New year, new life, new happiness.

 New year, new life, new happiness.The most important thing in life is that you live life happily.  Be happy. Make efforts that will take you towards your smile, towards good health, towards your dreams. 

New year, new life, new happiness.


The most important thing is to be happy in life, because when we are happy from the heart, then life starts looking beautiful. 

 At the same time, in moments of sadness, everything seems colourless and desolate.  You must have also felt at some time or the other that someday the sun’s first appearance.


 Two days ago I read an article written by  Psychological Analyst Dr Iyer.  In which, he writes, the past year was in the name of health, the new year would be in the name of life.


 If we look closely at his point, then it is not difficult to understand that the life he has means all those things, from which we can move forward with an optimistic perspective.  


As Social Media Influencer and Academician David A. Patterson explains this in detail in his blog, ‘Where we stand today, we will not take much ahead of the past. Our thinking has changed in the last two years. Now people don’t take life lightly. They know the value of every moment. In such a situation, you would like to choose such a life for yourself, where there is poetry, beauty, good thinking, heartfelt feelings. And most of all happiness.


The rays of the sun bring and feel hope to us.  that everything is so good. How pleasant then you start liking everything from the sunlight to the chirping of birds. 

 But why does this happen? This question bothers me a lot. That’s why we sometimes become very happy and sometimes very sad for no reason.

  According to me, the answer to this question is hidden somewhere within us, and finding it is not a difficult task.  Simply, we need to change the direction of our thinking and increase the scope of happiness. Those who can do this are always happy.


 Make happiness the purpose of life.


 How we take the events happening in our life, completely depends on us. That is to say, it is up to you to find beauty in your life or just keep counting the sorrows.  

When our mind starts thinking only about the troubles and shortcomings of life, then happiness vanishes from our life and we do not feel the pleasant moments and gradually we stop paying attention to them. 


 But, on the contrary, if small happy moments of every day are lived as a blessing, then life starts looking beautiful and lovely. Then one does not worry about the future but gets the courage to face the challenges of the present. 


 By the way, a great way to do this is to focus your attention on your happy moments when you are in sorrow. You think it is quite a difficult task.

But I tell you it is as simple as you spray perfume in your room and the stink will leave the room.

What do you have to do? When the distorted thoughts come into your mind. You start repeating three words. “I love myself” and keep going till the distorted thought does not leave your mind.


That happiness can be meeting a loved one or visiting a favourite place, or anything else.  When you repeat the three above magical words beautiful moments come into your mind.

you will feel that gradually the tension is decreasing and the hope of everything to be the same will start building up.


Love yourself.


Some people are deeply concerned about others and start completely ignoring themselves to bring comfort to them. 

   They feel that to care about themselves or to think about their happiness is to be selfish.  That’s why giving himself priority bothers them. 


 But this is not wise in my view, because unless you can satisfy yourself, doing something for someone else is unfair to yourself.  

Every human being is filled with feelings like love, sorrow, jealousy, pain, enthusiasm and compassion, which are not right to suppress.  


But, when you keep thinking only about others, ignoring your needs and your happiness, then gradually irritability and dissatisfaction start to take place in the mind.  

That is why you must take care of yourself before taking care of someone else, because when you are happy, then only you will be able to take care of others in a better way.  

For this, some time must be taken out only for yourself, in which only and only your happiness should be thought of and only that which gives satisfaction only to you.  

And start repeating the above three magical words ” I love myself ” and keep repeating them everywhere. It helps you to boost your confidence. And reminds you of the importance of yourself.

Osho says, ‘The problems of life are because we have lost our relationship with the source of love.  ‘ To love yourself.


Excavate a ray of light in the darkness.


How we are taking any event or experience of our life, has a very deep impact on our mental state. In simple words, our thinking about life, our future and our Effect on our personality.


 When we start thinking that happiness can be found only by achieving success in the outside world, then we start to lose the sense of satisfaction. This thought does not allow us to feel the small happy moments. 


On the contrary, if it is accepted that there is no relation with the outside world to be happy and content. No, but the ability to deal with them more firmly comes.


 Look, there are some things in our life that we are not under the control of. You may not like those things, but you cannot change them.

  Instead of constantly cursing my fate and life, if I start focusing on the things that will come my way. 

 If you get happiness, then the power to bear the bad times automatically comes. For example, the sudden death of a loved one is undoubtedly an irreparable loss, but only remember him for the rest of his life.


Doing this and shedding tears doesn’t work.  is better.  That you think of moving ahead in life by cherishing the memories of a happy childhood spent with him so that the clouds of despair can be dispelled.  


 Learn something new.


Stephen Klein, the author of the book ‘How to Love the Universe’, says, ‘To keep moving forward in life, you must also move forward.  Let yourself flow like a river. 

 To move towards the universe, it is necessary to prepare yourself for it. If you keep your thinking open, yourselves, if you keep yourself free from closed thinking, then surely you will be able to live the day you are living in a better way.


  For this you have to learn something new, if you have to acquire knowledge, then keep yourself ready.

  You will learn new things, only then you will be ready for the new environment. The corona pandemic has made us all realize that life should be useful, not long.


Make your life meaningful, not long.


  If you were worried about yesterday and tomorrow looks like a mountain, then obviously you will not be able to connect with me today.  


According to Dr Iyer, we had forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life that real life is to be lived moment by moment.  

The origin and speed of life are not fast, it flows only with time. For the first time in our lifetime, we have seen an epidemic so closely.  


Due to this uncertainty, we also have time to think about what we want from life. According to research conducted at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Germany recently, after the epidemic, 63% of people believed that they want a meaningful life, not a long life. Those who have lost loved ones during this time are now more alert that they should help others. 


 Osho used to say, ‘When you start becoming happy with strangers, sharing your happiness with them, dancing and singing, then you have started celebrating life in the true sense. Life celebrates every time. In the form of seasons, in the form of events, everywhere.  You have to see how you want to get there.


God gives you the potential to make this new year 2022 prosperous for yourself, your family, your community, and your country.

        New year, new life, new happiness.


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I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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