Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Love yourself like your life depends on it. Do you know about the three simple words that magically change your life? Yes, it is right, according to the author of this book, I LOVE MYSELF is the magical word that changes his life.
These words fill him with enormous courage and confidence, that he can face any problem or condition of life without knee down.


Love yourself like your life depends on it.




Although the author of this book, Love yourself like your life depends on it Kamal Ravikant admits that. There is no such thing as extraordinary in him that. He is invited by people to give speeches in front of a large audience.  


Whereas, the people are to hear CEO, managers, high-ranking government officials and high-ranking multimillionaire companies.  


So after all, what is it about Kamal Ravikant that people like to listen to him? He has not done any life-changing inventions. Nor has he won any award.

He does not even have any such special degree. But when he starts speaking, believe me, the audience listens in wow.  


Every word that comes out of his mouth casts a spell on the listener. Kamal tells how a simple promise made to himself has changed his whole life.


About Author


Kamal Ravikant is an author, entrepreneur and investor. He is good invested, all the companies in which he invests turn into a million-dollar company.


Apart from this, he has also written a novel named “Rebirth” and a book “Live Your Truth”.  Kamal Ravikant is the elder brother of Naval Ravikant, who is an author and investor like him. His Love yourself like your life depends on it, book is best seller book.


Love yourself like your life depends on it. (Summary)




 Kamal Ravikant, the author of this book, love yourself as your life depends on it, He was going through such a difficult time in life.


Where man does not understand. What is his next step? What does he have to do? and what he can do to resolve his problem?

He would just lie in bed all day, he did not feel like getting up. And even if he got up he used to feel very tired. Did not dare to do anything.


In such a condition, a person has no hope. He does not remember, how his whole day passed. Kamal was like you too. Did not dare to be to fight the situation.


He neither had any control over his negative thoughts. Even after the death of a close friend, he could not emerge from that shock.  


Kamal’s business was going into loss. But he was unable to do anything. Even if he wanted to do a lot.

That life was going out of his hands. This was the most difficult phase of his life, Kamal was very disappointed in himself. But you know how he came out of this?  


One day when Kamal woke up in the morning. It was a new dawn in his life. Because that day he realized that. He had reached the breaking point of his life.


Kamal had lost all the things in his life. He was tired of fighting the battle of life, tired of his pain. Till today he had come only to pity himself. But now it was difficult for him to bear it anymore.  


Then he decided about his life. He picked up a paper and wrote a promise to himself on it.  Kamal promised himself that from today onwards.


He will stop feeling sorry for himself and love himself. The way he has been treating others till today. He will treat himself in the same way.


He realized that he would love his thoughts, his actions and his choices. That moment was really as if he had understood what he was missing in life. 


Kamal was surprised to think that. When he has loved others to date, why has he never done it to himself?  


Kamal had no idea what it was like to love himself.  But yes a simple thing came to his mind at that time.  He said to himself, “I love myself and kept repeating it over and over again. 

Lying on the bed, he used to repeat these words many times a day. Sometimes even for hours. Of course, by repeating the same thing over and over again, his mind starts wandering. Because he repeats the same thing frequently for a long time.


But Kamal kept on trying. Well, his mind was distracted. But he kept reminding him over and over again “I love myself”. Then he felt that now after some time his mind had stable. So he again started focusing on these words.  


He worked patiently during this whole process.  He knew that this kind of problem would arise in the beginning. Then Kamal started applying the same mantra in the rest of his routine as well. The same thing used to come out of his mouth even while taking a bath.  


He used to repeat the same thing even when he went somewhere. These three words were like an anchor for him. Who was giving a purpose to his life? Validating himself through self-love created a new confidence in him. 


Earlier, Kamal used to avoid thinking. Because he always got negative thoughts. But now he had changed and his mind also felt lighter and brighter than before. Even at his work, he started getting new opportunities.


Improvement also came in their relationship.  Kamal’s life was now going on a positive track.  Perhaps readers may find it strange that just saying “I love you” to himself has changed the life of author Kamal.

So the answer is that this magic is not in these words. But it is in the repetition of these three words.


It is in making yourself feel again and again. There is a simple logic behind this, the more you say or repeat something, the more you start believing it.  By focusing on the same thought, again and again, Kamal’s way of thinking had changed.


Why Love?


People were wondering to see the change in kamal’s attitudes. His repeating of the word “I Love Myself” became famous very soon.


People would often ask him “Why did you choose the word love, why didn’t you choose like?


And every time he replied “That’s because love is the first and most basic feeling in the world. It is an inbuilt feature of us.

When you were born, your parents must have loved you the most, the affection is not created by you and your parents.

But it is automatically generated in both hearts. The emotion with which your first introduction happened is love.”  


The love with which your teachers guided you was also their love. Love is such a conscious thing that human beings always do. It is love that binds us. We take care of our family and friends and protect them.

But the point is here we love others but do not love ourselves. Like kamal who did also not love himself.

But when you express it in words, it makes a connection with your brain. The more you talk about it. 

Love yourself with all your heart, then watch how your mind and body respond automatically.

This will make you feel strong physically and mentally. Do you know why? Because the human brain loves to love.  


It is made for love, it does not have to be taught to love, but yes, who has to be loved is taught to the brain.


Love heals us, it acts as a tonic for our emotions. Which protect us not to be an animal. If you love yourself then life will also love you and Kamal himself is living proof of this.


The Practice 


By then you must be thinking that. What was this practice of Kamal after all?  Kamal describes this as a 3 step practice that teaches him self-love. 


These are the steps: Mental loop, meditation and a question. Of course, you will say that these are basic things but in reality, it gives very effective results. 


 Those who know how to love themselves never hold back from anything, that is, they do not hesitate to try the right opportunities that come their way and are always eager to take full advantage of their potential.


  That’s because they know that they have the same right to progress in life as others have. They do not compromise their growth for the sake of others.


Man understands all this only of self-love. Tell me again, Kamal feels that readers can disagree with his words. Does loving yourself have that much effect on a person?  


So the answer is 100%.  Of course, till today you have never thought about this, then it does not matter. Now that you know this, practice it daily.


Keep in your mind that you love yourself the most. Repeat the same every day-day until your mind adopts it and doesn’t respond.


Mental Loop


 Kamal lived in San Francisco. Often he used to go for a walk in the nearby places and enjoy the views there. 

 He used to note everything, the weather, the arrival and departure of trains and the people on the way, everything.  


But another thought also kept running in his mind, yes you understand it right.  Wherever he went, he kept saying to himself “I love myself, I love myself”. 

 “Even when he was purchasing groceries, he used to recite the same thing again and again. Even while cleaning the house, he kept repeating the same thing loudly i.e. kamal does every day, everywhere, many times a day.


Used to repeat many times and after all what was the harm in saying this? It was not that any money was being spent on it or that their words were hurting someone. 

Think of Thought as a path. Suppose you pass through a forest every day. By every day passed through the same path. You create a map that makes it easier for you to walk in the forest. 


Similarly, the Mental Loop. Repeating a thought over and over again makes it easier for you. Loving yourself is the truth of your life. Make it like a mental loop that beats your negative emotions. 


Negative emotions are those thoughts that make us feel self-peeveded, that is, we are not good, we do not deserve anything, we are ugly, etc. You have to not only say every day-day but also itself-peeved “I love”  Myself”.  To make it effective, you have to practice it every day.




Every day, Kamal used to meditate for seven minutes apart from saying “I love myself”. Well, you can do longer if you want, but 7 minutes was Kamal’s choice because when he used to play soothing music to meditate. The eject was seven minutes long.


 For meditation, Kamal used to sit in the right pose. He used to sit on the wall with his back straight and ear headphones.

 As the music was playing, a vast universe was in his mind. The thought would come and the lotus would feel as if he was a part of that universe. 

Every time he breathed in, he would repeat “I love myself” to himself and while exhaling he would wait for the response of his body and mind. 

 If there was no response, then there is nothing. During these seven minutes, Kamal’s mind used to wander many times. 


 If you also want to start meditation, then here we will tell you about 7 short steps –

 First of all, some peaceful instances: Put on romantic music or you can play what you want.

Second, sit on a solid object like a floor or a bed.  Either cross your legs or sit with your legs stretched out, sit in whatever position feels comfortable to you.  

Third, close your eyes.  In front of closed eyes imagine a light whose light is falling on you.  Fourth, breathe slowly and think “I love myself”.  Repeat these words many times in a very gentle and slow way.

The fifth thing, exhale and feel that with every exhale all your anger, tension, fear and tension are coming out of the body. Just focus on your breathing.  Inhale and exhale.

The sixth thing, repeat steps 4 and 5 till the music ends. If things are coming to your mind then let them come. This is normal. Don’t say that you cannot concentrate and meditate.  Give yourself some time. With time you will get used to it.  

Seventh thing, when the music’s over, slowly open your eyes and smile. You see how light and happy you feel after this simple exercise.


One Question 

Sitting inside your house it is easy to say “I love myself” to yourself because privately inside the house you can chant this mantra as much as you want.

 But when you go out, what will you do? When you come across such people. What if you face someone who has a negative mental loop?


This is the point where a question arises. This is the question you have to ask yourself when you are faced with negative people and that question is “If I truly loved myself deeply, would I allow myself to be treated like this? 


 “So you will constantly find the answer no. Instead of avoiding negativity, embrace the truth. Remember, you love yourself and no one can change this.


I’m in Love 


Kamal told about his friends Gab and Hanna being together for a few years. Whenever Kamal saw both of them together, the thought in his heart was how good the pair looked.


 One Day when all were doing dinner, Kamal told Hanna that she looked beautiful.  But she giggled and said, “Yes because I have fallen in love”. 

After dinner, all three went to their respective homes. Kamal was remembering what Hanna had said. 


He had told the truth when a person I was in love with. If you do, then both her body and mind look beautiful. 


Even when you do it with love for yourself, a glow comes on your face. Self-love is your inner beauty and people are on your side. When you love yourself, other people will automatically be drawn toward you.


Another Meditation 


Another meditation is their routine of Kamal which he hesitates to share. They are afraid that people may misunderstand them.  


But in reality, this routine has helped him immensely in believing in himself. There are 5 steps to this meditation routine –


First of all, set a timer of 5 minutes.  

Second, stand in front of a mirror. You have to stand so close to the mirror that your nose is only a few inches away from it. Now take a long, deep breath. 

Third, Look into your eyes. It will be a little difficult to look at yourself with both eyes, so first look with the left eye.  

In the fourth step, while looking with your left eye, say “I love myself”.  It doesn’t make a difference if you don’t believe in yourself.  If you repeat this exercise again and again, then gradually you will start loving yourself.


In the fifth step, while looking with your right eye, say “I love myself”. Now repeat the same thing while looking through both eyes in turn. Note down the expression on your face. You have to do this exercise for five minutes. Then look at yourself and smile with love. 


Remember, the above has created us with great love, so love yourself as a gift from the above. This will give you the feeling of a free mind and body.


Love and Memory 


Many studies or any scientists can confirm this truth: Memory is not permanent. What does this mean?

  It means that we forget what we don’t think about or remember. The more memory we remember, the more it will become stronger in the neuron connection of our brain, that is, if you speak in simple words, the more you remember it again and again, the more your memory will be sharp.  


The state of mind of a person also has an important role in remembering things. For example, when thinking about a relationship in your past, especially when you are feeling sad or depressed, you will automatically be reminded of only bad memories related to that relationship.


  The same thing happens when you are happy, then you will remember good things related to your relationship. 

 Your state of mind acts as a filter for your memory. It focuses on the things that show your emotions.  

So next time whenever you go through negative emotions, change your filter. Don’t try to get rid of your negative emotions but try to look at them from a different perspective. 


 At that time choose a positive emotion i.e. love and say to yourself “I love myself. This will give you a weapon to fight negative emotions”.


After some time your brain will start to rewire i.e. it will start changing. So next time whenever you feel bad or any negative emotion comes, you will automatically start loving yourself.  


Then you will never feel hopeless again.  Love will remind you to be patient, there is peace after a storm and there is a morning every night.


Light & Switches


Richard Bandler is the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP ), as well as a well-known consultant providing consultation to patients with schizophrenia.  


The doctors, families and mental institutions of such patients often take Richard’s help.  Bandler, in his most memorable case, refers to a patient who had seen snakes, although these snakes were not real but were in his imagination.  


The name of that man was Harry whose treatment had become a big challenge for the doctors.  

Harry suddenly started screaming and became violent every day. Harry used to have the illusion that snakes are all around him which are crawling on his body.  


His condition was so bad that he had to be admitted to the mental hospital. In such a situation, Bandler was consulted in the treatment of Harry.  


Bandler also could not understand any solution, so he went on a walk for some time.  On the way, there used to be a pet shop, where a large bottle contained fake rubber snakes.  Bandler was very impressed to see this because those snakes looked real.


 He took the entire bottle full of snakes on rent and kept it in Harry’s bathroom.  He also took the pet shop owner along so that he could also leave the real snake in the bathroom. As soon as Harry stepped into the bathroom, he screamed in fear. 


 Snakes were a good trend, so they did not harm Harry at all, but Harry was very scared.  He was screaming but the Bandler did not let him come out.


A condition was placed in front of Harry that if he recognized the real snakes, rubber snakes and the snakes he saw, only then he would be removed from the bathroom.

  On hearing this, Harry immediately identified the real and fake snakes and started pointing toward them. 

 Bandler was surprised to see that Harry had correctly recognized the snakes. He said that the snake that comes into his mind is transparent in appearance.


  From this, the Bandler learned that Harry was aware of the fact that he had the illusion of being a snake.  

But because of that fear sitting in his mind, he could not understand the difference between real and fake.  


So this is how Bandler finally started treating Harry. He used to discuss with him every day about real and fake snakes and within a few days, Harry would start recovering. 

 The fear in our minds does not let us live. We cannot get rid of it by ignoring it or denying it, rather we have to focus on what is real. 


Fear sitting in the mind is just a reason which needs to be treated. So focus on what is true, what is in front. Living in fear is like sitting in a deep well. We can bring light to our life by experiencing reality and truth.




 The realization that you love yourself is no less than magic. This self-love will start affecting other aspects of your life as well. Kamal himself has experienced this.


  Once when he was returning home, a gust of cold wind passed quickly touching him.  Kamal liked it very much because it was very hot that day. 

 Kamal looked up at the sky, he saw the people around him. Everyone was going towards their respective destination.  

Kamal in his heart thanked the above. He thanked him for being alive. He loved living, he loved his life.  


This moment can come in the life of all of us and when this moment comes in your life too, believe me, you will feel unique happiness.  


This will give you a new perspective on living life. There was one more thing that helped Kamal in getting this moment and that thing was the power to “let go” i.e. don’t hold on to anything. 

 Whatever used to increase his ego, he left it.  He gave up his misconceptions about who he was and what he was but instead began to focus on what he is now. 


 Now a new Kamal was born which was ready to accept itself with all its shortcomings and merits.

This new kamal never lied to himself. This was the most magical moment of Kamal Ravikant’s life, which he can never forget. Kamal had found his true and real self.


Belief Kamal realized that his Belief System and Thinking Pattern has become very old and out of date, so he has to develop a new approach now only then he will be able to be successful further and he realized this when he started taking care of himself. 


 Because of this self-love, he started seeing things from a different perspective. As if Kamal knew this thing in advance that growth is very important for him. 

 But it was only because of self-love that he understood how he could grow. For Kamal, growth meant the courage to kneel to face him even in the worst of times.


  And that is why a few years ago Kamal made up his mind to join the US Army Infantry. This was the most challenging decision of his life.  But Kamal is proud of his decision. 


 He got to learn a lot during training.  In a way, this training had given a new shape to his personality.  

Then he felt that if he could bear all these properly, then he would be able to face any situation in life.  


The second milestone in his life was to become an entrepreneur. Running a start-up company is not easy, there is always a fear of whether the company will work or not, it also seems from above that whether you are taking the right decision for the company and your employees or not.


But through self-love, Kamal realized that his fear was coming in the way of his growth.  Kamal did not want to fail, so he was working very hard every day.  He has worked very hard to reach where he is today.




People often used to tell Kamal that he is selfish and that being a human he should take care of others too.  

Kamal agreed with him, but he also felt that a person must be a little selfish to survive.  Loving yourself is the same as when the oxygen level drops in an aeroplane. 


First of all, you have to put on your oxygen mask so that you can help others. People who love themselves undergo many changes in their lives, as they become more professional.  


You become capable of dealing with difficult times and difficult people. Because of loving himself, Kamal was able to create a better situation for himself.  

Overall, his life was already battered.  End – Kamal knows that many such books are available in the market in which self-love has been told and he also knows that there are many seminars and workshops about self-love. 


But Kamal feels that all these things are useless. Every person should choose only one thing instead of running after all things to keep himself happy. 


 One such thing that you do with your pleasure, you just have to practice that thing daily. The truth of your life is what you like and you should dedicate your life to that thing.  

The thing you are completely committed to this the magical part of your life.  Kamal says “I love myself” and these three words end his sorrow, pity for himself and sadness.


Gibe your whole life in the name of that one truth.  Of course, you may not feel that much motivation but Kamal requests you to at least try and then see how your whole life changes.  


Conclusion of Love yourself like your life depends on it.


First of all, you read about Kamal’s past in love yourself like your life depends on it book summary and what troubles his life had gone through.

  This was the period when his life used to be full of problems. But while battling the same difficult situations, he realized a simple truth.  


He learned that it is very important for a person to love himself to keep himself strong while fighting the difficulties of life.  

This is such a simple truth that everyone knows but does not follow. 11 Second thing is the simple statement “I love myself there is so much power inside you that you can’t even imagine.


 It gives you the courage to fight every difficulty, every problem. Kamal did the same thing. He gets higher every day.”  He used to repeat these words in his voice. No matter what he was doing, wherever he was, this statement was always in his mind. 


Affirmation and the power to repeat changed his life completely. Third thing, in the beginning, no one thinks that he can love himself because often we think more about others and take more care of others. 


In such a situation, we feel selfish to love ourselves. But we forget that we also need love.  We need as much as we do for others. 


So keep this statement in your mind and repeat it daily until you start believing in it. Kamal Ravikant Awakening Self Love in Yourself

Fifth thing, those who love themselves are not selfish, but the one who loves himself will take good care of others because then we know that as much as our happiness matters to us, their happiness matters to others as well. And this thing helps us to grow. 


 It seems a bit impossible to hear that Kamal had to take the help of only three words to change his life. 

 Whereas today’s world makes us realize that whatever is good and effective, will be complicated. 

 But human nature is not made in this way.  That’s why we can try, after all, that is the harm.  Say “I love myself” with full confidence and loudness and see how it slowly makes you feel better and how it makes your life better. Try it once, you will know for yourself.

Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Best of luck.

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