The 7 rules of the law of completion.

The 7 rules of the law of completion. In layman’s words law of completion means, to complete every work on time. Are you also among those people who start the work but are not able to complete it on time? I meet with many people who are efficient and excellent in their work. But does not complete his work on time.
The 7 rules of the law of completion.


Being a scholar is another thing. But completing your task at a specific time is another thing. It is an art which you have to learn.

Many students know all the questions from the question paper. But they did not find a higher Mark. Because they left many questions because of bad time management.


If your time management is not well. Then because of the nervousness of the exam. You forget many questions you know, you write the wrong answer to the question you know very well, and you leave many questions. 


If you do not correct your time management skill the incomplete task follows you in your professional life. In the office, you find many tasks which are time-bounded and should be completed in a specific time.


That time your hand and feet will be swelling. You feel blank, you think what will I do? It leaves you with negative sentiments and adverse effects on your professional life.


Once you start doing something, make sure you finish it first rather than giving up on it later or starting on something else. So the best approach is to correct yourself on time. By following the 7 rules of law of completion. If you commit to following this rule, it will reduce procrastination and allow you to complete tasks on time, which is vital for success.  


7 rules of law of completion.


1. Follow the law of continuity:


The law of continuity in layman’s words means continuing till you do not complete your work. Nature works on the law of continuity. 


Nature does not wait, it works according to the cycle. The climate changes according to a predefined cycle. The river flows continuously whenever it does not discharge into the sea. so continuity is the primary rule of law of completion.


What happens when we halt our journey without any pre-plan? Stopping work, again and again, makes you confused. There is much possibility that you stop your work for search or other possibilities and your mind will be changed.


I am not against the rest periods. But the rest period should be pre-planned and for a fixed period. Because resting is also an important part of work.

You can use the rest period for evaluating your previous doing and plan future steps. So apply continuity in your life.


2. Make a list of tasks: 


Make a list of tasks in the calendar or to-do list on your phone. Write down the tasks one by one you need to complete. 

It’s a great way to keep your mind organized and also a powerful way to be more productive.  Making a list of tasks puts pressure on you to complete them.  


Think of it as if your actions are only in your mind, you can get lost along with a hundred other thoughts in your mind.  

But when they are written down, they become an action plan; the subconscious mind begins to focus on them.


3. Set a time limit for work:


Many times we do not work according to our potential. Especially when there is no time limit, we procrastinate. 

Some work can potentially be completed in 45 minutes, can take up to 2 hours and even more if you have the flexibility. 


Many times we wait for the deadline. To complete the task. Especially when we submit an application, presentation, or assignment. But due to procrastination many times we are late.


Every second our life is changed. But we live in negligence that there will be no change. In this negligence, we lost our valuable time which will never come back.


So scheduling time for the tasks you need to complete is a great way to be more efficient and get more done at your job. 

When you set a deadline for each task on your list, you tell your mind to adjust your work schedule.  


4. Small goals:


It is easier to break down a big task into smaller tasks and goals and accomplish them one by one. They also help in reducing stress and pressure.

Generally, long tasks are very boring and time-consuming. So being determined for a long time is not always possible and can cause distraction.


So when we divide our work, it gives us a lot of profit. First, it protects us from exhaustion, Second, we retain our focus on our work, and Third, it protection from boredom. Fourth, completion of a small task is easier than the completion of a long task.


When these small tasks are completed, they give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to stay on track to complete your other tasks successfully as well.  


5. Plan for the next day:


Before each day ends, make a to-do list for the next day and go through this list every morning. Then commence the work according to the preference. 

Planning the next day’s work allows you to settle your mind ahead of time and enables you to focus on your tasks at the start of the day.


6. Don’t get distracted:


Checking email and text messages frequently or having a habit of browsing the internet or scrolling on social media can affect your productivity.  If you want to be as productive as possible, remove these distractions. 


When you are at work, leave your phone in another room. Set a specific time to check your phone or messages until you’ve finished the work that needs to be done.  


7. Being determinant:


The above 7 rules of the law of completion are based on your determination, which means being determinant is basic for all. If you are not determined about your goal you can’t fulfil your goal.


If you are not determined, many times you are distracted, feel bored and opt for different types of possibilities. So, in all, you never find your goal or complete the task. So always be determined.


So following these 7 rules of law of completion is not a difficult task to do and learning time management techniques. It is as easy as learning a foreign language. Which you can easily learn in six months. Then apply the rules in your life and notice the difference.


No matter how much information you have about any work? If you are not able to complete that work on time then it has no meaning. So you have to make sure you get everything done on time or even before.


Best of luck.

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