Respect is earned not given?

Respect is earned not given. It can not be snatched and not be begged. It can only be earned. Everyone in this world, whether rich or poor, all are hungry for respect.  Many people earn a lot of money.  But they can’t earn respect. You must have noticed that when someone has a lot of money. Then he wants to earn respect by spending that money.  Sometimes we get respect at home but not outside.  


Respect is earned not given.


And sometimes it is found outside, but not found at home. This means one of our sides always remains empty.  So to earn respect inside our house or outside of our house. We have to feed on things in our minds that respect is earned not given. And to earn respect, we have to follow the 7 tricks which will change your behaviour and add Jipositivity to yourself. That people will get attracted towards you. 


So without delay, we will try to know this through this Article. About how respect is earned? By the use of 7 tricks. And You can gain or maintain respect in your life. So that you can earn the respect, but not begged it


7 tricks that help you to earn respect. 


1. End your dependent nature- 


Dependency is such a thing that makes us God as well as slaves. We become God. When someone is dependent on us.  Dependence may be of money, opinion, or companionship.  Dependency is just dependency.  If someone takes the decision of our life on behalf of us. So they want us to do our work as per their instructions. If we do not follow their instruction. Then they get angry and also abuse us.  


Exactly we all do it, when someone is dependent on us. We decided, what should he do and what should he not do?  Exactly the same condition happens to us when we are slaves.  Someone wants to take advantage of us in the same way. That’s why try to change your dependent nature into independent nature. You will see that automatically your acceptance in society will start increasing.


2. Learn to say ‘NO’ – 


You must learn to say NO. Because this is the second biggest factor in reducing your respect.  You YES fixed a tag of availability on your forehead.  It does not leave us anywhere.  Whether we want it or not, people feel free to use us.  Believe me, your one simple no will give you a lot of freedom.  I am remembering an incident in my life.  


One day my friend and I were sitting in the evening.  Then suddenly my friend told me about some work for the second day.  I told him no. But I had no intention of saying no.  Because I didn’t have time, that’s why I told him a simple no.  But suddenly he fired on me. For some time I could not understand what had happened.  Later I came to know.  Because I had never told him no till date. So An ability tag was set for me in his mind.  It was not that it was because of respect. That was because I had given him the right to use me. That’s why his nature had become authoritative towards me. That’s why remove the tag of availability. And simply say ‘NO’.


3. Do not argue – 


Do not argue with anyone. There will be no benefit from this. While your respect in the eyes of other people will only decline.  Because people will feel that you are of violent nature. If someone teases you. He wants a response from you. So that he can answer you. He wants to release his anger, frustration, and restlessness. The second reason behind this. 


He wants to spoil your image in front of society.  That people call you an antisocial person. So if a little silence can get us respect. So it is better to remain silent. Second, staying calm is the best answer for your opponent. Because your silence will be the reason for its explosion.  He will go on burning in his own fire.


4. Less speaking- 


You must have heard this, those who speak less are knowledgeable. There is a belief in our society that. Wise people speak less, speak on time, and speak only as much as is necessary.  So why don’t you also follow this concept?  Speak less and maintain your respect.  Because people who speak a lot don’t even know what they say. And he gets himself insulted.


5. Added value in others’ life- 


Here I will give you the example of two famous people from my country India. First is Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in India, and second is Prime minister Modi. Can you compare the respect and popularity of both?  Never, because there is a difference between land and sky between these two. While Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India. So what’s the difference? That Modi ji is so popular, not Mukesh Ambani.  


The simple difference is that Mukesh Ambani works for himself. But PM Modi works for the country and for the countrymen. Their one decision can change the fate of the whole country. That’s why if you also want respect.  So learn to contribute to the lives of others.  You don’t need to be a leader for this.  Whatever you are, work according to your capacity. At least you can give a smile.


6. Never reveal your secret- 


Never share your secret with others. Because it will only harm you. You will share your secret with whom you consider as your own.  Later he will start bargaining with you. And you will be helpless. Your secret is tea time gossip to others. So keep your secret buried in your chest. Even if you have to open it in front of someone. So try to know some of its secrets first. That keeps you always in a self-position. 


7. Do your respect first- 


To get respect from others. You forget to respect yourself. Let me tell you one thing. You don’t get respect by asking for it, you have to earn it. Respect is earned not given. And that will happen when you have confidence in yourself. That’s why respect yourself, the world will respect you. Just like you throw a note in the garbage, throw it on the road, or keep it in your purse. It does not lose its value. In the same way, when you respect yourself, you will also not lose your value.


So now it is time for a quick summary in which we will once again revise the 7 tricks. Which solves how respect is earned.  By which we can earn or maintain our respect.  First, change from dependent nature to independent nature. Second, throw away the tag of availability. Third, stop fighting with people, and work peacefully. Fourth, promote the spirit of cooperation. Fifth, make a habit of speaking less. Sixth, keep your secrets. And stop sharing it. Seventh, do your respect. If you followed these seven tips. I guarantee you that your respect will never decrease.


If you want to know your problem, then question it. 

If you want to know how to tackle your problem, then know yourself. 

And knowing yourself and questioning the problem. Will give you the strength to face it. And when you face your problem, you can solve your problem.


Respect is earned quotes. 


Respect is earned not given. It can not be snatched and not be begged. It can only be earned.


If you want to earn respect, you have to give respect to others. 


One who does not respect himself, the world does not respect him.


It’s okay to bow down to someone once or twice. But if that bowing down becomes repeated. Then it will break you from the inside.


If you want your respect not decline. Then do not reveal your secret in front of anyone. 


If you want to find respect from others. You have to add value to others’ lives. By keeping your ego, greed, and selfishness aside. 


Patience, compassion, and listening to others. These are the three behaviours. Which increases your respect. 


Speak less and maintain your respect.  Because people who speak a lot don’t even know what they say. And he gets himself insulted.


Our little silence gets us a respectable person. 


Try to change your dependent nature into independent nature. Automatically your acceptance in society will start increasing.


Respect is earned not given.


Best of luck.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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