8 effective ways to cope with changes.

effective ways to cope with changes. What would you do if you suddenly lost your job? If there is a sudden problem in your business, how will you manage it? 


8 effective ways to cope with changes.


Nothing is permanent in life. Changes will always come in life. The only difference is how you face those changes or challenges.  


What does a person need from his life? It may be a stable job or a successful life or a loving family or good health and peace of mind.  

What if this thing is taken away from you someday?  What will you do then?  


These questions are not fictitious. It is the reality of life. And we all go through this situation sometimes? If you haven’t faced it yet. You may have to face it in the future.


Sometimes in life, we ​ want to do something, but something else happens. Many times we have no control over our life. 


Life is unpredictable and unexpected. Life is like sand, how much do you want to clinch sand in the fist. 


That much it slips from your hand. So the best way is to mould yourself as life changes. This is an effective way to cope with changes.


When we make a successful person. We think that our position should not be downgraded. The fear of loss makes us greedy, selfish, and apathetic.


Our main motive is to maintain the status quo in our life. Sometimes we are full of overconfidence. That our position, power, and wealth are never-ending. This is always going to stay with us. But it is not.


When we do not know, what will be happening in the next moment. So there’s no guarantee that, What we have today, will have tomorrow.


8 effective ways to cope with changes.


Change is a natural phenomenon. Whatever will happen, we have no control over it. So why not face it, instead of avoiding it. So, to explain the effective way to cope with changes. I think a story is a better medium. Let’s start the story.


This is the story of two brothers’ lives. How the changes in their life. Change them from millionaires into Streetman.


Tom and dick were two brothers, his father was a very big fish merchant in France. His father made a castle for them. It was full of all the luxury items with lots of treasure rooms.


Their daily schedule started late in the morning. When they woke up, the servants were waiting for their order. The servants prepared them. And both of them sat on a horse and went out for a walk towards the city.


In the evening, when they returned. A delicious lunch was waiting for them. They eat, drink and dance. And humming it happily.


  Having wealth and success makes you happy. This wealth is mine, we deserve it, and we do a lot of effort to earn it.”


One day their father was dead. But this incident brought no change in their daily schedule. Like always they woke up late, went for a ride and drank and danced at night.


One day they woke up, there was no servant. They thought, How will we get ready for a ride?’ When they went for the ride. They have no money in their bag. To spend and have fun.


When they returned home there was no cook and food. Tom and dick were frustrated, they were very angry. They started shouting. To hear the sound. The old servant came, and asked, why are you shouting?


Tom said, where did all the servants go?


The old servant replied that all left their jobs. Because they had not found wages for two months.

Dick said, what about food and wine?


The old servant replied, there is no food and drink in the house. Because we have no money to purchase.


Tom said, what, we have no money, what do you say? We have lots of rooms full of treasures. What about that?


The old servant replied, yes, but all was spent. If you do not add anything to a thing. Then the thing will end one day.


Dick said, But you did not inform us about it.


The old servant replied, many times I alerted you. But you did not notice it.


First, when your father died, I requested you to give some attention to your father’s business.

Second, when I requested you to visit your treasure room. And took a sharp look at your accounting book.

Third, when one by one your staff starts to leave us.


Dick understood that. What the old man tried to tell him. But it was late. They never understood that their life was changed. The success and wealth were not earned by them. It was the result of his father’s hard work. 


Suddenly Dick started chattering “The more important your success and wealth are to you, the more you want to hold on to it.”

In their father’s life, they should be prepared for upcoming changes in their life. But they did not pay attention to it. What was happening and changing around them?


But now they were standing on the point. Where they had to fight for their existence. They had to take a step and cope with changes. 


But the big hurdle in their path was they, themselves. Their ego, laziness, unseriousness, and comfort zone lovingness. Protected them, to not accept the changes.


To think all this Dick got depressed. He started thinking that nothing is left in their life. Once they heard the alarm given by his old servant. The day did not come. He thinks why not take some suggestions from the old servant.


Because he was old and had the experience of life. When he told his plan to Tom. Tom replied and said ” we are young and owner of him, and smarter than him. We will take suggestions from them. Ha, this is a ridiculous plan.


Dick replied “I know we are smarter than them. But right now we are not behaving smartly at all. Things are changing now, and we have to change too. To cope with changes ” 


Tom used to think that elite people are special and only they have the right to think.


Dick replied ” We created this problem, so we have to solve it by ourselves. We have to do something about this. 


Dick was thinking that he should take some action instead of overanalyzing the problem.


But Tom was annoyed. “No, I’ll go to the root of the problem,” he said. While Tom and Dick were walking on the lawn. Tom and Dick were still Feeling very angry, Frustrated. 


He thought that they should also do something. Thinking about the thing, Dick was getting motivated. “Come on, let’s go,” Dick said loudly.


“No, I have to stay here,” said Tom. He was used to their lifestyle. He was afraid to leave. But Dick kept motivating him. But it was difficult to convince Tom. 


Tom said, he is too old, so he does not want to go out and get himself insulted. He wanted to remain the same as he was before. Full of worries, frustration and excuses. 


But Dick was thinking something else. If he doesn’t get out of this situation, his condition will get worse. 


 “Why don’t you sit here and wait?  Maybe by that time, the thing will come back, ” said Tom. He was too scared to go out and explore. 


But Dick understood that now the thing will never change without any effort. They will have to find some new sources. To complete their daily expenses and cope with changes. 


Tom scared him If he didn’t get the thing outside and lost the way. Then you will never come back. You had lost, which still you have.  


Dick thought there was no guarantee that everything would be safe outside. But how adventurous and exciting it would be, he loved going outside and exploring.  Even if he gets lost.  


He was dreaming of a new life, which was a craving for him, a new success, position, and big business. When he thought about these. His body was full of power. His arm muscles got stiff. He was full of courage.


  “Sometimes things change and sometimes they’re never the same again, and it seems like this time. That’s life and life goes on.”


So Dick once again tried to convince Tom. That’s why we have to move on.” He told Tom. He tried hard to persuade his brother, but Tom was not ready to listen. 


Dick got an idea, he took a diary with him. In which he wrote all his thoughts. Which came to his mind during the mission to find his existence and success. And how he copes with changes.


 1. If you do not change, you become extinct.


And so Dick went on his way. He was feeling more alive.  Although his situation was a bit strange. He stuck to his decision. Laughing at himself. 

Dick announced with a smile, “It’s my time!  Before leaving, Dick picked up a pen and wrote in his diary ” If you do not change, you will become extinct ” 

How did he remember his days of depression?  How did he get into this situation?  Instead of asking how his situation got worse, and who was responsible for that?


Dick asked himself “Why did you not get up and move with the success sooner?” Dick took a deep breath and slowly left his Castle.  He was feeling weakness in his knees.  


He was surprised how he was stuck in his fairytale life for so long.  He was finding it difficult to enter into a new life. Which was full of struggle that’s why he said to himself, 


 “Next time when things are over, I’ll go out of my comfort zone and arrange new things for myself.”

2. Smell the meat always, so you know when it’s getting older.


When he was on his way. Dick started his introspection. What is the main cause behind his failure in life? The main reason was that he never gave attention to the symptoms of his disease. He put meat in the freezer and did not check it. 


Whether freezes have electricity or not. So always put a sharp eye on your life, businesses and relationships. Which gives you time to better evaluate your situation. And prepare you to cope with changes.


If Tom and dick give attention to other matters of life, other than their fun. They do not stand in place. Where they were in the present day. 


If they properly check their treasure room. They know how much they left. If they look after their father’s business. Their earnings do not stop. And they do not get stuck in the worst situations.


3. Your fear makes your situation worse.


Our fear is the main culprit behind every failure. Most people are so fearful of changes. That they do not want that change to come in their life. And when the change comes. They do not cope with changes.


 So take out the fear to accept new things in your life. Be adventurous and enthusiastic about new changes. Because of every change in life. Teaches us something in our life.


Like the life of Tom and Dick, when their life suddenly changes they are full of fear. They do not know how to cope with changes. Tom was engulfed in the maze of fear. But Dick will take a step and move forward.


Only taking one step is crucial for the person in fear. His fear pushed him to take a step back. And his courage helped him to take a step. Our success and failure are in between one step.


4. Movement in a new direction helps you find a new way of life.


When dick started his new journey. He reached a dockyard. Because his father had a fishery business. So he had little knowledge of it. 

Which he heard from his father. But he had no practical knowledge and not enough money to start a business.


But the survival of life was another problem. So he decided to work on the fish catching ship. For the job, he met with different people and the owner of the ship.


But no one gave him a job. Finally, he was exhausted and thinking. Tom was right that he did not do anything and could not survive. But he did not let the lamp of hope go out from inside him.


One day in the morning when he was sitting on the shore of the beach. And lost in his thought. An old man came and said, young man, you are Dick. 


Dick replied, yes


The old man said, yesterday I saw you asking for the job. If you want, you can work for me.

Dick was so happy that he found the world. 


When you start moving in a new direction. No doubt you found different difficulties. But if you will continuously move. The difficulty will vanish. Like the fog.


5. Imagine yourself enjoying a new life that leads you to the path of success.


Do not stop yourself from dreaming. Because your dream motivated you to continue your journey. Seeing a dream is not bad. But not doing anything to make your dream real is bad.


So welcome all the opportunities in your life. Maybe it is small or big. Take it and do all your hard efforts in that work. As Dick had done in his life.


Dick replied, yes sir. To the owner of the ship.


Both were moving towards their ship. Dick was excited. Because he found his first job. But when dick eyes went on the ship. His excitement was gone. The ship was old and full of patches.


Dick thought that he would reject the proposal. But he thought he had no job. And when nobody gave me a job. The old man gave me the proposal.


So he decided to work on the ship. Just like that the cycle of life started moving forward. Whatever he earned from fishing, he used to divide it in half. Life was slowly coming back on track.


6. The quicker you let go of old, the sooner you find new.


If he engulfs himself in the regret of past doing. And being egoistic like Tom, I am smarter than others. My family has a name and fame. Why do we do this small work?


Then he will not be able to cope with change. Change reminds us that one day everything will be changed, including us. So we do not sit in one place with the guilt and glory of the past. It is not the right attitude.


Instead of thinking about the past, we have to live in the present and keep trying to make our present prosperous. Like Dick does. He accepted the opportunity of the old shipowner. 


He started his journey with a scratch. And slowly. He purchased two or three ships with the help of that old ship. 

To see his dedication toward the work. The owner of the old ship. Gave him the offer of partnership. 


7. It is safer to search in the maze than remain in a changeless situation.


Both Tom and Dick’s life is in front of you. Tom stays in his castle with the hope that. Something will happen and the old days will be returned.

Without doing any effort. while he was wrong. Life is not magic. Your fortune helps you when you help yourself. 


Like Dick, his fortune helps him. Because he does a lot of effort to make his destiny. Like when he was searching for a job harder. His fortune meets him with the owner of the ship. Who gave him the job offer?


 8. Old beliefs do not lead to your new life.


Tom’s old beliefs were that. Because he was old. If he goes outside people will insult him. The other old belief was that. Tom used to think that elite people are special and only they have the right to think.

Lastly, he was scared that if he goes outside, He will never return to his home. So he will lose what he has.


His old belief is like a chain in his leg. Which gripped him not to do anything. Dick was also gripped with the same chain. 

But his desire to move forward. Help him to break the chain and start his adventurous journey of success and existence. It helps him to cope with changes.


When Dick proves himself that. His decision was not wrong to welcome the change. And flow himself with the wave of changes.  But he was in sorrow for his brother. 


Because he had all the things. which he had in his previous life. But his brother was not with him. He thought his success was useless without his brother. So he thinks that he will go back to his brother and help him.


But suddenly his step stopped. He thinks if he will give him help. His brother will still not learn the meaning of life. So it would be good for his brother to make his way.


These are the 8 effective ways to cope with changes. Which everyone should follow.




The main extract of the 8 effective ways to cope with change is that. Change is an important part of life. You understood the effective way of adapting to change.  


Things will always be moving, but you will have to move along with them. Sometimes you can feel like Dick who is afraid of change.  


Perhaps you are afraid of change. Because you are afraid of losing or you give too much value to something. Maybe that’s why you feel frustrated and angry. Maybe you are afraid of what will happen next.  


But instead of thinking something negative, think something positive. Negative thoughts will force you to take negative action. So be like the gesture of positivity. 

Let go of your fear and accept the change. In this way, you can go ahead and find nothing for yourself.  


Because new things will always give you something. If not more but a lesson of a new course and experience. Now it is up to you to find it and enjoy the test of it.


Best of luck.


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