Immersed change with change.

 Immersed change with change. Change is existence, so don’t worry about change.  Change is happening without you; You are not needed.

Immersed change with change.


  You flow into it without worrying about the future. And then suddenly you will realize that centre within you, which never changes, which remains the same forever.

 which is a very profound message. Immersed anger with anger, immersed lust from lust, immersed people from people, immersed the world from the world. 

 Don’t fight with it, be relaxed, because conflict creates tension; Stress creates anxiety and anger.

  And you will get into unnecessary trouble. Let the world be as it is. There are two types of people. 

 One is those who do not want the world to be as it is. They will change it; They will try to change that. They will waste their whole life trying to change it. The world itself is changing;  There’s no need for them. 

They will destroy themselves;  They will end themselves changing the world. And the world is changing, no revolution is needed for that. 

 The world itself is a revolution;  He’s just changing. One type of attitude always struggles to change the world. From the point of view of religion, he is mentally ill. 

 The truth is that he is afraid to be with himself, so he runs away and remains entangled in the world. The state has to be changed, the government has to be changed;  Society, system, economy, everything has to be changed.  

And in all this, he will die. He will not get even a particle of that bliss, that trance in which he could know.  that who I am  The world will go on;  The world cycle will continue to spin. The world cycle has seen many revolutionaries.


The second person is someone who always wants to change himself with the conditions he faces. But involves extra stress to manage the equilibrium between changes in life and life situations

But he never satisfied himself. Because no one can perfectly establish equilibrium. So why engulf in the maze of this.


You just keep walking. You can neither stop it nor can you accelerate the sound of its change.  This is the view of the mystics, of the Buddhas.  They say there is no need to change the world.  


But there are also two categories of Buddhas.  one can say.  There is no need to change the world, but there is a need to change yourself.  He also believes in change;  He does not believe in changing the world, but in changing himself.

  But Tantra says that no one needs to change – neither the world nor oneself. Of mystery, it is this deepest plane of his spirituality, the innermost centre.  

You do not need to change anyone – neither the world nor yourself. All you have to know is that everything is changing and you have to flow with that change, accept it.  

When there is no effort to change, only then can you be completely relaxed. As long as there is effort, you cannot be rested. 

Till then the tension will remain because you expect that something is going to happen in the future, the world is going to change.  Communism is coming in the world, or heaven is about to descend on earth, or some ideal world is going to come in the future, or you Lord.


Whether you are about to enter the kingdom of salvation, the angels in heaven are ready to welcome you – whatever it is, you are stuck somewhere in the future.  

With this expectation, you will remain tense.  Tantra says, forget these things. The world is changing and you too are constantly changing.  


Why does this happen?  Because when you are rested, the opposite is seen in the background of change, the background of changes you get the understanding of the eternal.

If you are trying to change the world or yourself, you will not be able to see that little trembling, still, centre within you.

  You are so surrounded by the change that you cannot see that which is. There is change everywhere.

  This change becomes the background, the contradiction. And you are relaxed, you are at rest, so you have no future in your mind, no thoughts of the future. 

 You are here and now, this very moment is everything. Everything is changing and suddenly you feel a point within yourself that has never changed.

  Immerse change from change.  This is what it means – do not fight. Know nectar through death; let death die by death. And tantra is doing nothing. 

Tantra is not action, it is complete relaxation. But this is one of the most hidden secrets. If you can understand it, if you have a realization, you will not need to worry about anything else. 


It alone  Law can give you everything, then you will not need to do anything, because you have learned the secret that change can transcend change, death can transcend death, sex can transcend anger. 

 Anger can be transcended by you. Now you have found the key that poison can transcend poison.


So immersed the change into change. Left it in the hand of God and the world. Be an acceptor of changes.

Do not restrict yourself to adopting changes. Because it is a natural phenomenon. Change is like the flow of the river. If you build a dam on it. One day there is the possibility of destruction.

So flow with the flow of life changes. It won’t let you drown. Somewhere you have reached some shore or the other that will remain.

Best of luck.

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