13 Weight loss myths and their solutions.

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When we start our weight loss journey. We start searching on the internet for tips and tricks for weight loss in less time and with less effort. Which may cause myths and illusions in our minds. Today in this article. I discuss 13 weight loss myths and their solutions. Based on my experience.



13 weight loss myths and their solution


According to World Health Organization (2016) report on obesity. There are around 2 billion adults overweight. And of those 650 million are considered to be affected by obesity.

That equal 39 % of adults aged 18 and over. Who were overweight with 13% obese. The worldwide prevalence of obesity tripled between 1975 and 2016.

If the current trend continued. It is estimated that 2.7 billion adults will be overweight. And over 1 billion affected by obesity. And 1777 million adults Severely affected by obesity by 2025.

These data show that. Being overweight appears like a crush on a human being. This trapped our youth more. Because being overweight will carry various types of diseases with them. So, Now the time will come. People have to concentrate on their weight.

Because if you maintain your weight. So, as much as you decrease your weight. That much you increase your life age. But various people fail in their weight loss programs. Or not achieves it. While many people never start it. Because of the myths and illusions.

I was also an overweight person. My age was 38 years in 2018. When I started my weight loss journey.  I faced various complications and challenges. I lose 25 kg in eight-month. But my journey will be continued.

When people start weight loss programs. They collect various information from here and there. But due to the gathering of lots of information. They are confused. Which one is better? In a lot of information. But most of the information is useless.  Because their are no relation between these informations and weight loss. These all are the weight loss myths and illusions propagated by the fitness industry and the public.


So, in this article with my best experience. I will try to explain. How do I solve the 13 weight loss myths, doubts and illusions faced during my weight loss journey?


13 Weight loss myths and their solutions.


1. Fat = Rice


From my childhood. I listen to that. If you want to lose fat? Skip the rice and add chapatti or roti to your diet. But there is no relation between rice and weight loss.

In one bowl of rice (steamed). 130 calories, crabs- 29 gram, fiber 0 gram, fat- 0 gram, and protein- 2gram

So this data shows that there is no relation between fat = and rice. So, this is a ridiculous though. In my weight loss journey. I usually take rice two times of meal ( lunch and dinner)

Only one thing which you have to take into your mind. That the intake of rice is according to your diet plan. So I include it in one of the weight loss myths.


2. Brown rice vs White rice.


Calories chart of white and brown rice

According to the chart, brown rice calorie is low, and brown rice is fiber-rich. Which full your stomach longer. And good fat is also found in it. Brown rice are minerals rich.

So no doubt brown rice is more efficient, Than white rice. In the nutritional property. But in weight loss programs. There is no clear research that white rice increase in fat or brown rice decrease in fat.

So if you choose the better healthy product. You will go with brown rice. But you think that it helps you more in weight loss. It is not proven

In my weight loss journey. I never use brown rice. Because in my town there is no availability of it. Second, the price of brown rice is more than white rice. So various people do not afford it.

You take an alternative, which I use. I buy rice from villages. Which is clean by conventional methods. In this method, all the nutrients are preserved in rice.  So use this rice. It gives you a better experience. So it is one of the weight loss myths.


3. Green tea in weight loss.


On the question of is green tea help in weight loss? My answer is that directly there is no relation. But indirectly It helps in weight loss.

The ingredient like caffeine and catching in the tea. Help to boost the metabolism and increase fat burning. But green tea has another additional property. Which makes it a healthy drink for people.


1 It decreases the craving for tea.

2 Due to antioxidant properties. It raises your antioxidant level. 

3 Detoxified your body.


Consumption of green tea: You can take green tea two or three times a day. More consumption of green tea can harm your body, especially affecting your sleep.

So consume the green tea ideally two times. If you want more, then add one more cup. But avoid consuming green tea after 7.30 or 8.00 pm. Because it can affect your sleep.

Because caffeine enhances your brain’s neurons and activated them. So this causes sleeping problems.

I consume two times one in the morning. Which decrease my craving for tea. Second in the evening before weight training. Which boosts my metabolism. Help me to burn more fat.


4.  Sweat and weight loss.


There is no relation between sweat and weight loss. If weight decreases according to the amount of sweat come out from our body.

Then in the summer season. Every person’s weight will be decreasing. Or in other words, for weight loss fitness coaches prescribe. Only stood in front of sunlight for 2 hours daily.

Your weight will be lost. Because your body will be bathing from sweat. By the heat of the sun.

So there is no connection between sweat and weight loss.  The work of sweat is maintaining the body temperature normal. There is no connection between sweat with weight loss. It is one of the big weight loss myths.


5. Skipping a meal is a good way of weight loss.


No, this is not the right way to lose weight. This is one of the weight loss myths caused only weakness and other medical issues in the people.

So never skip the meal. Only one thing you keep in your mind. You should be in a calorie deficit.

What is a calorie deficit? When your intake of calories is less than the maintenance calories. The lesser intake of calories is called a calorie deficit.

For instance, your body’s maintsin calories  is 2000 calories. Therefore for the calorie deficit. Your intake of calories should be 1600.

So if you are in a calorie deficit. You continually lose weight. Therefore make your diet plan like that in which you include all the essential nutrients with meals.

Only one thing is to keep in mind. That your meal is according to calories. Which keeps you under calorie deficit.

Most people skip their breakfast. This is not right. Because in the morning your body is in an energy deficit. And if you skip breakfast. You feel laziness a full day.

If you are not want to take conventional breakfast like bread & butter, chapati & vegetable, and milk. You can add smoothies to your breakfast. Which fills your gut and makes your body full of nutrition.

This time internet is full of various types of smoothie recipes. Which seems great. But when you use it. It can cause various problems.

First, you used the recipe without any proper guidance.

Second, there is no guarantee of the recipe. Whether it works for you or not. Because every person is different from each other. The body requirement is different.

Third, the Internet is full of fraud, so you to judge between. Which recipe is right or wrong? It is not possible. If it causes health issues. Then on whom you will do a legal claim?

So according to me if you are serious and ready to spend some money. Invest in the right place.

Well, there are many products on the market. But out of all those products. The smoothie diet program satisfies me.


The smoothie dite program

The smoothie diet program is designed by Mr. Drew. Mr. Drew is a respected nutritionist and health coach. And a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

The smoothies diet is a digital program. This helps weighted people to cut their fat by cutting their consumption of fat and sugar.

The program teaches us how to replace our solid food or boring breakfast with tasty and nutritious smoothies. 

This program promises to its consumers. That this program shows them remarkable results in three weeks.


How does the smoothie diet program work?


The Smoothie Diet is mainly designed to deliver tremendous weight loss results in three weeks.  

The program begins with a three-day detox period to eradicate toxins and ready your body.  

After completing the detoxification phase, you can start a three-week plan. Where you can replace two meals daily with natural and fresh smoothies.

The program suggests that any food you consume during this diet plan should be low-calorie. Still, there’s a cheat period every week. Where you can take a break and indulge a bit.  

A complete list of meals is provided and they are easy to follow. Whenever you feel that you have gained some weight. You can start the smoothie diet.

The smoothies included in this plan are made from vegetables and fruits. They are specially formulated to give you plenty of healthy vitamins, proteins, and minerals.  

The guide will also help you decide which solid food you will eat with the smoothie.  There are also lots of tasty suggestions like high-fiber and low-sugar snacks.

A Smoothie diet works by rectifying lifestyle and dietary issues. Related to long-term consumption of junk food and other unhealthy food.  

This diet will significantly reduce your caloric intake, thus ensuring that you can lose weight. 

In addition, this program will inspire positive changes and habits in your overall lifestyle.  And helping you to avoid various conditions like obesity, heart complications, and diabetes.

The diet makes a huge difference by slimming down your body due to the reduction in fat and calorie consumption.  

However, it is important that you also consume good fats and lean protein. when using this smoothie diet to boost metabolism and avoid muscle loss.



What about the shipping and refundable policy?


This program is totally in digital mode. So once you clear your payment. In a few minutes, you can start this program. And add the dite program to your dite or make delicious smoothies.

This program comes with a 60-day refundable policy. If you are not satisfied with this program. You can anytime apply for your refund and get your money back.


Why did you buy this product?


If you are serious about your weight loss jjourney. And if you are bore with tasteless breakfast and meals.  And want a revolutionary diet plan. You can buy it. And if you decided to buy it the link is below.

The smoothie diet.

6. Weight loss plateau.


According to me, this topic is ridiculous. Only exhausted the people in the weight loss journey. And one of the weight loss myths run by the weight loss industry.

What is a weight loss plateau? When the weight is stable on one limit neither increases nor decreases after doing all the effort. This stage is called the weight loss plateau.

It is a natural phenomenon. Which you also feel in your life. When your body regularly does the same course of action. Your body is habituated from this and after some time. You feel stability.

The same formula works in weight loss. Due to the same diet and workout routine for a long time. Our body is habituated to that. And after some time it does not give the result. So to break this

You always change your diet and training schedule. I always change my diet and training schedule in one month. Which benefits me. So, I never face a weight loss plateau.


7. Cardio = Weight loss.


In most people, this concept has existed. That cardio is the only solution to weight loss. But it is wrong and one of the weight loss myths.

Whereas sometimes excessive cardio shows an adverse effect on our body. You lose your mussels with fat. Which makes your body skinny.

So weight tanning with cardio is an effective way of training to lose weight. Weight training and strength training contracted the mussels and protect them from loss.

You better understand by the example of two athletes. One is Usan Bolt 2016 gold medalist in sprinting. Second, Eliud Kipchoge 2016 gold medalist in the marathon.

If you pay attention to both body structures. Bolt’s body looks muscular. But Kipchoge’s body is skinny. Both do cardio. But in bolt training weight training or strength training is also included.

If you want to do cardio. The best time is in the morning. Because at that time. Your glycogen level is low so fat is directly burned.

Second, after your workout or weight training. Because before weight training. It will exhaust your body.


8. Drinking water helps you to lose weight.


No, there is no relation between water and weight loss. Water only works to protect from dehydration in your body. And detoxify your body.

So there is no relation. That is if you consume more drinking water.  You can lose more weight from the body. It is one of the weight loss myths.


9. Skip your favorite foods.


On the first day, you tell an overweight person. That skip your favorite food from your meal.  He skips the weight loss program instead of skipping his meal.

Because an overweight person loves his food like his girlfriend. When you start your weight loss journey. You must balance your diet and search for an alternative to your favorite food.

As I above tell about the smoothies diet program. Its deliciousness rectify and satisfy your carving of delicious food. And because it is a fiber-rich product. It fills your gut.

Or you can use the following trick. If you want to eat a burger and pizza. Made it at home. And add in the cheat meal. Once a week. Which helps you to suppress your craving for your favorite food.


10. Skip crabs and add protein.


Crabs are a vital ingredient in our meals. Crabs are important for energy and provide fibers. They give power to your brain kidney, heart muscles, and central nervous system.

Fibers help in digestion, fill your stomach and check your cholesterol level. So how you will skip the crabs from your meals?

I also do this wrong. In starting my weight loss journey. Which created lots of complications for me.  Like I lost my concentration, Always my stomach feels empty. and I go through constipation.

So, because of that, I start taking carbs in my meal at a balanced level. After that, I never skip crabs from my meals. I only manipulate it, on two days of the week my crab’s intake is low for the remaining four days. If you want to decrease your carb. Then smoothie diet is one of the best product  for you.

So you make a chart. For two days your low the crabs in your meals and increase your protein. Same for two-day low your protein and increase your carbs intake. And for the remaining two-day crabs and protein will be balanced.

The smoothie diet.

11. Fats make you fat.


Not always fat create fatty. If you take good fat this result you improving your energy. Because from per gram of fat you got 9 calories. It is one of the most prevailing weight loss myths in society.

We divide fat into three parts one is saturated, second is monosaturated, and the third is poly saturated (unsaturated fat). Unsaturated fat is good for health.

So use the product, which has high unsaturated fat. Like peanuts. In 100 grams of peanuts, we found 567 calories. the composition is saturated 7gram, polyunsaturated 16gram,  monosaturated 26grams, and Protein  26 grams. So this composition shows peanut is a good source of fat.

So fat does not always cause weight gain it also works in weight loss.

The smoothie diet 2

12.  Supplement is best for weight loss.


This concept is wrong. Supplements only work 5% in weight loss or weight gain. There are no pieces of evidence found. Which prove that only supplement help in weight loss.

The trio of diet, training, and supplement makes successful formula for weight loss. It’s in your hand. Whether you want to add a supplement or not.

Because of many misleading advertisements of weight loss supplements. People waste their money and time both. But did not find any result.

Many people face difficulty or confusion in the selection of the best product for them. So I give you some tips. which I use to make my decision.

1 Check the product is certified by all the medical institutions and clears all the security and medical checks.

2 Valuation of the brand or company. Who manufactured the product? This means, the existence period of the company in the market, goodwill of the company, and public review.

3 Buy products from a trusted online platform or shop. That if you have some problem. It will solve quickly and efficiently.

The smoothie diet.

13. Diets or Training which is best.


This question is wrong in itself. Because weight loss programs are incomplete without the existence of both. So both are essential.

Yes, the question is there in which proportion these exist in the weight loss programs. And different weight loss expert has different opinion,

Some agree on 80:20, some on 60:40 and some on 50:50.  According to my view, all are right.

In my weight loss journey, I never emphasize on the proportion.  So, By only executing of diet plan and regularly doing my training. I found a great result.

So these are 13 weight loss myths and their solutions. Which anyone faces when they start their weight loss journey.

I try to clear all 13 myths and doubts which I experience during my weight loss journey. And try to give the solutions.

With the hope that this information adds some value to your life. And make your journey of weight loss enjoy full and successful.

Best of luck.

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