Why do we not concentrate on our studies or work? 6 tips to improve concentration.

 Why do we not concentrate on our studies or work? 6 tips to improve concentration. This is the most common problem faced by us in our student life or professional life.

Why do we not concentrate on our studies or work? 6 tips to improve concentration.


It is not limited to a portion of society. Whereas everybody will be affected by this in many forms.

 Some have not concentrated on their studies, some do not concentrate on their work, some do not concentrate on their decision, some do not concentrate on their life.

In my view, most people complain that they do not concentrate or their concentration level is very low.

Mostly they tell this without properly evaluating themselves. Because 90% of people can concentrate on their interesting things or subjects.

Like, youngsters’ concentration on their pub-Ji game is efficient. Their level of concentration is so high that they do not even move their eyes from the screen for a second. 

A batsman does not move their eye for the ball. Because if he moves his eye. There is a possibility of being bold. 

Here one thing is very clear that we easily concentrate on that subject or work in which we have an interest.

Interest is the key factor for concentration. How much we are interested in any task. That much we are concentrating on it.


The reason behind not concentrating.


1. Not interested in work- 


According to a study, most people do that work, in which they are not interested. Some of them work for survival, sometimes they work because they have no other option.


But if anyone is not interested in any work, how they do work with enthusiasm, most of the time they feel bored or lose concentration sometimes. 

People wander in the maze of their confusion till they are not met with an appropriate target in which they are interested.


2. Our pride-


Do you think that pride is a hindrance in the way of concentration? But I tell you there’s a direct connection between pride and concentration.

Our pride is the main reason behind most of the drawbacks in our life. Pride restricts us from the acceptance of our weakness, concern of others about us, and taking advice.

Our lives revolve around ‘ me’. Because of that we never know about our problems. We think that all are ok. And if there is a problem that may be because of others.

There is the famous story of a monk, who does not concentrate on his prayer because of noises. So he decided to find a place where he could concentrate.

So after searching several places. He took a boat and sailed to the middle of the river. After seeing the river’s calmness, he decided to start meditation there.

But after some time he noticed that something was pushing or shaking his boat again and again. It seemed as if some other boat was coming and colliding with it.

But he avoids it and tries to concentrate. But when the cycle continued. He opens his eyes angrily to punish the other boat owner.

But he was surprised to see nobody was in his front. He was alone in the river. The wave of the river shook his boat.

After seeing all this, he know the actual reason why he did not concentrate. The reason is that he always considers things outside or others responsible for not being able to concentrate. But the reason is hidden in his inside, his ego, his restlessness, his stress, and his arrogance make him blind to not see the real problems.


3. When our mind and heart do not work coordinately-


This is one of the common reasons behind not concentrating. When our heart and mind do not work coordinately or in one line. Then it is very difficult to concentrate.

Like, In the morning when we quarrel with our wife, or in the way we see some accident or if the accident is related to our past trauma.

Then our full day will be spent thinking about it. We are not able to complete any work. Even when we are in a meeting or conference. We think about it.


6 tips to improve concentration level.

6 tips to improve concentration


1. Build up your interest in your work-


Interest is the primary thing for concentration. Without the interest in your work, you will not be able to concentrate.

Because of boredom, several times you are distracted from your goal. So it is a must to build an interest in your task.

For this, you try to transform your work in the form in which you have an interest.

Like in today academic education is given in the form of play, for better understanding the subject.

In a job, the company’s emphasis is on practical training to better understand the situation candidates face in the field or office.

While studying you change the subjects at one-hour intervals. To avoid boredom.

Second, you have to start your work from your comfort level. This means starting from your interesting subject or task towards hard tasks.

Like, if you have an interest in humanistic subjects and feel bored in science subjects. Then start with humanistic subjects and go towards science subjects.


2. Establish coordination between mind and heart-


When the mind and heart act in coordination. The level of concentration is high. Many times we are physically present somewhere but not mentally or hearty.

As I mentioned above, this condition happens. When our family or personal life is not good. So it impacts our professional life. In the office, we think about our personal life. The same condition is with our professional life. We take our official matters to our house. When we are with our family we think about our official matters.

So because of that we do not properly contrate in our professional and personal life. For better coordination between mind and heart.


You have to First solve your problem before doing the work which needs concentration.

Second, avoid thinking about your past, because you have no power to remake your past. So avoid and live in the present.

Third, doing mindfulness practice

Fourth, develop a passion for your task.

Fifth, notice what influences you not to concentrate. Many things in anyone’s life influence you to not concentrate.

Like, distraction, low interest in work, boredom, personal and professional disparity, and social and cultural causes.

So we have to first avoid the causes and then try to concentrate. Like a student is distracted from doing hard work. Because of back to back bad rank in the exam after a lot of hard work,

 In the office, you prepare a presentation by doing hard work. But the appreciation goes to your boss’ account.

So this type of incident loses our concentration and restrict us from doing hard work. Therefore it is better to resolve the issues that come in the mind and heart and bother you. For better coordination.


3. Meditation or mindfulness practice-


Meditation and mindfulness practice is good methods for retaining focus and avoiding distraction.

It helps you to calm your mind and heart. And keep it stable. It helps you to make a proper balance between professional life.

It protects you from becoming a bomb. Which any time is ready to burst. It makes you a good listener and efficient decision-maker.

And for this, one condition is necessary to fulfil, that you have a high level of concentration. So mindfulness practices help you to build a high level of concentration.

For this you have to do regular practice, you start it from your bed. When you wake up before you leave your bed. 

You start creating exercise. Try to concentrate on your inhale and exhale of your breath. Connect yourself to the positive vibes of the world. Slowly-slowly after practice, you feel energetic and concentrated.

Do it before starting your work and end of the daily schedule. You may do it at one-hour intervals a full day. It keeps you energetic and motivated for whole days.

The other method to improve your concentration is to play any game in which you have an interest.

Swami Vivekananda’s says “if you want to practice concentration, play. Because while playing your concentration level is very high”


4. Show your middle finger to your pride-


As I mentioned above, pride is evil. Which helps the man to sign his death warrant himself.

It makes you weak from the inside.

So by defeating our pride, it helps us to better understand ourselves. Means our weakness and our strength.

Like the monk, till then he does not understand that he is in turmoil from inside. So that he sees his turmoil all around.

So when he knows that, in reality, he is in turmoil from inside. He starts to improve in it and keeps practising concentrating.

5. Develop a passion-


The meaning of passion is that strong determination that will keep propelling you to move forward even after many challenges.

  It enhances your mental strength while giving a feeling of attainment. It teaches you how you can be happy despite challenges and move forward even after many failures. 

 You will not get anything immediately. You must have a passion that will help you to move forward.  

When you make a new goal, stick to it, especially if you feel that you should give it up.  This will help you stay motivated no matter what happens.


6. Include a rest period between your work-


The majority of people are not concentrating because they do not include a rest period. They think that marathon sessions are the only path to success. But it is wrong.

You observe that when we start any work or study. In the first hour, our productivity and concentration are high. As time passes the productivity and concentration level will be decreased. 

It is neutral. Only God can work with the same level of concentration of 6 hours or 8 hours. By a study, it has been proved that lastly, a person can concentrate deeply for 45 minutes.

So by taking a break you increase productivity retain your focus and avoid distraction.



So in the answer to the question. Why do we not concentrate on our studies or work? And 6 tips to improve concentration. There are a few reasons behind this. These are our interests, pride or ego, not including rest period, and our mind and heart coordination are weak.


So the improve the level of concentration. You have to show your middle finger to your pride, establish coordination between heart and mind, develop a passion, build interest, and include a rest period in your task.

Best of luck.

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