6 differences between self-esteem and overconfidence. This helps you to know your behaviour drop in which behaviour self-esteem or overconfidence. So, it helps you to understand why we are suffering from overconfidence.


The side-effects of overconfidence.


1. Restrict us to the acquisition of knowledge-


Overconfidence gives a sense of fulfillment. That’s why the people who are overconfident-biased think that intellectuality begins with them and ends with them. Or like in the field they regularly found success. They tend to believe that only their ideas and work are worth it. They do not respect the ideas of others. They want that whether it is an office or home. All work should be done only according to his plans or ideas. So they block themselves from taking advice or help from others. It decreases their hunger for knowledge acquisition.


2. Overrated themselves-


The meaning of overconfidence is also overrated. The meaning of overrated is the belief that no one is big, more intelligent, and more wealthy than I. Like, We think in the house or office. Without me, my house would not be run. Or my office would not be run. But this type of thought is rubbish. Because of my friends, nothing will stop in this world without anyone. The world moves at its own pace, whether you are in or out. Overconfidence gives you a sense of eliteness. You hide your mistakes and failures. If you fail, you blame others for your failure.


3. Disconnect our connection from God-


The main reason behind the devaluation of our behaviour and personality is that. We disconnect our connection from God. The devil replaced the place of God. And the devil fills our minds with ego, greed, selfishness, and fear. Which makes us overconfident. There is no place left for others in our eyes. We do not understand the reason behind their pain, suffering, and mistakes. That’s why we assume that everyone gives us excuses. To hide their failure and mistakes. We think they are weak. 


Failure is not a measurement of ability, but failure is a means to success.


4. Throw out compassion from our hearts-


If there is no place for God in our hearts. our hearts get hard and compassion will be kicked out of our hearts. That’s why we do not understand the emotions and needs of others. We make ourselves rigid. We always think that others need us. We do not need anyone. Because I am complete in myself. That why we call overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.


5. To be impatient-


These people are impatient. They are greedy for their success. They want success at any cost. So for success, they do not hesitate to use unethical methods. Because they fear losing their position. To prove themselves right they talk loudly and forcefully. They always seek validation from outside. To satisfy their ego they want to surround themselves with those people. Who always validates them. That’s why overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Which kills us from the inside.


I do not need anyone, it’s our pride and everyone needs us, it’s our misconceptions. And the combination of both is our overconfidence.


How do I overcome overconfidence?


To overcome overconfidence. You can do the following remedies.


1. Strong your connection with God-


To change overconfidence into confidence. We have to strengthen our connection with God. We have to throw out the devil from our mind and replace it with God. I am not giving you religious or spiritual teaching. Because accepting God and feeling him inside,  is beyond these teachings. God is our honesty, morality, acceptance, compassion, and sacrifice. Which makes us human beings. Because today we look like humans but behave like animals. So if these qualities are inculcated in our behaviour and personality. Overconfidence will disappear and self-esteem will be generated.


2. Give credit to every person who has travelled the path of success with you-


There is a strange thing in us that when we achieve success, we do not want to give credit to those people who have travelled the path of success with us. Even if we give, they remain only in our speeches. After the speech, we break all our connections with them. We think I do not need them. We think that the success is because of me. I deserved it, that’s why I got it.


So by sharing our success with all the people who travelled the path of success with us. Giving a chunk of happiness. Which we do not get when we are alone. It makes us humble, and down to earth and raises our height in society. It gives us honor and prestige.


3. Don’t underestimate an opponent or work-


And this is the biggest disadvantage of overconfidence. We always consider the person in front of us as weak. So, they win by taking advantage of it. You must have noticed that sometimes we pass hard exams. But we fail in the exam which is easiest for us. The reason is our overconfidence. That’s why our opponent is strong or weak, whether the exams are very hard or light. We should keep our preparations the same for all.


It is better that We should sharpen the edge of our axe rather than see how thick the tree is.


4. Demean your ego-


To overcome overconfidence and demeaning the ego is a must. Because they are twin brothers. if you have one the other is automatically generated. And if you kick one the other is also kicked out. To demean your ego you have to generate the following things in your attitude and behaviour.


  1. Change hate from yourself into love.
  2. Change your greed into generosity.
  3. Try to forgive others.
  4. Establish communication and erase misconceptions.
  5. Inculcate gratitude in your behaviour.


5. Develop empathy and compassion-


Empathy and compassion are the best antidotes for ego and overconfidence. It makes us humble. It allows us to listen to others and understand their emotions. And also do some action to solve their problem. It helps us to demean overconfidence by understanding the emotions of others and giving respect to them. 




So, in answer to overcoming overconfidence? And save from overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. For this first, we have to demean our ego. Because it is the twin brother of overconfidence. Second, we have to generate compassion and empathy. To understand the other emotions. Third, Give credit to every person who has traveled the path of success with you. 


Because it gives you the people who like you and help you to continue your path of success. Fourth, never underestimate your opponent. It helps you to keep alert and always on your toes. And the last is to strengthen your connection with God. This helps you easily do all the above-overcome procedures. Because it makes you strong from the inside.

Overconfidence is the crush, which makes you blunt, deaf, and blind.

Best of luck

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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