How to change the impossible into possible?

Sometimes it seems that everything is impossible in life. Now nothing can happen to us. Everything is over now.  Maybe even Mary was thinking the same while lying on the hospital bed. It was only a few days back.  When she and her husband Henry, along with their two children, flew from England to Thailand to celebrate the New Year.  Everyone was so happy.  Both their kids John and Harry were so excited. He started preparing for the trip from November.  


How to change the impossible into possible?


It was just yesterday, Mary and her husband had spent quality time together after so many days. What a pleasant atmosphere it was. But today she was thinking all this while moaning in pain on the hospital bed with many wounds.  Holding the hand of his elder child Jhon in his hands. Both had tears in their eyes.  Her husband and second child Harry were separated from her. On the other side, the doctors were preparing for his operation.


A happy family. Today was about to end. And the reason for all this was the Tsunami.  Such a flood and we don’t know how many lives were lost. Don’t know how many houses were destroyed. Thinking of this, tears were not stopping from her eyes.  Her child was hungry, her clothes torn, eyes full of pain.  But she was not in a condition to do anything for him. Just both kept looking at each other. The pain of the entire world has got confined in their eyes.


On the other hand, Henry and Harry were also saved. And they were together.  But they too were going through the same pain as Mary and John. These people were pulled out from the sea by some fishermen. And he had gone to the relief camp with these. Who was out of town? Now Henry had only two options.  Either stay in the camp and wait for the information about their family or go out and find Mary and John.  But the crippling problem he had gone through was Harry.  A 5-year-old child was already traumatized by the loss of his mother. Now if his father had also left him and gone away. So maybe he can’t tolerate this shock.


But Henry had to decide something. While thinking, Henry suddenly got up and said I will go.  


There is a saying that if there is a well on one side and a ditch on the other side, then you should choose the option, which has less chance of death and more chance of survival.


Now it was Harry’s turn to explain.  Because there was a doctor in the relief camp, with whom Harry felt somewhat close.  So Henry felt that maybe Harry would agree to stay with him.


When he told the doctor about his condition, she also agreed to help him. Now it was Harry’s turn to persuade. 


Henry said to Harry, “Do you want your mother and brother to come back?”  


He said enthusiastically, yes I want to.  


Henry said, but for that, you have to make a promise.  


He told Henry without delay, I accept all the promises.  


Then Henry said, to get your mother, I have to go out.  


He said in a very naughty way, then go. 


Henry said, But I have to go alone. 


After listening to these words, Harry stayed firmly in his place for some time. Then he clung to Henry’s neck. They both knew what was going to happen next.  And perhaps these 2 days had made Harry strong from the inside as well. When Henry started passing out after handing him over to that doctor. Both father and son had tears in their eyes. And fearing that they might be seeing each other for the last time.


On the other side in the hospital, now it was the turn of Mary to be taken to the operation theatre. John was watching all these things with stony eyes. Both fear and pain were visible in his eyes. Fear of losing his mother, and the pain of being separated from his family.  On the other hand, when Henry reached the city, the situation in the city was chaotic.  All the means of communication were stalled.  Because this city was also new to Henry. That’s why he was facing a lot of problems.


But he continued his search. On the way, he met a European named Karry. His family was also separated from him because of the tsunami. Because Karry had been living here for many years. He knew a lot about this city.  And secondly, he also had a mobile phone.  After listening to Henry, both of them made this decision. Now they will together search for their respective families. He also gave Henry a mobile. So that Henry could tell his family about the whole incident. And promised Mary’s father that he would definitely bring his daughter back. While he didn’t even know whether his wife and son were still alive or not.


If you have hope in your heart, it will show you the way even in the dark. Now his search begins. He made a list of all the relief camps and hospitals and started checking them one by one. But the number of camps and hospitals was in the hundreds and thousands. Because their challenges were huge. But it did not shake his willpower. So he continued his search.


On the other hand, the doctor who was with Harry was also transferred to a hospital in the city. Because there was more need for a doctor there. Now the doctor and Harry had come quite close. The Doctor decides that she will take Harry with her. Here Jhon even sometimes comes on that bed and sometimes to the door of the operation theatre. He could not understand what to do. Because Mary had multiple fractures. That’s why he had to undergo many operations.


Here Henry was also continuing his search tirelessly without stopping. Then in one of those camps, Karry found her family. Seeing this, Henry’s hope increased. But now there was also the sorrow of losing a friend. Karry and Henry hug each other, and promise to meet again.  And Henry continued his journey.


On the other hand, the hospital to which the doctor was transferred. That was the hospital where Mary was admitted.  The doctor used to keep Harry in her cabin. So Harry and John were unknown to each other. But one day Harry insisted on the doctor to take him to the hospital as well. The doctor also agreed and brought her to the hospital. While playing there, Harry reached near the bed where John was sitting waiting for his mother. Both saw each other. Tears started flowing from both of their eyes. Both hugged each other. Harry asked John about his mother. John took her hand and took her outside the operation theatre. And told him that our mother is inside this.


On the other hand, by that time Henry had also reached that hospital.  In search of his child and his mother. He started wandering here and there in the hospital. Then he found that doctor there. The doctor told Henry that Harry is also with her. But when they started looking for Harry, they could not find him.  When both of them reached outside the operation theater in search of them. So Henry was stunned by the scene in front of him.  Both the brothers slept there on the floor holding each other’s hands.


Henry called John and Harry as if both their ears were waiting to hear this voice.  Both got up and hugged Henry. Then the door of the operation theater opened and Mary was brought out. The doctor said the operation was successful. But she will have to undergo some more operations to recover completely. When Mary’s eyes opened after some time, she could not believe her eyes.  She started thinking that what I am seeing is a dream, or what I was thinking a while back was a dream. Everyone was looking at each other. Like the whole world had stopped there.  There were tears in everyone’s eyes. But the happiness of finding each other. So it was an impossible journey that ended up being possible.

The impossible is not an end, it is the beginning of every work. Because before starting any work. It seems impossible for us. But when our willpower snatches our fear from our heart and mind. And we take one step. The impossible turn into the possible.

So friends, every journey in this world starts with the impossible but it ends with the possible.  For example, when a small child has to go to school, that journey is considered impossible for him.  But when he starts doing that work, it becomes possible for him.  So if you have the urge to do something, the passion, the strength to face defeat, and the will to move forward without stopping and without getting tired, then nothing is impossible for you.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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