How to save the relationship from the heat of worry?

How to save the relationship from the heat of worry? Where there is love, there is also conflict.  But, is this dispute because of your love? Is your concern about the relationship becoming a problem for the partner? 

How to save the relationship from the heat of worry?


Yes, I am right, sometimes our more concern works like shackles in the feet of our partner. Two days before my friend came to meet me. I noticed that he was very upset from the inside. So I asked him what’s the issue.


He told me that he is upset because of his relationship. He told me that his wife is very loving and caring. She fulfils all his pride and tantrums. She stands on one foot to fulfil all his demands. She loof after my whole family. 


The only problem is that she is so possessive about the relationship. In the early phase of life, I did not notice it. She calls me after every hour. If I am late from the office, she makes me irritated by making regular calls. And when I reach home a bouquet of questions waits for me. And starts a rapid-fire round of questions with me.


She has changed my diet plan according to her. If I go for an outing with my friends she tries to stop me or pressure me to go with her. In the early phase of a relationship. I think she does it because she cares for me. But after some time these concerns will make me irritated. 


I think this is not a single man or woman problem. But it is common in relationships, the fear of losing the partner and fear of cheating by a partner inspires one to worry more about it.


Do you feel trapped in a relationship or are you afraid that your partner might cheat on you? It could be a relationship concern.  

This could be the reason. A failed or toxic relationship from the past or this problem can also stem from a childhood issue, a lack of self-esteem, in which you are constantly feeling anxious or insecure.  


You should live today and trust your partner as much as possible. By making slight changes in your thinking, behaviour etc., you can feel happiness instead of worry. Doing this will also prove helpful in bringing your partner closer to you. 


Symptoms of more worrying about a relationship.


These are the symptoms from which you understand whether your worry is genuine or not

Everyone worries about the relationship. But, sometimes this worry suffocates the relationship. And what remains is only anger, helplessness, and tears. 


So it is important to understand this. It is known that your concern is for the relationship. When is trouble becoming? Observe some of your behaviours and see if you don’t worry unnecessarily


• Talking frequently about what you said or did wrong. 


• If your partner tells you immediately

If you don’t message, your mind makes up stories that it doesn’t want to be your friend or husband or isn’t interested in you. You are afraid that your partner is going to cheat on you, which you cannot stop. 


• When you meet someone new, your full attention it’s on what they think about you. 


• Completely engage in any relationships, ignoring other parts of his life, including friends, work, hobbies, and family.  


After knowing about the symptoms. It is to diagnose the problem and measure the intensity of the problem. Now here a question arises in your mind is the solution?


In the relationship never live in past and future, live in present.

By doing this you are saving relationships from the heat of worry.


For free from the heat of worry you have to do some attitudinal changes. These changes are as follows.


1. Be positive: 


Understand your partner and look at the positive aspects of his behaviour. Finding a balance between his compulsions and his expectations can prove to be the solution to the problem. Your confidence will also help reduce your problem.  

Like, in the case of my friend. He accepts that his wife is a loyal, loving and caring lady. His only problem is his possessiveness. This may be because of his past life trauma or belonging to her narrow mindset.

His wife also knows that his husband loves him. According to me, the fort of negativity is so strengthful in them that there is a hesitation to sit with each other and talk about the matter which troubles them.

So exclude negativity and include positivity. It is the best solution.


2. Live in Today: 


Enjoy the moment when you are with your partners. Forget the things ahead or behind. Exfoliating the dead bodies can increase the wrinkles on your face. Instead of repeating things, try to finish them.  

His wife may have had past trauma. So it is necessary to know about it, to do remedy. But I advise him never to try to exfoliate the past. It only hurts you and makes our life miserable.


3. A conversation is important: 


Lack of time in life also affects the relationship. The question may be causing your concern. Before you get bitter in your mind, talk directly to your question and get satisfied at once. The conversation is the best tool to remove grievances and dilemmas.


So I told him to plan a date with his wife. Go with him and give time to each other. If possible, plan a vacation. Where you and your wife are lonely. Discuss all the grievances, fears, deficiencies and dilemmas between you and your wife. I am quite sure the best solution will come out which blossoms your life.


4. Trust: 


The foundation of any relationship is trust.  Your perception-making can also damage your relationship. That is, do not make assumptions about all incidents and persons by keeping in mind any incident that has happened, the behaviour of a particular person etc. 


5. Understanding is important: 


Along with loving your partner, you should also try to understand him. It is your moral responsibility to understand the nature, type, behaviour etc. of your work.  


These all happen when we have trust in each other. Understanding and trust both are twins. If you understand and trust each other the foundation will be that much thicker. 


6. Don’t Control: 


Your partner also has his own needs, preferences, and friends. You have to adopt them too and give them air space for themselves.  

Don’t try to control him. Unnecessary restraints can make your relationship acrimonious. Like my friend’s wife does in his life, she controls my friend’s diet, restricted my friend’s meetings with his friends, and asks him many questions.

So these all put pressure on my friend and he feels frustrated and restless.


7. Take a short break:


If the irritation is so much that we do not want to talk with each other or do not want to see each other. I suggest that you take a short interval break in your relationship.


Because the break helps you to refresh your mind. Recharge you and will give you a chance to think about the relationship once again. 


When there is tension between you and your partner. Your capability to think about your and your partner’s deficiency is very low. We take any bad decision in a row of anger which we only regret later.


So the break period gives us a chance to cool down and think about ourselves and our partner’s deficiency. To rectify it.


So these are some attitudinal changes, from which we can cool down the heat of worry and Make our relationship stronger.


So, When I heard about all his problems. I told him not to be upset and relaxed. I told him to go to the house and talk to his wife. 


That you are the one and only one queen of my heart. I am thankful to you for your care and affection for me, my children, and my family. But sometimes too much concern is like a golden chain that has a grip and pain as strong as an iron chain. So put a sense of freedom in a relationship and watch the magic. It frees you from fear and restlessness about your relationship. I will be yours and yours for the rest of my life as long as my last breath.


 So by the use of above 7 tool you can save the relationship from the heat of worry. She will understand you and you will also feel relaxed. Because conversation is the best tool for removing grievances and dilemmas.

Best of luck.

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