How to get your life back on track?

How to get back your life on track? By the use of 10 hacks. We get back our life on the track. So first we have to understand about what is life? And in how many part our life will be divided. So, According to Hindu mythology our life is divided into 4 phases

1 Brahmcharya- means our childhood and adolescent age group, age to learn and acquire knowledge.

2 Grihastha- marriage life, which means applying the knowledge to survive our family, fulfil wants, desire and pleasure of the life.

3 vanaprastha- vans(forest) pasta ( resident) means resident in the forest. This means our role as nurturer and protector, involved our life to flourish our family.

4 sanyas- last phase of life abandonment of illusion


How to get your life back on track?


Our four phases have 4 defined goals of life to achieve.

1 Dharma- basic principle of divine law in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Or code of conduct nature.

2 Artha- the pursuit of wealth or material advantage.

3 Kama- love, desire, and pleasure in life.

4 Mukti/Moskah- Mukti, liberation from the materialistic world and attainment of salvation.

So after know about the four phase of life. And 4 defined goal of life. Means the ultimate Purpose of the life. The question is arise here. Why our life go on the wrong track? According to me, our answer will be hidden in the defined goals of life.

In the present world, the whole meaning of the goal of life will be changed. Darma or rule is made for saving the culprits.

Artha means pursuit of wealth. That change into greed for wealth. Which we want to accumulate by cutting the throats of others.

The Kama, our desire and runways recklessly like a horse without rein towards success. Crush all the things in their way. Other emotions, affection, and wants do not matter for us.

Moksha, what I talk about moksha. we are spending our life like a mad elephant. Without worrying that our life will also end one day.,

So, in short, we disturb the equilibrium of four defined goals. Artha and Kama are more important for us than Dharma and Moksha.

So, in this article we will first discuss the reasons. Why do we go out of track or on the wrong track? Then we discuss the 10 hacks. How we get back life on track.

Because without knowing the cause of problem, how do we cure it? So, it is like putting our hand in the hole of a snake without knowing the treatment of the snake bite.



The reason why do we go out of track or on wrong track?


The reason why do we go out of track or on wrong track?

1. Unfollow the real goals of life-


The main cause behind this is. We do not understand the real goals of life. We only know Artha and Kama is the main goals of life. Most people do not know about Dharma and Moksha.

They interpret Dharma according to their need and preference. For example, we all know that honesty is Dharma.

But when we go to an office for some work. If we look Huge rush or a big line of applicant. We are tried to get our work done by giving some bribes.

But we think that we are honest. Because we do not take bribery. But my friend, to give bribery is worse than to take a bribe.

For example, Daily we break many laws. Like in the classroom, office, even in our house. But instead of correcting those mistakes, we try to cover them up.

For Moksha, what I talk about it. We never thought about Moksha. In our dictionary the word Moksha is not exist.

Only two times have people recognised it. when there is the last time of their life. And when they give up from their life and want peace.


2. Regret of past and obsessed about future-


Past and future both are not in our hand. We have no ability to go in the past and remove our bad doing or undo it. And we have no power to predict our future.

Then regret about past only hurt our peace. Thinking about our future makes us confused in choosing the right means for our ends.


3. Not care about our loved ones –


We live in a competitive world. A reckless race is between people to achieve more and more success.

But due to this race. We lose ourselves, our emotion, and self-awareness. So, we are like the stone not affected by weather changes.

Due to active schedule. We do not give proper time our family. We found success in our professional life. But on, another hand our personal life is struggling.

So, how we feel peace from inside. This cause Distraction. And which affects our professional life also.


4. Negative attitude-


Mostly our negative attitude affects us more than other factors. So,  if we release negative vibes in the universe. We found a negative response from the world.

This means, if we think negatively always. We will not achieve any task. Because negativity indulges in our mind.

So, Whenever we do that work, the fear of defeat will always haunt us. And we never complete that task.


5. Not accepting change-


Generally, people feel easy in status-quo. So,  they do not want to change or accept it. Because they settle physically and mentally in the present situation.

But we have to understand that change is a natural process. One day, who has come into the world will have to go. Nothing is permanent in the world.

So, Those come into the world should always enjoy the changes.


6. Want to take a shortcut-


You will find it in the unsuccessful people. They are always eager to try shorts cut. And especially youths, they want more money in less time. Without doing any efforts.

But the world is so cruel. World test you to before giving you some things. So, shortcuts for success is useless thinking. Success needed sacrifice. The sacrifice of your pleasure, desire and time.


7. They always play the victim card-


There are two types of people. One is owners and another are victims. Owners take responsibility for work and their desires. But victims are ready with excuses. Like, if your ask question like that. Why they do not do the work? why do they fail in the works?  They only blame others for their failure

So, they always try to escape from their responsibility. They put them in the nutshell. And protect themselves from the outer atmosphere.


8. Losing belief in ourselves-


When we face mishappening in our life. Our whole personality shakes. And our confidence level goes down. So it is very difficult to collect our confidence and move forward.

I found many people never come back from the maze of failure. Their life stays on wrong track.

Because of stress full life and our give up about success. We make our life hard.


9. Reluctant about health issues-


We are so obsessed with our work. That we do not want to take a rest. But one day time comes. When our health give up mentally or physically.

So, We do not understand the meaning of rest period, mindfulness practice and physical training.

These all activities, makers us mentally and physically weak.


10. Unbalanced life-


Especially I mentioned above we live our professional life and personal life in an unbalanced manner.

We give more emphasis on professional life. And do late-night work and always engage mentally in professional work. When we are with our family.

We do not live with our family, with our minds and hearts.  And Even though we are physical with them.

For short intervals we found success. But in long run, we will fail in professional life. Because our family problems distract our mind from our work.

These are 10 reasons why we go on the wrong track. So, after know about the disease now we better understand the treatment process.


How to get your life back on track?


10 hacks to get your life back on track.
Our life has not derailed from the track. What happens that? When our life is on the wrong track. Because of that we alienate from our goal and choose the wrong direction.

By Follow 10 hacks to get back our life on track.


1. Law of attention-


The rule of law of attention is the same for all of us. So it does not matter who are you? And from where you come?

The meaning of the law of attention is the thought run in your mind, the image of thought which prepare in your mind. You attract them in your life.

In other words, it means the thoughts which you always imagine will truth in your life.

The rule of attraction work on your powerful thoughts. Success, wealth, happiness, good health, and love all will be yours.

If you consistently follow your dreams. In easy words, whatever you think you will attract in your life.

If you think negative you attract negative vibes from the world. If you think, you got late always. You will never be right on time. A famous proverb fit here ” your vibes attract your tribes”

You thought that I am always on time or I am always punctual.  And after some time you notice that you will be punctual.


How to use the law of attraction.


1. Demand– Your thought should be very clear. For example, if you go for dinner in a restaurant.  The restaurant owner gives you a menu. You place the order of the recipe. Which you like to eat.

If there is confusion in your order. The restaurant owner will not able to fulfil your order.

So, what you demand from the universe should be crystal clear.

2. Believe– You have faith in your dream that. What you ordered, you find it. Your faith will be hundred percent. There is no chance of less than even one percent. You have to believe that your order will yours.

3. Receive– when you received your order. Feel the joy of having that and express gratitude for it.


2. Accept the changes-


We have to understand that change is a natural process. we have no power to stop it. As we discussed above the four phases of our life. It also indicates the change.

Why can’t you live as a child always? Why can’t you live as a young man always? Because of change.

It is the natural phenomenon. Change provide motion to our life cycle. Because if you do not lose your position. How do others come as a replacement for you?

So, accept the change, mould yourself according to the conditions and circumstances, which you face.  So this will give you strength to fight with your worst days.


3. Positive approach-


This is a magical box. I considered it the best tool to eliminate all the misery. This gives us the strength to internal flights between our thinking and feeling brain.

A positive approach indulges patience, persistence, and perseverance in our behaviour. Even when we are in our bad times.

Does a positive attitude work as an indicator of how much we are strong from the inside? If we will face that bad time like a rock. We understand that a positive approach has come to us.

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.


4. Be an owner-


Never be a victim. If you do not take responsibility and blame others for your mistake. Then you are like that kid? Who will be happy in his mother lap? Never want to come out from the lap.

So come out from the lap of your mother and be a owner. Time will go ahead, grab your opportunity. And take responsibility for your wrong and right doing.

It makes you strong. And able to face your difficult time. It increase your honour in your team mates. People’s will like you. It will ignite your life with new energy.


5. Never rely on shortcuts-


There is no shortcut to success. Shortcuts always indulge you in danger. If you sacrifice and do hard work for your success.

Your position and success are always maintained. Because in the journey of the success. You pass throw various ups and downs.

After learning from your mistakes, fighting with your fears, you have found success.

It makes you a perfect man.  That gives value to others. And knows the meaning of success.

The shortcut path is like a bubble on the water. No matter how big it became. After some time it will be a blast.


6. Never confuse in past and future thought maze-


Ruminating past thoughts and worrying about the future make your present worse.  Because these thoughts are making you weak, confused, hopeless, and fearful.

That’s why you have no power to change your past or predict your future.  And you only strengthen your present.

So, Grow your present. Because it is in your hand. It will make your future flourish. Because for further goal achievement. You will put a strong foundation in present.


7. Mindfulness practice-


Mindfulness practice helps you to know yourself from the inside.  And it also help you to understand the call from your insight, soul, and conscience.

It helps you to strengthen your mental ability. Like, sharpening your mind, maintaining your focus, avoiding distraction, and relaxing your brain from overhauling.

Only you have to give 10 to 20 min for the Mindfulness practice. So, start your mindfulness practice from your bed.

When you wake up. Start breathing practice: inhale and exhale, your breath deeply. And concentrate your focus on your breathing.

Release the positive vibes of your in the universe. And in return universe connect your mind with other positive vibes of the universe.

This makes your mind recharge, positive and confident.

You perform this mindful practice full day for 1 minute in 1 hour. It helps you to increase your productivity.

And it also helps you to include a rest period in your hectic schedule to accelerate your performance.

You may do it, while you go to the meeting. Or on your office desk or in your car. Only you have to concentrate your focus on your breath.


8. Never Override your professional life and personal life on each other-


In this competitive world. It is very hard to maintain a balance between your professional life and personal life.

So, this is the main culprit behind our Distraction. When we are with our family. We think about our official problem.

This spoils our personal life. Because we have physically present with our family. But mentally we have been absent.

So, our professional life is also affected because our personal life is affected.

So making a balance between these two are essential. Because both are like our two legs. If anyone hurts others is also affected. Makes our body disbalance.


9. Faith in ourselves-


This is the main reason behind not getting back on the right track.  Because we lose our confidence, faith and determination.

We bow on the knee in front of our difficult times.  And the loss of faith born negativity, anxiety, depression, and mental disorders in us.

So, before we will start come back journey. We should have 100% faith in ourselves. Because if we will no faith in ourselves.

We will not properly start our journey. And we will always struggle with the problem faced during the comeback journey of life on the right track.

So, for make your faith in ourselves. Mindfulness practised is the best one.

It helps us to maintain focus, invite positive vibes from the universe and strengthen our positivity. Make us strengthen from the inside.


10. Easy your life-


Make your life easy. Do not run behind success wealth and pleasure. Because they are endless. The desire of these never end, that follow us till to our tomb.

So, why do we take it’s seriously. We destroy our life hard on a small unsuccessful incident. So,Understand the essence of life, understand the last goal of life.

Our Life ultimate goal is Moksha or liberation from the materialistic world to the spiritual world.


In the end, I hope that these 10 thrives hacks will help you to get back your life on track and understand the four goals of life.

From which we aside. So, the unbalanced approach to finding the goal is to get our life on the wrong track.

So, make a balance between the four ultimate goals of life.

Therefore Understand that, we are like a traveller in this world. We did not come here with anything and will not go back to take anything.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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