How you feel happiness from inside out?

There is a man. Who has all the amenities of life? But he did not feel happiness from inside out. One day he was sitting in the garden. He was looking very frustrated and restless. Sitting in one place, he was thinking for many hours. His body was there, but his mind was elsewhere. A question that was bothering him. Why are we not feeling happy even though we have everything? After a long time when he did not get his answer. Then he tried to know the answer to this question from other people also.


How you feel happiness from inside out?


But no one answered satisfied him. After wandering for a long time, he found a zen monk. He repeated the same question to them as well. Why are we not feel happiness from inside out even though we have everything?


At first, the zen monk smiled. He asked the man “Where did this question come to your mind?


The man replied I have everything, good life, a job, money, a girlfriend, a car, and a big house. Earlier these things have me happy. But now these things don’t make me happy.


Monk asked, do you live alone? What do you do when it hurts? Where do you find happiness when you do not feel it?


The man replied I left home long ago in the pursuit of earning money. Now no one cares about me or I also do not. Because I cut my connection to all of them.


And when I get hurt, Or whenever anything happens in my life. I get frustrated, and my hands and feet are swollen because of fear. The bird named Khushi or happiness flies first.  And I look for happiness in all the things that we do not have.  Because It does not satisfy me. 


The monk asked another question ” Well how did you feel when you were in your struggling phase?


He replied, ” Well when I didn’t have anything, I used to get jealous of others’ money and success. But when I used to work hard to get it, you would also give me a feeling of happiness. And today when I have everything. It could not fascinate me.”


So the monk replied that’s why you do not feel happiness. Because you do three things in your life that steal your peace and happiness. The first is comparison, the second is the desire for more money and the third is to assume sorrow as your destiny and give up.


So how to get rid of these three devils of life?


1. Stop comparing

The first mistake we make is our comparison with someone. We judge our position by looking at the situation of others. If we have to compare our happiness and misery with others, then we do it with the happiness and sorrow of others. And that’s the biggest mistake we make because everyone’s life is different. What he has is his hard work and luck. What we have is our hard work and luck.


So first of all, let us convince ourselves that happiness is not outside, it is inside us. Happiness is Just like all our sense organs. If we are deaf then we will not hear anything, if we are blind then we will not see anything, and if we lose our sense of smell, we could not differentiate between bad smells and good smells. Similarly, when we will not feel happiness from the inside and in anything. Then we will not find happiness anywhere outside. To protect yourself from the evil of comparison. Feel happy inside. Happiness would not have gone anywhere.  It is within us.  We just need to sense it. 


2. Acceptance and consistency


In the same way when any event happens in our life. We get frustrated, and our hands and feet get swollen. We have no idea what to do now. This situation is the first attack on our happiness. And start to suppress it. The reason for this is very simple.  We placed that situation so much on ourselves. Now we start to feel that suffering is only for us. And the situation becomes worse. When we do something and fail in that too. We stop making an effort. And get tired that this is what is written in our destiny.


I absolutely believe that. If any result does not come in our favor. Then we feel deeply saddened. But believe me, as long as our fight continues, we get a lot of happiness. That happiness comes to us through our hope. This time we will definitely win. So now it is up to us which path we choose. Either keep crying for the rest of our life. Or Keep fighting this without worrying about winning or losing.


So instead of reducing your happiness, it is better to think about the solution to the incident. Because only your pursuit of searching for solutions will give you happiness. And if just being sorrowful can get us out of trouble, then it is better to be sorrowful.  


3. Being wealthier than rich-


You must be feeling strange after listening to this topic. Is being rich and being wealthy different things? yes. They are different. This is our biggest misconception that all happiness is hidden in money. Every rich man in the world would be the happiest. But this doesn’t happen. He is stressed, afraid, and anxious. Fear of saving after earning. Stress to make more money, and anxiety about the crash of the market. Changes him from human to machine.


Try to become wealthier than become rich. Because wealth is the totality. To be wealthy means. You have money, family, and relatives, you enjoy your life and money. And this is the real happiness that we can make good use of what we have. And what a life in which everything is there but we cannot use it. Then where do we get happiness there?




These are some ways through which you can at least feel your happiness inside out. And after listening to the speech of the monk. The man gets enlightened. Now he understands that the happiness which he searches for outside is inside. He knows how he feels happiness from the inside out. He Only needs to feel or sense it. More focus is given to becoming a wealthy person than only being rich. And third is that nothing is permanent in this world. Be it sadness or happiness. Everything should be changed. 

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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