How to protect ourselves from unnecessary thoughts?

How to protect ourselves from unnecessary thoughts, is a common problem and everyone goes through this in his life. But if these unwanted thoughts are fixed in our minds. It causes mental problems.
So we should try to avoid these negative thoughts and unnecessary thoughts. Because until these unwanted and negative thoughts live in our minds. It creat a lot of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

How to protect ourselves from unnecessary thoughts.


 If we give more emphasis to unnecessary thoughts or unwanted thoughts, we invited many problems into our life or the problem will be self germinate.


These problems do not pose huge challenges for us, but we have to spend a lot of time and energy dealing with them.  


The turmoil of our thoughts keeps us restless all the time. We are not able to devote our energy to important things. Know some ways to get out of unnecessary problems. Which occur due to unnecessary thoughts or negative thoughts.


6 ways how to protect ourselves from unnecessary thoughts.


Avoid making unnecessary opinions.


Without knowing any person knowing what is his situation? making an opinion about him has a bad effect on our personality and nature. 


This habit increases the negative energy in life and we start getting upset. Keep in mind, if you make a wrong opinion about someone, then the person may also think about you in the same way. 

This is not only implemented in the person but in everything from which we have encountered in daily life. Learn to accept it as it is.

A proverb is famous ” Do not judge a book by its cover”

This means we do not know about the book without reading it. The cover does not explain the whole essence of the book.


Try to find a solution on your own.


Nobody knows you better than yourself. You are the best critic of yourself. If you do not have partial. Which possibility is more?

So do not be partial and evaluate yourself without being biased.


For this, write down your problem. Writing musters up the courage to seek solutions to your problems on your own.  

First, write down the problems one after the other and then ask for the answers honestly from yourself.  


Makeup stories about your circumstances. If you feel good moving forward, it means you are in the right direction. If negativity is taking over, stop for a few moments and start weaving the story anew.


You also apply other methods of brisk walking. You do it in your room, roof, and balcony. Start thinking about your problem and the alternative solution.

 When you start thinking, your speed automatically increases. But when you select the best alternative your speed slowly-slowly automatically decreases. 


I always move forward.


“I always move forward” makes these four words the mantra of life. These are the magical words. Trust me if you follow these three words in life. You won’t look back.


What do you have to do, when you feel that ” it’s over, I will do my best. But I am not able to move forward.

So I am going to give up or turn back” you reiterate these four magical words. If you are lonely, repeat it loudly. 


 Walking for a while and moving the body when we are upset makes us feel good. If the mind is getting entangled in negative and unwanted thoughts. Then go for a walk alone for some time. 

 Go to a place which is close to nature. Where you can feel related to the earth. Trust me, just a walk can clear up many useless thoughts. Many problems fade away.  


Meditation and yoga.


Spending time in regular yoga, favourite exercise or sports keeps your mind calm.  Prevents your energy from moving in the wrong direction. Doctors also include medication in his medical advice.


A question arises in your mind. How to do meditation? For Meditations select a peaceful and calm place close your eyes, sit calmly, inhale and exhale your breath deeply.


When you exhale, exhale your unnecessary, negative, and unwanted thoughts with your breath. And when you inhale the positive vibes flow into the universe with your breath.


You may find it difficult in the beginning, but with regular practice, it will become easier to do it and you will feel better too.


Whenever you feel boredom or there is turmoil in your mind, then sit in meditation for the next 15-20 minutes.


This practice will give you relief from the problem arising from the turbulence of your thoughts.

This practice will bring stability to your thoughts. Sitting in meditation for a while in restless moments brings miraculous changes.  


Do whatever feels good.


Take a moment to think about what those things are, what is the situation in which you are happiest? and how you can do it?

Whenever problems start to overwhelm you, instead of dwelling on them, try to engage in the things that you enjoy the most.


Most people feel bored because they do not want to do that work or they are not interested in doing that work.


So, first of all, choose that profession which suits you or you have an interest in that. But life does not run according to you.

In your life, you face many times many tasks in which you have no interest in or you do not want to do.


But work is work, so it is better to start that work with full effort. If you cannot concentrate on it.


You start that work with the part in which you have some interest then move to the boring part. Then the question arises here. How you can do it. For this, I give an example.


In the office, your boss wants you to prepare a presentation. But you are not in a full mood. And you can not say NO to your boss. Because your promotion is based on it.


Now, you are in a dilemma, that preparation of the presentation is essential. And efficiently. But you have no interest to do it.

But if you do not prepare the presentation. Your boss kicks you out of his promotion list. How you can face the dilemma?


First of all, you first take the help of colleagues. Give them the part of a presentation to prepare. In which you have less interest.

After that, you start preparing for the part in which you have an interest.


Like if you belong to explorer nature then start your work by searching data. If you have an interest in drawing you start to draw pie charts and graphs.

This means you first start your work with an interesting task and move forward towards hard ones or boring tasks.


Two things work here: first your need for promotion and second your responsibility towards your job. These two help you to concentrate on your work.


Abandoning ego.


Pride itself does not allow you to move forward.  The feeling of I am the best keeps you away from many other good options.


  We tend to find fault with others in everything.  No one can walk alone. We all need each other.  


 There is a big difference between “I” and “me”. ” I” is our external identity i.e. identities like a teacher, friend or lover, father, industrialist, and officer.  

It’s a part of our individuality that we demonstrated to other people, a part of what we believe to be true.

This reflects our ego, we show our post, reputation, wealth, and power. About what I am.


 On the other hand, “Me” shows our inner identity. It does not depend on our status, environment or people.

This reflects how much our soul feels healthy, there is well tuning between our conscience and mind. Both have to work properly for better growth.


“Me” is immortal but “I” is mortal. Our post, power, and wealth will be gone but our soul will never die.

Our behaviour, our values, and our well-doing never died. We go from the world but these leave in the heart of others. 


 To know who you are, it’s important to know what you are, not just what people want you to be.  




In the answer to how to protect ourselves from unnecessary thought? it is very necessary to protect ourselves from unnecessary thoughts. To protect us from exhaustion and save us from overhauling our energy and efforts.

Unnecessary thoughts are useless though they only take from us not give anything. So avoid it as much as possible.

Then a question raises in front of us that how to protect ourselves from unnecessary, negative, and unwanted thoughts. 

So, These are a few ways to avoid unnecessary thoughts. Do not make an opinion about others without knowing everything about it.

Repeat the mantra “I always move forward”. Whenever you feel that I am not able to move forward.


Always try to solve your problem on its own. Abandoning ego. Always do whatever you want. In which work you have an interest. If you did not find relief from it. Then go for medical advice.

Best of luck.

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